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Download Episode Mod apk

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Latest Version 22.70
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Developer Episode Interactive
Content Rating Teen
Requires 7.0 & Up
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Update November 08, 2022 (22 days ago)
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Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk

Episodes Mod APK is a modded version of the official Episodes Choose Your Story game. It includes all of the original game's features, as well as some free unlocked features that you can use to play the game for free.

This is one of the most popular mobile games in terms of streaming, downloading, and playing. This app has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and it's still increasing by the minute. But what is it about Episode that has people so fascinated


Let's explore together! Mod INfo:

  • Mod Menu
  • Free Premium Choices
  • episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes
  • No ads
  • No Root needed
  • Episode Choose Your Story Mod APK updated version
  • Autoupdate
  • Anti-Ban

Episode Mod APK

The Episode is the best role-playing game, with many interactive stories that attract users from all around the world. This game lets you make your own life tale and live it to your dreams & desires. You can share your tale on the Episode forum so that others can enjoy it as well. This is where Episode enters the picture. The game lets you create your own avatar and then engage yourself in a variety of drama, romance, adventures, fantasy, horror stories, crime thrillers, and many more! That will evaluate your ability to discover love – and battle rivals.

Hundreds of stories about a romance are available in the game, each of which will make you fall in love all over again. When you completed reading a story, you will be rewarded with gems, which will allow you to unlock the next story. This is one of the features that distinguishes the Episode.

Salient Features Of Episode APK

The episode hacked version provides a wide range of exciting features to users which are listed below.

Immerse Library

Interactive stories of the library cover a wide range of genres and topics, giving players more options when it comes to getting started. The game will contain romance, adventure, drama,

Hollywood, mysticism, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, action, horror, and other genres, as well as more significant realms from the medieval to modern ages, depending on their interests. Thanks to these rich conceptions or combinations, each story provides a wide range of opportunities for players to enjoy endless moments of the best for each person or fate.

Make Up a Magical Story And Live It Like A Boss

You can choose your own stories and have people read and interact with them to become a more active player in the game and get gems. So why not take benefit of the exciting opportunity to write your own story and put yourself in the most stunning avatar ever using episode hack? Make people envious of you by choosing your story. Walk around freely and show the world your special abilities. Make people to be attracted by your unique secrets.

This is not only a fun feature of the game, but it will also help you polish your storytelling skills, which will prove useful in life. Make an effort to come up with stories that are both engaging and unique from those told by others. It will be well appreciated by your audience. So get started today and reap the rewards.

Create A Unique Character; Before The Story Begins

You must first design your character before beginning the adventure. Using the vast customization system, choose your looks and outfit. Hair color, hairstyles skin color, eye color, eye shape, nose shape, lips, eyebrows, and makeup can all be changed. Make the figure resemble you as much as possible, or transform him into the heroine of your favorite TV show or fairy tale.

Meet different characters and make friendships, relationships, or hostility based on your choices. In Episode - Choose Your Story, you can put yourself in a variety of scenarios, learn a lot of diverse stories, and discover a large number of different endings.

Unlock Decisions

Each episode gives you the option to make a decision that determines the rest of the story. Every choice you make has a direct impact on the ending. Episode enables its players the opportunity to shape each episode according to their preferences, and this choice is the most essential factor in determining whether you get a good or terrible score. Sometimes players are perplexed and don't want to lose their current situation, but they find it difficult to make a confident decision, which they can buy with gems.

However, in the episode mod, you will be able to unlock the decision present for free, which will extend your playtime and give you a higher score on your scoreboard.

Unlimited Gems

In the Episode game, the gem is a sort of currency that allows users to purchase luxury clothes and resources for their avatar. However, in order to earn gems, you have to watch a

lot of videos, which consumes a lot of data and time. So, I provided Episode Mod Apk, which will grant you limitless diamonds in your account without requiring you to do anything.

Unlimited passes

If you're fascinated by the Episode game and enjoy reading stories, you're probably aware of the value of passes in the game. However, with the episode mod apk unlimited passess , you will receive unlimited passes that can be used to play any premium story for an endless period of time without any complications.

Free Premium choices

In order to go faster in the Episode game, you must first choose a character. Premium avatars, on the other hand, are not available in the official version of the game since they are locked and can only be unlocked by spending real money. But in the modded version, we completely redesigned the Episode game so that you can enjoy the premium choices feature for free.

Free purchase

Many premium items and features require in-app purchases in order to be used. But, with the Episode Choose Your Story Hacked Apk, you can purchase any premium item for free. So go ahead and download the Modded version and start playing the premium game.

Unlimited followers

In the Episode game, getting followers is challenging because we need to create more engaging stories in order to earn followers on our profile. Sometimes it takes longer than we expect. But You will earn an unlimited number of followers after downloading the modified version of the Episode, even if you do not post a single story.

This Game Helps You In Finding The Real You

Yes, you got that right: by spending days in the game living the life of a character, you will be better prepared to make decisions in real-world scenarios. This game will also tell you about the effects of your choices, which can aid you in recognizing the mistakes you make in real-life circumstances.

This game is so captivating that you will forget whether you are in a game or in the real world. With all of the coupling going on in this game, the simulation it provides is far more realistic than you will ever encounter.


Magnificient Visual Quality

In addition to each story's unique advancement, the visual and graphic quality of the game also has been improved, polished, and created to stroke. Every character is gorgeous and remarkable in different ways as a result of this; their curves, facial expressions, and actions

are all well-crafted. Above all, the difficult situations in love will be realistic and vivid in every aspect, allowing the player to immerse themselves in the experience.

Bustling Communities Constructed In The Story

The great part about Episodes, you can Choose Your Own Adventure is that each one has its own mini-community for players to join, even if it has nothing to do with the main plot. On the other side, their existence completes the character and allows players to engage in numerous friendly and meaningful conversations about real life.

Many unique and exciting occurrences will occur throughout the game, and local communities will play an essential role in the gameplay experience for players.

Choose Your Love And Friend

This modded version allows the players to choose the relationship. Each character develops in a controlled and smooth manner. Moreover, their entrance will affect a range of challenges, but players can use the selection system to keep things under control.

Unlimited Explorations

Apart from the long-term effects of storytelling, Episode APK helps to discover thousands of planets, scenarios, cultures, and landscapes, ensuring that you will be never bored.

According to users, there is a plot for every desire, so get ready to be understood in a world you didn't know existed.

Some Best Stories in Episode Mod APK

List of Kisses

Your mission is to keep up your record of being dominated in high schools by kissing the ten hot singles at Kentworth Academy. Will you be able to pull this off? Flirt, tease and secure your status in the academy for the future generation to admire.

Pretty Little Liars

"Pretty Little Liars" is a fantastic American TV drama that explores the lives of four friends when one of them goes missing. The gameplay is varied and fascinating, with many distinct stories to explore.

Between The Two Billionaires

You've got employed by a millionaire to seduce his opponent, but you quickly discover that he's a sensitive man. As you spend more time with him, your feelings for him get stronger, and your ambitions begin to shift. Will you be successful in your mission?

Private lessons

Your new neighbor is a problem on your side! He's cute, brilliant, and athletic, and you're now his private tutor due to a misunderstanding between your parents. You find you're both enrolled in the same university for the same position.

Behind His Mask

A kiss gone wrong can be considerably worse when the two people involved are neighbors with a streamer recording the action.

Operation Quarterback

You've been tasked as a trainee FBI agent with protecting the identity of a young football star. As you try to retain your professional duty while falling in love, you are divided between your love for him and your allegiance to the FBI.

Love ON Fire

We are delighted to inform you that you have been chosen to join in the upcoming season of our dating show, LOVE ON FIRE. You'll be living in a luxurious beachfront mansion with other people looking for real love and passion.

Demi Lovato-Path to Fame:

While seeing Demi Lovato perform live is a dream come true for many, you now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour with the one and only singing superstar! Can you

handle the pressures of celebrity while keeping your personal life private? Will you make it to the end?

Positively Princess

Later on, it is discovered that you are a princess. Would you desire to marry and have a child with a prince from another kingdom?

Pitch Perfect in Deep Treble

The Bellas are widely regarded as the most popular acapella band in history. It's always been your ambition to be a part of them, and you've finally made it to the tryouts at Barden University. You must choose between pursuing your dreams and taking a risk on love now that new love interests have entered your life.

Break The Rule

This tale has been passed down through the generations. It's a tale of forbidden love, as well as something even more villainous: falling in love with someone you shouldn't.

Some More Different Stories

  • The Royal Child
  • Clueless: College’s Out
  • Falling for the Dolan Twins
  • My Brother’s Finest Buddy
  • It Began With a Bra
  • PLUS…extra new tales EVERY WEEK!
  • Imply Ladies: Senior Yr

Tips & Tricks for game

  • Make sure that you rate each time to obtain extra passes.
  • Every time you will open the app, you'll have a chance to earn extra passes. 
  • You can locate cheats online. You may also study a little bit about this
  • game if you want to have a small head start before making choices on Episodes.
  • You may use the story guide app if you are stuck at a moment in the game and you have run out of passes and want to know what happens next.
  • You may create your own stories while waiting for your passes to recharge by clicking on the button at the bottom left corner.
  • Make use of your imagination and don't be afraid to tell your own story.


You begin by selecting a story from the available choices, giving yourself a new look and a name. Then you can move how you want with the story. What's even more exciting is that you can choose your date. Unlike the other story-reading games, this selection is extremely unique. So you can make your date look just how you want to have it.

Episode Choose Your Story is a fantastic app that puts you in a thrilling adventure in which you may make your own decisions and shape your story. By making various decisions and handling various difficulties, you will be able to shape the life of your character.

The story has many seasons and each season is further divided into episodes' Each episode gives you two or more possible options to pick from, after which you see how the story develops. You can click on any object to see what comes next, and each decision you make will take you to a new display with a new circumstance.

The game's main topic may be divided into two parts: one is about comprehending stories and deciding which story to play at any given time, and the other is about dialogue delivery. The dialogues for each scene in the play will be based on the situation.

Every dialogue will have three possibilities; you must choose carefully each time because it will determine the course of your account.


Q. How to download and install Episode on android devices?

Download the most updated version of the Game Episode Mod Apk free from our
high-speed server link. It's A direct download link that allows you to get to the good stuff 2x faster with Free Premium choices.

Episode hack download on your device:
Tap on the download button.
Enable “ Unknown Resources” from your device settings.
Install it.
Open the app.
Choose your avatar.
Enjoy the game.

Q. How to use an OBB file to install APK games?

How to use an OBB file to install APK games
Install the APK file but do not launch it just yet.
Put the OBB Data in the /Android /SDCARD /obb/ folder and you're ready to go.
Restart the game if necessary.
And enjoy

Q. Is it possible to play Episode Mod Apk offline?

Yes, you can play episodes offline. Select your own adventure offline, but don't forget to read the guide for offline gaming groups of episodes.

Q. Which is the best story of this Episode game?

There are a lot of great stories in the Episode. The topmost amazing stories are listed below:

Kiss list
Forbidden Pleasures
The Chain Reaction Series
Revenge Daddy

Q. Is Episodes Mod APK exclusively for Android or can it also be installed on iOS & PC?

The given Mod APK is just for Android devices, but if you want to play it on your iPhone or iPad & PC as well, let us know. we'll send you Episodes mod APK to enjoy on iOS as well.

Q. How to get endless gems and passes in the Episode mod apk?

You may acquire unlimited gems and passes in the game if you download Episode
Hack APK from our site. So, if you're interested in playing this game for free, just download this Episode mod APK

Q. Can my friends assist me if I get stuck in any task?

Yes! Friends can assist one another. If you are stuck on any task, you just have to tap on the "HELP" button.

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