Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk v12.27.3 Unlimited Gems and Passes Download 2020

Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk:Every human has his own narrative of life which is based on many intervals like friendship, romance, career, adventure and many more. At times we think that if we could change our anecdote and convert our regrets into pleasures, Episode is a game which gives you a chance to increase your joy time with giving you a platform to decide your own episode for a specific storyline. You can easily play this game if you are a chronicle teller and want to insert episodes every time to a given situation.

Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Episode mod apk can easily be downloaded and installed on all your android devices. This publication is helpful to take privileges for all episodes of a specific storyline. In this entertainment your resources will be seen in terms of gems. In the original version you don’t have entrée to all episodes and a limited number of gems so you must be careful about their usage. But in the mod copy this strain has been released you can play as much as you can without spending your original money.

NameEpisode Choose Your Story Mod Apk
Size100 MB
License Free
DeveloperEpisode Interactive

Download Direct Link

Game Play:

Game‘s important theme can be divided into two parts: as one is about the understanding of stories, which story you will play at a time and second is the dialogue delivery. Every scene of the play will depend upon dialogues for a given situation. There will be three options against every dialogue; you have to choose carefully every time as it will decide the turn of your account.

Most of the dialogues in episode mod apk sbenny will be available in the diversion and you have to just one option for responding but for a while you have to write some dialogue and evaluate the scenario to decide which is good and bad, this phase should be handled with extreme care because it can change the end of episode. You can make friends and relations, can celebrate events, respond with anger or joy it all depends on you but will decide how long you will be playing and to which episode. Each episode has distinctive ideas of enjoyment so that players will not face boredom at any stage.

Features of episode Mod APK:

1. Choose your story:

Episode mod apk android 1 has a large number of stories covering all major topics most read and liked by the users worldwide like: fantasy, mystery, magic, action and many more. These stories have covered almost all daily actions and interactions among the people which make this sport full of life.

2. Interesting designs and animated actions:

This whole fixture is designed in the dialogue box where you have to manage your tale in form of conversation but you will also have beautiful actions of characters for precise expressions which is quite an interesting feature.

3. Unlock episodes:

Through episode mod apk latest version download you will have entrance to all episodes for a chronicle. As every tale in the game consists of a number of episodes, you have to gain passes. Mod edition provides you passes for free which will be helpful to unlock all episodes for you as everyone wants to know the end of the yarn. You can get these passes by completing some chores in the episode, which are shown in the scroll bar. 

These tasks would be of any type like reading any book or seeing some stuff and many more as these are small pieces of work to do so you could not access huge numbers of passes at once. Episode mod apk 2019 unlimited gems and passes download will eradicate your apprehension so that player will be able to unlock all episodes by spending these resources and will enjoy the whole cover of a definite action.

4. Groom your main role:

Episode provides you with a variety of costumes, hairstyles, and many more for each story according to the character you are playing. You will have infinite assets in episodes mod to make your persona smart for look proficient and extraordinary in every role of life

5. Unlock decisions:

Episode provides its players a chance to mold each episode according to their decision and this selection is the most important thing which gives you a good or bad score. Sometimes players could be confused and don’t want to lose the state of affairs but find it difficult to make a convincing decision which you can purchase from gems. But in episode mode you will unlock a decision present for free which enhances the play time and add a good score to your score board.

6. Design your own story:

You probably have played sports like an episode before having options for different stories but an exceptional feature of picturing your own anecdote and adding in to the episode is a quite interesting thing to know for its players. If you are a novelist then this entertainment is surely for you. This is a great chance for you to portrait your action with dialogues and beautiful images along with actions. As this fable would be played by all the players round the globe so be careful about topic selection and dialogue delivery so that it will be liked by a large number of users.

7. Updated Regularly:

Episode mod apk 2020 is the updated file available to download. The good thing about the game is its liveliness which does not makes its users away from it. Publishers always work on adding new stories and episodes to the diversion and many interesting dialogues and actions may be updated timely so you can go back and can play the chronicle again to overcome past mistakes.

8. Users Biography:

In episode players have to maintain their complete biography so they will be able to avail the help in certain selections of hair-do, dress-up and many more. There are emotions defined in the group, once you will define your gender selection of a certain emotion like blush, fight, dance, anger would change.

Name of some high rated stories in episode mod apk:

  • Pretty little liars,
  • Hollywood Days with Hayes,
  • Falling for the Dolan Twins
  • Mean girls

Final lexis:

Episode depends upon powerful dialogue and decision selection. Each episode in a tale needs your wise actions to proceed further. Creating your own story and adding in the main game is a unique facility so install the game and have unlimited excitement

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