Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives for Android and iOS

Being organized in a busy day is nearly impossible. You would have a thousand things going on in your mind and while doing the tasks, you will forget about half of the things. Sounds like a mess, right? Let’s put the one thing that is always in our hands to work; our smart phone!

Yes, that little thing you have in your hand is very useful if we know how to use it properly. Do you know that we can use our smart phones to manage our tasks, make to- do list, set alerts and what not so we can easily remember the things that we have to do and not forget the single one of them?  Rather than wasting our times scrolling our Facebook and Instagram; we can download some apps which make your live easier.

If you are someone who always want to do their stuff on time, or someone who have a habit of taking notes of every single thing, you must have heard the name of Ever note. Ever note is one of the best productivity apps that allows you to manage your tasks, create unlimited notes and also allows you to sync your notes. Ever note has some features that they give you for free, but it also has premium versions which are not, and you would have to pay for them in order to use them.

You really don’t have to be disappointed if you want those features and don’t want to pay for them. There are many alternative apps like ever note which offers the same features for free! You can now easily download these apps for free and get those amazing productive features. With these apps, you can be always on time, have your work done and you will also have all your important notes saved in your phone.

Now, here we present you the list of the Ever note alternative apps that you can use.

Top 15 Best Ever note Alternatives for Android and iOS

  1. Google Keep

If you are looking for the best reminder app, Google Keep will prove to be your best friend. This app is a self note- taking app launched by Google in 2003. It doesn’t matter if you are an Android user or you use an iPhone, you can easily download Google Keep from play store or app store.

With Google Keep, you can not only set reminders of your important work times, but you can also make handy notes, record your own voice clips and add pictures too.

Once you are done with doing your list, you can check them off and that is the best part of Google Keep.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note is one of the finest alternatives of Evernote that you can find. This reminder app allows you to create your own digital notebook, where you can mark your important dates and set reminders, you can also make to- do list of the things you want to achieve throughout the day.

Not only this, but you can also share your own notes with your friends and family who also uses OneNote and tell them your plans for the day. This app is perfect for people who have a lot of things in their hands, so they can draw, write and save as notes in their application.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the best alternatives of Evernote, as it offers a lot of options for all the people who are busy. With Simplenote, you can stay organized and on time by saving notes with all your important stuff and by setting reminders of everything. You can also work together with Simplenote, as you can make a list or a time table and share it with your friend or even your group.

Simplenote is also very easy to use, and both android and Ios users can install it.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Quip

Quip is basically a multi tasking app which is also an alternative of Evernote. It means that you can set reminders, write down notes, make to- do lists, make spread sheets, share your notes and ideas with your friends and also chat with them. Quip is a free reminder application and both android and iPhone users can download them and be at the top of their game.



   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy is the fastest and the most convenient and easy to use application for the people who wants to manage their everyday tasks. You can create more than one note at a time and save them. You can also set reminders of every important thing that you keep on forgetting so you can do it on time. To search your notes, you can easily write just one word from that note and WorkFlowy will open up that note for you. Isn’t it time saving as well as the coolest thing?


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Trello

Downloading Trello is the best idea for the people who are always working or, the ones who are working in teams. With trello, you can make your own team and posts daily notes and tasks with them. This is one of the best way to be organized and on time. Working with a team was never this easy before, as you can share your latest plans with your team members with just one click.

Trello also offers to- do list, so you can easily remember what you have to do for the day.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Wunderlist

You can now make your to do list and your Wunderlist will reminder you of your plans, isn’t that amazing? Wunderlist is a easy to use and free Evernote alternative application which both android and Ios users can download. This reminder application allows you to make your grocery list, your next vacation trip list, or any other work meeting that you would like the app to remember. You can share that list with your family and friends too. Also, you can sync your lists with Wunderlist to your phone, laptop or your PC and have them edited anytime.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. NoteLedge

One of the best alternatives of Evernote is the NoteLedge app. NoteLedge is a very advanced note taking application which will be very useful for the  students or people who works in office and wants to have every information and notes on their fingertips. This amazing application allows a user to create notes, search content directly from the internet and make edits on any PDF files. Users can copy and paste data from the internet and connect it to make their notes.

NoteLedge also give their users drawing feature, where you can draw or write anything important and save it.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Dynalist

If you are in search of a multi tasker app live Evernote, Dynalist is an application that you will love. Dynalist allows its users to break their tasks into sub tasks so you can track your progress and complete your project on time. With Dynalist, you can create notes, manage your list, get information about any topic directly from the internet and set reminders too.

Dynalist is free and is available on both Play Store and App Store, so both android and Ios users can download it.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. MobisleNotes

MobisleNotes is rated as one of the best alternative for Evernote app. With mobisleNotes, you can easily manage your daily tasks by making to- do list and put a check on everything once it is done. You can also create notes very easily on MobisleNotes in seconds and edit them anytime you want.

MobsileNotes is also a very basic note taking application, so whenever you want to write down something important, you can just open the app and write it down. This reminder application is perfect for people who are always in hurry. MobisleNotes is free to download and is available for both android and Ios users.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. WPS Office

WPS Office is basically owned by Microsoft. For the people who are always working, WPS will be your life saver. WPS is an alternative of Evernote, and with this useful application, you can create your long work spread sheets and presentation. WPS Office also has Microsoft Word, where you can write and edit your documents on your phone. It is a very user friendly app and people enjoy using it because of its many features. WPS Office is free to download but it also has a paid version which has all the advanced features if you want.

Yes, both android and Ios users can download WPS Office and save their time.

   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Inkdrop

Calling out for all the programmers, Inkdrop is here to make your coding lives easier. You can now do your coding on your smart phone too. Inkdrop is a very easy to use app with a beautiful interface and lots of themes for you to choose from. To use Inkdrop, the users will just have to download this application, create their account and start coding and writing.



   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. MindMeister

If you are always thinking and working, MindMeister is for you. This application is one of the best alternatives for Evernote app that lets you write down everything that is going on in your mind. With MindMeister, you can also make your to do list and set reminders for all the important functions and meetings that you don’t want to miss.

MindMeister is available to download for free on Play Store as well as App Store.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Quiver

Quiver is a new 3D app which has hundreds of images which you can put 3D colors on. It is one of the best application for you if you have a lot of free time or if you are really stressed out and need some time off. You can also download Quiver and let your children play with it. Apart from coloring, Quiver also allows you to make your own drawings so you can save them and share with your friends and family later.



   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

  1. Nimbus Note

If you want all your important information to be stacked at one place, Nimbus Note is the one for you. Nimbus is an alternative app for Evernote which allow its users to keep a track of their daily activities and to do’s. You can also write quick notes and audio notes as well to keep you reminded of the stuff that you would have to do for the day.

Nimbus Note is available for both android and Ios users for free.


   Download from PlayStore    Download from iTunes

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