FF Advanced Server Apk

FF Advanced Server Apk

Additional Information

App Name FF Advanced Server Apk
Size 409 MB
Latest Version 1.100.1
MOD Features Free
Developer Garena International
Content Rating Rated For 12+ (Moderate Violence)
Requires Android 4.1 or above
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Update August 22, 2023 (10 months ago)
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In the gigantic cosmos of battle royale video games, where tactics fail and adrenaline surges, there comes agile territory known as the "Free Fire Advanced Server Apk." Within this Virtual realm, the gamers are transported into an expanse of calculated strategies,  ferocious clashes, and coalitions.

Background Of the Game

As the simulated veil of this adrenaline-pumping game rises, the virtual players find themselves surrounded by an assembly of multifarious and compelling personalities. Each persona has its history and competence, adding uniqueness, and layers of complexity to enhance the gameplay. Whether it's mysterious Steffie, Marksmanship Laura, or Technophile Rafael, all these characters not just give depth to the story, but, they also add depth to the theme of this video game. With their fighting tactics, planned attacks,  and other special abilities, these characters shape the skirmishes.

Ff Advanced Server - Try Avatars

All new features are updated on this version of the app before publishing them to the regular public (on standard apps). Downloading this advanced version is child's play. However, you must have an invitation or activation code to get yourself eligible to download this latest version. After installing this version of the app you will have unlimited access to new skins, unlimited diamonds, experimental weapons, and many other updated visuals. Did you enjoy the recently updated visuals of Shooty Monster? This app is a must-have for all tech-savvy people who enjoy virtual shooting games.

How To Get The Advanced Server?

This advanced version of the game contains various new features that were not available in the Free Fire and Free Fire Max. The players have unlimited access to new skins, new experimental weapons, and various other new visual updates.

Ff Advance Server - Game Modes

However, the player needs an Activation Code to unlock this new version of the app. Users have to get registered on the official website of Free Fire Gaming to get activation codes. Once the user has retrieved his unique code, he can send an advanced server request.

  • Register yourself on the official website
  • Get Yourself Activation Code
  • Give a genuine Email Address
  • Use an authentic Mobile Number
  • Don't share your code with anyone

Features Overview


Let's dive into the basic theme of this unique game;

In this limited edition of the game, the players can test new experimental features of the app such as new characters, weapons, solo and multiplayer gaming modes, updated maps, and other game mechanics. Players will experience the new features in a controlled environment to enhance their gaming experience. 

Once you get logged in to the app, a new map will pop up on the screen. You can test your skills by completing the task and using the challenging map. You will be given various combat scenarios in which you can test the effectiveness of newly launched weapons. So download the app and explore new content, discover various battling scenarios, use your skills, and surpass these tough situations.

You can download another fight-based app; Street Fighter Apk and enjoy the uniqueness of its avatars.

Unlimited Updates

Right after downloading this version, the players will be showered with;

  • New Skins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • New Experimental weapons
  • Unlocked Maps
  • Various Gaming Modes

However, you must have an invitation (otherwise you're not eligible to install this game). The players have to be active and play the game regularly and give proper feedback from time to time to secure their position on this platform. The inactive players who don't give feedback are removed from this platform.

Surpass Your Fellow Players

In this testing beta format of the game, the chosen player will be able to surpass all the hardships and secure a distinctive position on the leaderboard. The players are chosen randomly (to send invitations) so everyone gets an equal chance to participate in this high-octane game. Get the latest version and unlock new features beforehand and become a proactive member of this gaming platform.

Exclusive Incentives

This advanced server is based on "people's participation" so the players have to give feedback to increase engagement in the app. The proactive players are awarded exclusive incentives. 

Collaborate With Fellow Players

To encourage participation in this virtual game, the players are given a dedicated space to collaborate with their fellows by sharing their unique tactics, discussing their personal experiences, and giving their precious advice for the betterment of this game.

Be A Privileged Player

Being a part of the select group, the player will feel special and privileged. The players will be considered the pioneers as they shape the future of this video game. However, this advanced server is available for only a limited time, just during the testing phases that are leading to prominent updates.

Ff Advanced Server - Participate In Battles

In addition to becoming a tactical shooter, you can also become a Zombie Shooter and Space shooter by installing their respective apps on your Android devices. However, to enhance your shooting skills you can also install another shooting app; Alien Shooter. All these apps are user-friendly and give smooth shooting experiences to the player in various environments.

Process of Installation 

Install the latest version of this survival shooting app, by following the instructions that are mentioned below;

Step 1: In the first step, press the "Download" option mentioned on this website to download and install this survival shooting app on your cellular device.

Step 2: Then browse for the "Settings" option on your mobile.

Step 3: In the next step, tap on the icon "Unknown Sources" to allow the installation process.

Step 4: Then wait for the completion of the installation of this version of the modded app.

Step 5: Then finish the settings of your installed app.

Game Requirements

  • This video gaming app can work fine on rooted and non-rooted devices as well.
  • The game needs an uninterrupted internet connection for the completion of Installation.
  • Usually, The downloading process slows down on mobile data so for uninterrupted downloading, you must turn on the fast and secure wifi connection.
  • This game needs 409 MB of free space to get installed. However, to get updates you need additional free space in your cellular device.
  • If you're low on mobile storage, then you must free up space to get updates.
  • You should not uninstall the already downloaded version before downloading the updated version. Otherwise, your data will be forever lost.
  • This game doesn't work on Android devices that have older software.
  • You must have Android 4.1 or above to install this battle royale video game.
  • You must have a strong security system on your device as this game can create bugs (for being in the beta format). The bugs can cause you trouble while playing the game. 


Install the trial version of the FF Advanced Server Apk and become a privileged player to participate in the battles that are yet to come.

Ff Advanced Server - Live Action

Get your hands on the free updates (new characters, in-app currency, maps, visuals, and new weapons). Participate in the community by giving your feedback and get yourself showered with special incentives. 


Q. What is the difference between Free Fire Advance and Free Fire?

The basic difference between these versions is that the firstly mentioned version gives free access to new experimental weapons, new skins, and various other updated features that are not available in the older (Free Fire or Free Fire Max) version of the game.

Q. When does the advanced Free Fire Advance server open?

This latest version has already been released and it's been working fine since July 2022. However, to get this updated version you have to get yourself registered on the official website. After getting yourself registered, you will be able to send a request to get free access to the advanced version.

Q. Why do I get glitches in the app?

You are using the "advanced server", which is a trial-based server to test new updates, so you will get bugs and glitches. All you can do is "report" bugs the developers will fix them.

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