Extra Volume Booster MOD APK Pro Unlocked Download

Extra volume booster MOD APK Pro Unlocked Download

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App Name Extra volume booster MOD APK Pro Unlocked Download
Size 11 MB
Latest Version 5.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Magic Mobile Studio
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Extra volume booster is a mobile device application that allows its user to enhance the music. With the music equalizer option, you can easily customize the volume, pitch, tone, beat, and vibe of your favorite song. 

If you are a music lover, this music application can do wonders for you. It is available with all the latest features unlocked on our website. So without any delay download the modified app for free.

In an age of technology, competition has become tougher than before. When it comes to music applications, people want the latest features and advancements while looking for a music app.

Extra Volume Booster MOD APK

 To meet these high expectations of users, an extra volume booster is the one application. It is easy to use with a simple interface.

 It makes the experience of the user unforgettable, with advanced features such as maximum volume booster, music equalizer, simple-to-use interface, boost volume up to 200 percent, boosts the sound of handsfree and loudspeakers, sound booster with Bluetooth, stereo surround sound effect, bass booster effect, boost the sounds of audiobooks, video, and all calls and many more.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

This music application, the extra volume booster, is fairly very simple and easy to operate. You do not have to be perfect or professional in audio technology to operate this application.

 In order to keep the operation as simple as possible, the extra volume booster comes with one circle button that is used to increase or decrease the volume of the sound. To increase the volume of sound, rotate the circular button in a clockwise direction, and to decrease the volume use an anticlockwise direction while pressing the button.

Stereo surrounding sound effects

You can create your own environment for the party at your home with an extra music booster on your mobile device. If you are a music lover and love listening to high-volume music then this feature, stereo effect, is for you.

 The stereo effect creates a new music world, it makes the sound as if it is sound coming from all directions, sounds perfect for a party. You can invite your friend and do a music party or you can just enjoy music on your own.

Boost the sounds of audiobooks, videos, and calls

Most mobile owners faced the problem of low volume when attending a call. Often the voice of the next person is too low or unclear. Listening to audiobooks or podcasts can also be difficult because of the lower volume.

 The extra music booster can increase the volume and enhance the audio during calls, making it easy for the user to have a conversation with the next person, you can enjoy your podcasts and audiobooks with increased volumes even in noisy places.

Maximize your default volume

Most people use mobile devices to watch movies, series, or TV shows because mobiles are easy to carry than laptops. But sometimes, when watching a show, the volume can be too low to reach our ears. 

This can be really annoying and uncomfortable for the user. If you face any such problem, your solution is right in front of you. The extra music booster can increase the sound volume of your device from the default range to the maximum. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite shows and audio with fun.

Enhance the bass

You can feel the base of your favorite songs and enjoy them to the fullest. You do not have to buy expensive loudspeakers to enjoy the beat and bass of your favorite music. Time has changed and so does technology. 

You can carry your loudspeakers as a simple music application, the extra music booster. With this application on your device, you can increase the bass of the songs as much as you like and enjoy an exciting experience.

Get your own music Player

For a music lover, it is very annoying and frustrating to not be able to enjoy your favorite songs at full volume. No matter how much you try, mobile default music does not allow users to customize their music bass and enhancer, it is already set to default equalizer. 

Extra Volume Booster MOD APK

But you can listen to your favorite music and songs by using the music player provided in the extra music booster application. In this application, you can customize the music enhancer. Volume booster and many more options, all under your control. Maybe you like this similar app M Studio MOD APK.

Loud and smooth sound

This music application makes sure to provide the best, smooth, and loud music experience to its users. With the loud and increased volume, it is very important that the resulting audio must be smooth, so the user can enjoy the music.

 Experiencing volume distortion with loud music could be extremely irritating and painful for your ears too. But with this application, you do not need to worry about volume distortion.

Pump up the volume to 200%

Sometimes even after increasing the volume to 100%, it is not enough. For that purpose, the extra music booster comes with amazing features to make things easy for the users. With options of this music application, you can increase the volume of your device even to a higher level of 200%.

 You can adjust the volume from 0-200%, anywhere in between, according to your preference. In this way, you can enjoy more loud music than your default music enhancer. 

Colorful vibrant theme

In the extra music boost, along with amazing and useful features of enhancing volume, you find some amazingly colorful and vibrant themes. This way operating the music application gives its user a very cool and professional experience. 

Extra Volume Booster MOD APK

The colors of the theme in the extra music boost go well with the features of the application and create a fun and exciting environment for the user. The themes and vibrant interface make the music application more attractive and easy to operate.

22 pre-set sound effects

When you install the extra music booster application, you can create your own customized effects with your music and audio. But if you do not want to create a customized effect, you may want to just enjoy the effects already present in the music application. 

The extra music booster application provides its user with 22 preset sound effects, that are present in the music application during the time of installation. You can use these features after installing the music application, extra music booster, from our website for free. You can apply these presets simply by clicking on them.

How to download this game?

You can download the modified version of this music application from our website without any cost. In order to download the extra music booster on your android device, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. First of all, download the APK file of this game by pressing the “Download” button.
  2. Click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  3. If you see any message on the screen, click on allow unknown sources.

After completing the installation process the game is now downloaded and installed on your device, enjoy the best music application for free.

For iOS users

If you want to play this game on your iOS device, you can download its iOS version from the Apple Store without any cost.

Final thought

If you want to improve the sound and volume quality of your mobile device. Or your mobile default sound volume is too low and it annoys you. Or do you want to enjoy your favorite series and movies and music at a high volume? You are at the right place.

 The perfect choice for you is to choose the extra music boost from our website for free. The extra music booster is a simple and easy-to-use, set of tools that enhance the audio quality of your device. Even when you increase the volume you will not experience any distortion, this music application, make sure that suppliers get a smooth and loud experience. 

The extra music booster makes sure you enjoy your favorite Netflix show with your friends by enhancing the volume amplifier and bass booster. However, with all its amazing features, this application comes with some in-app purchases that the user has to make in order to get full access to the music application.

Extra Volume Booster MOD APK

 But not all users can afford to pay for these in-app purchases. We have a solution, if you want to enjoy this music application for free, with all features unlocked and without ads, you can simply download it from our website.


Q. Is it free to play?

Yes, this game is free to download and use. However, you have to make several in-app purchases to unlock its complete features and ads while using the music application.

Q. How to get the full version of this game for free?

: You can download the version of the applications without any cost with its features unlocked.

Q. Is it safe to download?

Our website is a secure place for users to download their favorite applications and games for free. This game is also protected and scanned for viruses.

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