Endless Nightmare MOD APK Download For Android

Endless Nightmare MOD APK Download For Android

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App Name Endless Nightmare MOD APK Download For Android
Size 1.1.5
Latest Version 1.1.5
MOD Features All Unlocked
Developer 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update November 04, 2022 (26 days ago)
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Endless Nightmare MOD APK:

If you love to watch adventurous, horror, or ghost web series, then today’s topic is just for you guys. Today, I am going to talk about an extreme horror and exciting game. The Endless Nightmare MOD APK is a ghost and horror simulation app that you have to play as a detective. You will be sent to the haunted house of a policeman. You will experience scary, super-exciting, and many horrible scenes in this game. Find the evidence and dark secrets of the haunted house. Solve the hidden mysteries and sort out the matter. Let's explore more about it without letting you wait.

Endless Nightmare


The main script of the game is that you have arrived in a haunted house for investigation. You will play the role of a detective. You have to solve the murder case of a policeman whose name is James Douglass. The policeman’s little daughter and wife were murdered by an unknown person. The policeman is now trying to find the murderer. Being sad, he often experiences nightmares and dreams of her dead wife and daughter. Her daughter's name was Aimee. He sees her daughter turning into a horrible child which made him extremely scared. You have to play this game to help James in finding out the real story behind the murder of his wife and daughter. Try to explore the house and uncover the dark secrets behind the murders of Mr. James' wife and daughter.

Endless Nightmare


Participate in multiple investigating tasks:

In this game, the players get the opportunity of participating in various investigations. You have to solve each and every situation in a single case. You have to investigate as a professional detective. There are so many hidden secrets and scary mysteries in the haunted house. You have to investigate properly, you can’t ignore even minor clues. Moreover, you can also ask citizens who witnessed the murder. Listen to witnesses because one minor thing can solve the whole case. You may experience some supernatural happenings. Because evil spirits are trying to stop you from investigating. But you have to face such types of circumstances bravely.

Listen to the background sound carefully:

In this game, you will experience many strange and weird things. Each location and situation will give you particular circumstances. Each situation has some whispering and humming. During the investigation, you have to listen to these whispers and humming sounds to justify the exact situation.  Relying on just your eyes and not listening to the background sound may cause your failure. If you want to solve your case, then keep your eyes on everything and keep listening to the whispers carefully. You should go in the direction of the sound and whispers because you can get more clues. These minor clues can be very helpful for you. Connect these sounds and clues together and find out evidence in the fastest and simplest way. 

Horror Stories and terrifying Facts:

You will find many creepy and horror stories in this game. This game is not for kids because of some blood-shedding scenes, pools of bloody bodies,  and terrifying locations. Only people above 18 are eligible to play it. You will find many terrifying stories and horror facts about every situation. You have to solve many murder cases.  But you will experience some supernatural phenomenon in every location. Because evil spirits will try to stop the cases. In some severe cases, they can attempt to attack and kill you. So you have to protect yourself from these spirits through some spells and magical powers. Solve all the cases with ingenuity and intelligence. You must discover the wisest ways to deal with all the hardships and mysteries. 

Endless Nightmare

Adorable and realistic Graphics:

Its amazing 3D graphics will certainly immerse you in the gameplay. The whole interface looks like a typical horror scene with lots of terrifying secrets. The hooking and creepy sound effects and graphics play an important role in making it more realistic. I recommend using headphones while playing because each situation has its own particular sound effects and whispers. The HD display and 3D graphics of this game will blow out your mind with fear. But if you love to watch horror movies, then find yourself in a typical haunted house with this application. 

Difficult Modes:

There are so many levels with multiple modes for you. You can freely choose any level with a unique mode to play with. Each mode has some unique challenges and cases to face. Each level has more than 10 murder cases of unique situations. You can investigate each case with your intelligence and wisdom. Moreover, you must have the courage and stamina to face every terrifying situation.  Be brave and calm to face all difficult situations. 


The gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. It offers you some intuitive buttons to move your character here and there in the gameplay. You just have to click these particular options to swipe up, attack, slide down, turn left or move around. The most amazing thing about this application is that these virtual options will change according to your situation. You just have to press several buttons to control the movement of your character.

Endless Nightmare

Unlock  a Dog to find Clues:

You can also unlock a loyal pet like Dog who can help you in sorting out the case. Because of its faster sense of smell, you will be able to find out the clues and hints in a faster and more efficient way. Your dog will also protect you from evil women in times of danger.

Endless Nightmare

Discover and Explore Every room:

In this game, players have to explore each and every corner of the house. Collect the evidence against the murderer. In order to expose the real killer, you have to check all the rooms. Each room is full of terrifying objects and evil spirits. Examine all the locations, and collect useful items, Keys to doors, and weapons. Hide under the beds, and behind the door. Use your tactics and wisdom to come out from all the hurdles.

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Q. What is the latest version of this application?

Its new version is v1.1.5. It was recently published on its official sites on 26-10-2022.

Q. What is the download size of this application?

The storage required to download this application is about 115MB. Because of its large size, it may not be used in low or standard android devices. If you still try to download it, then you may experience many lagging issues during your gameplay.

Q. Can I download this application on a PC?

No, this application is just designed for mobile phones. But if you still want to use it on your Desktop or laptop, then I suggest you use it through Bluestack Emulator.

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