EZ Hunter FC Injector APK For Android

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK For Android

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App Name EZ Hunter FC Injector APK For Android
Size 6.6MB
Latest Version 2.2
MOD Features All Unlocked
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update April 15, 2023 (1 year ago)
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EZ Hunter FC Injector APK:


If you play MOBA games (Multiplayer online battle arena), then you must have an idea about MLBB (Mobile Legends Bang Bang), if not then I will let you know what MLBB is. It is an online battle arena that features 5v5 rea-time battles against real human opponents. It doesn’t support any type of cheating and has several layers of security which is why this gameplay is very much secure. Therefore, to resolve this issue, this article will give you a path to release the security system of MOBA games where you can unlock or hack your favorite characters or skins types. A tool or you can say an injector that helps you to hack the security system of MOBA games is EZ Hunter FC Injector APK, this article will cover every aspect of this injector.

EZ Hunter FC Injector

EZ Hunter FC is an injector tool that helps to manipulate and control MLBB games where you can easily unlock the skin types and moves of the character. You can also hack certain tricks like recall, background, battle effects, and spawn with all types of skins. The injector can be easily used as it is very simple and uncomplicated because if someone wants to utilize this injector then no one needs to have professional skills or expertise in hacking for the sake of using the mod version of EZ Hunter FC. Although it may be unfair and can badly affect your game account, that means the system of MLBB may detect or track your mobile account or your account can also be banned by MLBB, so it’s necessary to always take mandatory precautions to remain safe before using this type of application.

In the game, this injector injects distinctive patches, these patches will allow users to get access to game items that won’t affect their game account. And for the safer side, your credentials and progress of your game are also protected; they won’t be accessible in an unauthorized way and guarded against server ban. Very exciting and unique skins are provided by MLBB games for heroes to customize them accordingly which also uplifts the gaming experience to the next level. All of your favorite characters in MLBB games are also available in this injector, the latest version has many new features one of them is that all skins are available so whenever you customize the hero, with one click the application will get access to your storage. That is how this injector injects into the MLBB games and it allows you to enjoy every upgraded skin and a higher level of tactics without spending money on these. The results of this application will please you in a way that you will get addicted to MLBB games.

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EZ Hunter FC Injector APK


Features of EZ Hunter FC Injector APK:

This injector is accessible for all android users to unlock the sealed game items of the MLBB games, therefore these amazing features of EZ hunter FC injector APK will give immense satisfaction and greater results:

All skins are free to unlock:

MLBB games offer unique skins and costumes that display the heroes or characters with distinctive appearances and color appearances because every skin has its unique design and texture so it incarnates the avatar

EZ Hunter FC Injector

of the heroes that make the heroes very competent, energetic, and powerful, therefore you can easily unlock 25+ skins without any payments.

Backgrounds can be unlocked:

With the help of the EZ hunter FC injector, all the background in MLBB games is easily accessible and unlocked without any risk of security, the application is an anti-ban that doesn’t threaten the gameplay therefore you can conveniently unlock all the background and customize your game accordingly. You just have to concentrate to beautify the backgrounds of the games.

Battle effects:

Anime styles and animated heroes are usually loved by many people, those animated heroes have their unique effects of visuals while doing any action or movement, therefore users want those effects in the game. Those effects are called battle effects that include 

  • Spawn
  • Elimination
  • Notification
  • Recall
  • Emote 

Unlock costumes of all characters:

Many fancy and amazing costumes are available in MLBB games that are mostly unlocked, players will have hundreds of costumes for heroes that can change the avatar and can be released by using this injector which will make them stronger and appealing, hence, gamers can easily utilize those newly added fancy costumes without paying a dime.

Drone view in injector:

You will have the drone view effect in this injector tool that will change the position of the camera so that the player can easily know the position or movement of the opponent by viewing the screen wider or higher.

Fixed bugs:

Many applications are very buggy and players are not very comfortable playing games on those applications, but this injector tool is bug-free and won’t annoy players while playing games.

New skins are added:

There are so many injectors that will offer good skins but this injector has included hundreds of skins that players can use those skins on their selected heroes to change their appearance and all skins are free of cost in this injector tool.

Quick effective results:

You will experience fast results from this application that will deliver you maximum satisfaction which makes this application more enjoyable for you.

User-friendly interface:

The interface of this application is very user-friendly and easy to use so that new players won’t feel any difficulty while using this application; they can also operate and manage this application conveniently and effectively.


The anti-ban feature of this application is very much strong that it protects its players from getting banned.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK hacks:

To avail yourself of skins and characters, you have to collect numerous diamonds, as many diamonds you collect, there will be more chances to get access to its paid features. You can earn diamonds by mining, as mining is very useful in this tool so before starting a game to play you must take your time to collect diamonds.

EZ Hunter FC Injector

User password:

You need to have a password to install and open this application, you can easily download this game on your device but your password is required to open the application on your phone, without it, you can’t unlock the application.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK Requirements for Android:

The EZ hunter FC injector APK is an exclusively official tool for MLBB game admirers, this tool can activate many appealing skins and several other game items. You can even change and customize the character of your own choice. This application is compatible with android devices containing OS of Android 5.1 and high, and in addition, it requires file storage of a maximum of 11MB.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK download:

  • To download this application on your android device, you have to visit our webpage and search for the link to download the APK file. 
  • Once you find the link, click on it to download it. 
  • The downloading will take a few seconds to complete. 
  • You need to have a stable internet connection for quick download.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK Installation commands:

  • When the APK file is completely downloaded on your smartphone, open the file in the download manager. 
  • But first, go to your phone settings and allow the unknown resources for the completion of installation. 
  • After this click on the APK file to install the application. 
  • Once the application is installed, open it and log in to the application by inserting the password. 
  • Now the application successfully opens on your phone, start playing it to enjoy mod features. 

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK Latest version:

Version 2.1 is the latest version of the EZ Hunter FC Injector APK. This injector tool is applied in the platform of MLBB games, it is completely free and all features are not hidden in this application. This version is compatible with android OS 5.1 and up, and it requires a file size of up to 11MB. The features in this version are so lovely that gamers feel the experience of joy while using this tool. If you feel that special effects and event costumes are very limited in the games, just instigate the application on your phone, choose your type of hero and you are all ready to use this application. This injector will spontaneously be downloaded on your phone access to all the relevant files; the features this tool provides are immensely amazing that satisfy the users with its results.

The latest version is free of cost and you can easily unlock the locked features by earning diamonds. The more diamonds you earn, the more chances of access you will get to its premium features.

Old version:

The oldest version of this application is version 1.0, it is similar to its latest version, all features are the same as the latest one, the only difference in both versions is the file size; the oldest version has a file size up to 18MB whereas the latest version has reduced its file size up to 11MB, that means latest version won’t take maximum storage in your smartphones. The oldest version was compatible with android OS 4.0 and above. The oldest version was released on May 15, 2020.

EZ Hunter FC Injector

Release date of EZ Hunter FC Injector APK:

This popular FC injector was released on May 15, 2020, and updated on July 6, 2022.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK developer:

The EZ Hunter FC Injector APK allows injecting patches in the MLBB games, and also gives access to all the locked features to boost your gaming skills and experience on your android devices; this popular injector is developed by EZ Hunter FC. 

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK Advantages:

  • It is one of the best injector tools which allows you to use all the unlocked skins and other gaming items.
  • This application is safe and easy to use and also it is an anti-ban tool that protects its users from getting banned.
  • You will have a feature of drone view so that it would be easy for you to keep an eye on your opponent.
  • You can customize your characters to change the avatar accordingly.
  • It has a user-friendly interface so that new players won’t feel difficulty using this application.
  • You can also earn diamonds to acquire its paid features.
  • Many battle effect features are also available in this version.
  • Bugs and crashes can conveniently be fixed so that they won’t create issues for players while using this tool.

EZ Hunter FC Injector APK disadvantage:

  • The con of this application is that it requires a password to login the application, but it demands so only for safety purposes.
  • Another disadvantage of this app is that this application doesn’t work if you are not connected with a Wi-Fi connection.


I hope this article will clear your doubts regarding this injector tool and help you in many ways. This injector tool is cost-free, so install this tool on your devices and enjoy its features while playing MLBB games. It has many astonishing features that you have never experienced before. 

So, just don’t wait to download this free application on your smartphone. Enjoy its paid and premium features for nothing and share it with your friends and family members. Click on the link above the link to install this fantastic application also thank you to spare your precious time for reading this article.


Q. What sort of application is this?

This application is an injector tool that is used to inject patches into the MLBB games that allow users to use the paid features in the games.

Q. Does this application require a password to log in?

Yes, users have to insert a password to get access to this application.

Q. Can this application be used offline?

No, it can’t be used offline, you must have a good internet connection to use this application.

Q. Does it ban the users from the application?

No, it is a third-party application with the anti-ban feature, you won’t be banned from this application, and also it is safe and secure, your account credentials will never be leaked by this application.

Q. Do we need to root our device before downloading this application?

No, you will never need to root your device in order to download this application on your Androids.

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