Electrical Engineering Mod Apk Pro Unlocked

Electrical Engineering Mod Apk Pro Unlocked

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App Name Electrical Engineering Mod Apk Pro Unlocked
Size 44M
Latest Version 65.2
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Developer Calculation World
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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The Electrical Engineering app provides concerned articles regarding the radicals of Electricity with complete circumstantial illustrations. Electrical Engineering is an application apt for professionals, home mechanics, and electricians. Moreover, this application is also for those who are curious about Electrics.

Electrical Engineering Mod Apk

About Electrical Engineering 

Do you have a passion for indulging yourself in assembling and also repairing electric circuits? Then, indeed, this Electric-based application is quite helpful for you. Because, as a user, you will have the freedom to connect to new pictures and accumulation techniques that conduct high efficiency. Therefore, you can get all details about the electrical field. However, this app provides valuable information about many small tricks connecting electric circuits. Furthermore, this app also has a vivid illustration to provide enough help to understand the basic operating rules, such as how we can connect multiplex circuits. Maybe you like this similar game AA Big Book Mod Apk

Eye Catching Interface

Of course, this app has generated a remarkable learning process that provides extra space with highly soft and picky colours. Moreover, the words are placed vividly and in detail, accompanying moderation designs that explore an eye-catching interface for users. That is why all users can easily understand this app. So, if you are a child, adult, or student, your keen interest in learning Electicric will force you to download Electrical Engineering. Of course, you will learn more after reading its complete review.

Electrical Engineering Mod Apk

Addition of 55 + Articles

This app provides complete details about Electric Engineering, including practical tips on assembling and repairing electric devices and circuits.

Calculate Sufficient Calcuaitons by using 7 Calculators

This helpful app allows users to calculate proficient calculations through 7 in-app calculators. Of course, it will help the users solve bug issues while repairing and installing related electrical equipment. Because the calculators will work perfectly well to answer your queries.

Detailed Informational Sections about the Electric  Equipment

Yes, Electric Engineering Apk has four sections that provide complete information for Electric equipment.  

First Section

As far as the first section is concerned, it contains complete information about specific electric equipment installed in a private house or an apartment. Moreover, the radical theory for Electricity is written in easy language. In this section, you can learn about Ohm’s law, electric voltage, short circuits, current, and many more. Feel free to find instructions about installing and repairing equipment.

Electrical Engineering Mod Apk

Second Section

The second section includes combined wiring diagrams for specific electric appliances such as motors, sockets, and switches. Then you can identify electric circuits and work with them through circuit diagrams because Circuit diagrams connect fixed electronic devices. Therefore, if you install a circuit containing a specific wrong detail, the entire system will be sabotaged. In this app, developers have added effective and easy solutions to eliminate such problems. Feel free to understand all circuit diagrams and get your concerned electric engineering needs.

Third Section

When we discuss the third section of this app, we know it includes several cardinal eclectic tables and electric calculations. It is the most important feature that brings ease to calculations. Because now, you can calculate specific parameters directly by using this app. Also, perform your desired mathematical functioning with substantial security.

Test your Electrical Engineering Skills

After getting excellent basic knowledge through this application, you can test your electric engineering abilities. Read all the complete electrical information o know how Electricity performs better in your home.

Electrical Engineering Mod Apk


It may be said when you are familiar with this app, you can perform tasks such as eliminating minor bugs and installing electrical equipment. However, while performing all electrical engineering, you must follow electrical safety measures because Electricity is not audible. So, be careful. Good Luck


Q. What apps do electrical engineers use?

There is a detailed list of the app which Electric engineers use. But they use mostly top-rated apps such as Topmatic, Ohms Law Calculator, Metal Prices, Electrical Engineering Pack, Electrical App Formulator, and many more.

Q. How can I improve my electrical knowledge?

Pay attention to what you have learnt from your college school about Electric. Take part in training sessions and always for critical feedback. However, to get extra electrical knowledge, download this app.

Q. Is the Electrical Engineering app free to use?

Yes, this application is free to use on your android devices.

Q. Who developed the Electrical Engineering app?

Sergey Apps & Handbooks developed this cardinal electric-based engineering app.

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