Easy Notes Mod Apk Free Download

Easy Notes Mod Apk Free Download

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App Name Easy Notes Mod Apk Free Download
Size 32MB
Latest Version
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Easy notes Mod Apk

This application is just perfect for the users who want an easy and portable notebook along with them all the time. In this modern era of science and technology, we don't take paper and pen with us everywhere. We need a convenient way to keep our commodities secured. And this convenient way is to download an amazingly easy-to-use application. If you forget things and worry about them then this application is for you. You can carry all the data on your smartphone. We have found a better way to manage your things. In this contemporary period, smartphones have been our requisite. Everyone keeps smartphones nowadays. 

No matter what the profession is. Whether you are a teacher or an engineer, smartphones are compulsory. Life can be made easier and faster by simply downloading Easy notes. And we can easily remember important things by just simply downloading an application on our smartphones. Earlier, people were used to taking a notebook with them to save important information. Although students, officers, teachers, and even ordinary citizens still take notes today to reserve important stuff. Having this application in your easy access is an excellent choice for redeeming important documents. Plus point of the Easy notes application is that the application is just free to use and can be used anytime soon. 

Contact numbers, articles, graphical designs, and other layouts could be easily saved in the Easy notes application. Wallpapers can be changed according to your blog post and choice. This convenient app was published by QR scanner and QR Code Generator and Radio and voices. Whenever you save something for yourself, you don't have to search for it. The only thing you need is to open an application on your smartphone. If this is not relief, then what is? You can edit or save any information anytime. But this is not the end of the story, rather the Easy note application also provides tools to manage and redeem important data and stuff of all kinds.


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You can add images and sounds:

Images of your own choice can be added. If you are making a to-do list, simply you can add relevant pictures and graphic designs. The most wonderful feature of this application is that sounds can be added. 

You can change wallpapers:

Change is an essential element of our life. Human nature feels bored from the same quirk over some time.  This application allows you to create new impressions and ideas by changing the colors of the wallpaper. 


Once you add something, write a to-do list, or make a schedule, you need not worry about losing the written stuff because it's already been saved for your convenience. 


Students make notes in their notebooks and then search for them. This is simply a waste of time. The Easy note application is the only solution in which they can write, save and share notes. This is an equally beneficial application for office employees. They can easily share data from their phone or tablets. This is simply a portable notebook for them.

Set reminders:

Till now you would be thinking about its data-saving features. Why not introduce you to the most helpful aspect of the Easy note application. This helpful characteristic is setting reminders. You save things and when it's time to do, the easy notes application reminds you. You write something and then this application reminds you about that stuff whenever you need it. You don't need to worry about forgetting your important data. This wonderful application is enough to make your life easier than ever.

Categorize with different colors:

This application is just like a colorful notebook. If you are the one who mixes up all the data and notes then this application is definitely for you. You can save your notes and data with different colors to categorize them. In this way, you will be easily able to differentiate your notes. 

Get backup information:

If you are too lazy to save your data then this application will do this for you. All the unfinished or unsaved data remains saved. It seems like you have everything in your control. If your phone suddenly becomes out of battery, then with the help of this application you can autosave and get a backup of all important stuff. 

Super convenient:

There is no rocket science in using this application as it is super convenient. People of any age group can use it comfortably. This application with super cool and super easy features provides you with a real respite from life.

Audio recording:

 An outstanding feature of this application is that one can easily save information when another person is talking or saying something. Voice notes can be saved easily. And whenever we need to listen to these voice notes, we only have to look at this application. 

Password lock:

You also need not worry about your privacy. This application keeps your data saved and secured. No one else can open your notes without your permission. You can easily set a password lock in the Easy notes application. You can also reset your password if forgotten. 

Change font size and style: 

Don't style your notes with the same boring fonts. Design your style with various font styles and sizes. 

You can edit them any time of your own choice. 

Save unlimited information:

If you are a student or an office employee, you have to save a lot of stuff. This application is very helpful for you. You can save unlimited data on your smartphone without any difficulty.

Pin the important notes: 

Important stuff doesn't mix up in this application. You can pin your favorite notes. And can get them whenever you need them.

Easy Notes Mod Apk 2022:

The Easy notes Mod application has its best version in 2022. You can add pictures, sounds, and a schedule of your own choice. Not only this but also you can change the wallpaper. You can change colors and patterns. Unlimited data can be saved without the problem of storage. Audios can be recorded easily.

Easy Notes application review:

This notes-taking application makes life more efficient. It Protects your data and personal information. 

Free to use. Easy to use. Convenient and beneficial.

 Easy Notes book:

Easy notes book is another amazing feature of this application. You can categorize your data according to your wish. It makes a portable book for you.

Easy Notes card:

Easy notes card remains the first while mentioning the benefits of the Easy notes Mod application. You can edit the details of your data in an informative way and can edit it when required.

Easy Notes biology:

As time has changed a lot, nothing has been like before. Everything needs modernization with time. So Easy notes application makes your existence more beautiful with colors of wallpaper and a lot of editing options. 

Easy Notes for p.c:

This application is not only helpful for your smartphone but also worthwhile for your computer. Engineers, students, architects, professors, and even freelancers can use the Easy notes application for saving data and a lot more. 


Free Application to save information and data of all kinds

  • Images, audio, and graphics can be added 
  • Wallpaper can be changed 
  • Simple autosave and backup features 
  • Easy to download 
  • Protect data by setting a password

Easy Notes Mod APK download:

You are only pressing a button away from having this portable electronic notebook. The most incredible feature of this application is its ease of the downloading process. 

How can we download this application on Android: we can easily get it from Google Play Store on Android phones.

How can we download this application on iPhone: we can simply download the Easy note application from the App Store on iPhone.



Q. Can I add images to the Easy notes Mod application?

Yes, you can easily add images, graphics, and sounds to the Easy notes application.

Q. How can I change the wallpaper for my blog post?

Wallpaper can be changed conveniently for a change.

Q. How can I download the Easy notes application?

The Easy notes application can be easily downloaded from the App Store on Ios. In Android, the Easy notes application can be downloaded from the play store.

Q. Is the Easy note application free to use?

Yes, this application is free to use.

Q. How can I set a password on the Easy note application?

You can protect your data by setting a password. From settings, set a password of your own choice.

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