Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

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App Name Evil Hunter Tycoon APK
Size 107 MB
Latest Version v 1.358
MOD Features Free
Developer Super Plant
Content Rating Rated For 4
Requires 5.0 or above
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Update August 13, 2023 (12 months ago)
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There are so many RPG games available on the internet. But if you are in search of something more satisfying, then try Evil Hunter Tycoon APK. It will transport you into a new world filled with dark fantasies. It is based on thrilling adventures, evil monsters, and horror creatures. It is an isometric simulation game filled with thrilling challenges. It is a complete blend of RPG and strategic gameplay. This game has been brought to you by a famous software house named Super Plant.


The gameplay will drop you in a village where you have to beat all the upcoming hurdles and monsters. You will play as the leader of that village. Your responsibility is to protect your people from all evil forces rushing toward you. Your primary goal is to manage and establish your villages with all your dedication. Hunt and blow out all the evil creatures. Keep upgrading your character to destroy your enemies with a single attack. Build up a strong character by consistently upgrading yourself. Create a proper combat system, and hire powerful soldiers to compete with your enemies. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon is actually a strategy game where you can transform yourself into a captivating heroic character. This game is something beyond your expectations.  It is filled with evil monsters and creepy creatures. You have to destroy all the upcoming disasters to protect your villages. 

You have to create a town, you will be the chief of that town. It permits you to construct new houses and buildings to attract the maximum number of people to live in your town. You can earn in-game currency by taking care of people living in your town.


Evil Hunter Tycoon APK promises to give you an enjoyable gaming experience with engaging isometric graphics. This fighting game is best for kids and teens because all the characters, even evil monsters, do not create any violence. You will never see pools of blood like in other fighting games. You just have to touch your enemy before it approaches you. Your enemy will disappear with just a single touch. Its quick fighting mechanism enhances the charm of this gameplay.

In this article, we will explore all the aspects of Evil Hunter Tycoon APK including its features, mechanism, navigational controls, and reasons for popularity in the gaming world. Stay connected with us till the end for further information about this game.

Steps To Download

Step 1: You will see a download link right above this page. Just press that link to continue the downloading process.

Step 2: Wait for a while until the download completes.

Step 3: Tap the install option.

Step 4: If you find it Unable to Install, then move straight to your mobile settings.

Step 5: Turn ON the Unknown Source to access third-party apps.

Step 6: Now, open the file manager of your mobile and select the recently downloaded APK file.

Step 7: Tap to install.

Step 8: Open the App and enter your Email or Google ID to log in. You can also play as a guest.

Step 9: Start playing and enjoy. That’s all.

Key Features

Here are some key features of this game that make it popular in the gaming world. Keep reading till the end for further details.

Build a Town & Hunt Monsters

This game is of the RPG genre, so you have to play the role of a heroic character. When you start the gameplay for the first time, you will be dropped to a small place. You have to create your own town in that place. You will be the chief of that town, so it's your responsibility to upgrade it. Create new houses and buildings to attract more villagers. Create such a town where hunters can live freely. You can also hire some people from your town. You can earn extra money via a powerful army.

Build A Town In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Hire strong soldiers and assign them tasks regularly. They can help you to expand your town and make it more incredible. Your hunters can make your more successful using their unique abilities. In the advanced levels, you will face so many bosses and evil creatures. You need proper teamwork to meet all the upcoming disasters. So, build a town and hire powerful soldiers on the territories of your town. Arrange proper security for the people and hunt maximum monsters.

Add Facilities

You will see monsters everywhere in the town, so gather as many hunters as you can. Try to collect maximum in-game currency. Invest your in-game currency to make your town more attractive. The only way of making your town more attractive is to build various structures. You can add new facilities like bounty hut, training ground, enhancement forge, sanctuary of resurrection, and many others. The training ground is the most appreciated thing among all the structures. Here, your hunters can level up their fighting skills.

Add Facilites In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

The training academy allows you to learn more techniques and skills. The Bounty Hut is the place where you can arrange contests between hunters. Its enhancement forge has all the necessary equipment and weapons. You can upgrade your character by visiting its enhancement forge. The last structure is Sanctuary where you can switch into entirely different characters. 

Customize Your Character In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Recruit Strong Hunters

As I mentioned above, you need to create a town for hunters. So, do your best to make it as impressive as you can. After upgrading your town, you can invite different hunters to live in your village. Each hunter has unique fighting abilities and skills. Recruit as many hunters as you can because you can make more money on the basis of your people. 

Recruit Strong Soldiers In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Fight in PvP Matches

PvP stands for Player versus Player. You can combat with real players in multiple modes. Conduct a PvP match and compete with the army of your opponent player. Fight bravely and become a ranked player in the leaderboard. It offers lots of epic things to enjoy for hours. You will certainly get immersed in the gameplay because of its multiplayer mode. Playing a game with real buddies makes your gaming experience more engaging.

PvP Battles In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Monster Hunting

The whole gameplay revolves around a mission to hunt maximum monsters. Players have to hunt monsters according to their weaknesses and strengths. You may need powerful weapons, sharp swords, and better fighting skills to compete with your opponents. Keep collecting power-ups, loot, resources, and points to get individual progress.

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Monster Hunting In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Crafting & Upgrading

Evil Hunter Tycoon has a crafting system where players can unlock powerful weapons and equipment to hunt evil monsters. In simple words, you can make changes in your character to make it more powerful. Its customization options enhance the effectiveness of its gameplay.

Crafting And Updating In Evil Hunter Tycoon APK

Its upgrading systems permit you to enjoy new adversaries during battles.


Evil Hunter Tycoon APK is a captivating game filled with a lot of dark fantasies and thrilling adventures. You will certainly get immersed in its compelling mechanism, strategic monster hunting, and village management challenges. It is a perfect simulation game for RPG lovers. It is consistently upgrading its attributes via expansions and updates. Keep updating your character to get immersed for hours. You can also invite your real-life friends to this mysterious and adventurous game.

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Q. Is the Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK a free simulation?

Yes, it is absolutely free of cost. All of its features are absolutely free to play.

Q. Is Evil Hunter Tycoon MOD APK available on Google Play Store?

Yes, it has been uploaded to the google play store. You can access it without any availability issues.

Q. Can an iPhone user access Evil Hunter Tycoon APK?

Yes, you can easily access it from the App Store.

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