Face App Pro Apk Download Free Latest Version 3.5.10 (Unlocked) For Android

Face App Pro APK is a gift of Artificial Intelligence(AI) which gives you a ride to travel to the future without using a time machine and can give you an opportunity to meet the older self of yours and can shake with your old self happily.

Face App Pro mod

Yes! This is possible nowadays with the help of Face App Pro Apk and with its latest and refined version Face app pro apk 3.5.10. The above mentioned feature is one of its features to transform a person into an older one. Ironically! The only area in which a person can accept his/her old age happily. Other special features include transforming into a younger one, changing gender, growing beard, changing background etc.

Face App Pro APK download.

NameFace App Pro APK
PlatformAndroid 5.0
Mode Features Unlocked


In short, it is the demand of the present technological and fourth industrial revolutionary era in which the world is moving from impossibilities to possibilities, which is the world of Artificial Intelligence. But every new advancement comes with certain prejudices i-e; its privacy issues as the data is being manipulated by the company (Wireless Lab) also, it covers criticism about being racist in its filters but these issues are addressed. So, in a nutshell, this app is a fun package and gives you access to meet any type of personality you want to meet in just a single tap!!

Face App Pro Apk; an (AI) Innovation general introduction:

Face app pro cracked apk is an innovative and remarkable technological application which gives one the fully transformed image of one’s self. The features which it offers are extraordinary and are continuing to be better and flawless with the passage of time.

The features are; to make a face smile, to look younger, to have beard, to transform color of one’s hair or skin, to alter oneself to another gender and the most used and prominent feature is the alteration to the old age as it is seen as the social media trending fashion “#50years challenge” and it was used by many celebrities of many countries.

So, it’s all about entering into the world of one`s fantasy land where one can see himself in whatever look he wants. It’s been so beneficial for LGBTQ as they see and portray themselves in an acceptable and good looking way so that they may seem acceptable by the world.

How to use this Fantabulous Application Face App Pro Apk?

A Step by step method:

  • First download the Face App pro Apk, or new version from Face App pro Apkpure from APK pure.com which is faster, easier and yields best results for all types of downloads. Face App Mod Apk features are now Unlocked for free with differing styles and the cracked features with premium quality are; ads are unlocked, watermark unlocked etc. So, to select the best version through these sites and cracked versions make you land in the world of App pro Apk`s fantasy land.
  • After downloading Face app Pro Apk on your mobile. The condition which it puts in front of the user is to use the privacy information of the person. This must be kept in mind while using the app as it gets access to personal info of the user.
  • The next step is to select the photo either from your gallery or from the internet to edit the photo of some celebrity or your loved one`s personality or one can click a fresh photo of oneself to edit it according to his/her choice.
  • Moving forward you need to adjust the photo according to the filter and the options given to a person are multiple. It’s all about fun to edit photos like; to transform a female into male, to add a beard to a child’s face, to see yourself with colored hair with differing hair styles. This is depicted in the following image as;
  • Now, the picture is ready to show up to the world through different social media profiles and get lots of varied comments, laughter, likes and reactions from your family, friends and fans. Yippee!!!

Some Prominent Features:

  1. This App has multi-dimensional features such as;
  2. Changing color of face
  3. Altering facial expression such as smile to serious face
  4. Adding tattoos and vignettes
  5. Modifying background
  6. Transforming young one to old one
  7. Addition of beard
  8. In basic version, there are 21 fun and free filters
  9. In the pro version, there are 28 splendid filters

Popularity of Face app Pro Apk:

Face App pro Apk has attracted the attention of millions of people worldwide. According to American Business journal, this Face App has access to 150 million people`s data, also this FaceApp has been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide, It is a top ranking app in 121 countries of the world.

Viral Social Media Trend:

Free face App pro Apk has become the viral social media trend of 2019 with most of the celebrities shown using the old age filter worldwide. The depiction of this app is shown as below;

  • Donald Trump
  • Emma Watson
  • Billie Eilish
  • Meghan Markel


How to download the latest app Pro Apk version for free?

There are different sites from where face app pro apk and its latest version 3.3.10 can be downloaded.

This is possible to download its latest version for free. You can go to ApK Zen.com and then search the face app and push the button for activation and then press start injection to download face App pro Apk. This is one way, there are some other ways to download this app for free.

What is Face app pro apk and face app pro apk 3.4.7?

These are different versions of Face app and they are kept on evolving and according to its CEO Yaroslav Goncharov, this is just the beginning as the potential of neural transmission network is boundary less.
Links to Download Face App pro Apk:

  • Google play store
  • Buy it through different sites
  • Through Apkpure and Apk Full

Wait! Wait! Beware!!!

face app pro version free download has faced a lot of criticism on the issues of its feature to make a person appear white as the critics say its an attempt to show racism. Authorities said that they have deleted these filters so as to appear neutral.
Other main and most important issues are privacy and security.

This app has access to your gallery and it can use the images in any way. But it’s not the only app which has access to your personal data. The criticism mostly came from the British or American side as the app is a Russian product. American based applications like Horoscope apps, health apps, weather apps have access to personal information. So, stay safe and use it to travel to your world of wonders and to become any character you want.

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