Final Gear APK Unlimited Money

Final Gear APK Unlimited Money

Additional Information

App Name Final Gear APK Unlimited Money
Size 1.1G
Latest Version 1.31.0
MOD Features Unlimited money
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Final Gear APK 

Become a beautiful anime-style celibate to control the robotic pilots. It is rarely seen that the female warriors are fighting, leading, and destroying their enemies and this is almost a dream of every female to fight in a battleground. So, Final Gear, a strategy game, is offering the chance to fight as a female warrior and conquer enemies. This game has beautiful fighters in animated style and they look decent and cute. These animated characters make the game fascinating. In the Final Gear strategy game, players have to snatch and destroy the base of their enemies or opponents.

When you open the game, you have to create a squad consisting of four fighters with personalized abilities and expertise. Each one in the squad is equipped or armed with powerful weapons including guns or rifles. After getting ready, you can enter the battleground to fight. The power of the weapon will decide the strength and victory of the robotic pilot. Each fighter has his fighting set that helps during the battle. There are so many characters in Final Gear that have different levels and grades based on their strength and skill. Some are the best attackers, and protectors and others have high magic powers. All these characters are combined to make a powerful warrior. You can build your home base with rooms in it. In short, the game is a complete fun package. Go and explore it.

Final Gear APK


Graphics and Controls:

The 3D visuals and graphics of the Final Gear look cute and crystalline. The animated characters and colorful backgrounds make the game more attractive and captivating. The game helps to recreate thrilling fights and battles. Each minor detail in the Final Gear is polished like bright colored images, highlighted backgrounds, keys, etc. Apart from this, controls are also simple, you have to learn to move the main character of the team or group. 

Supported Androids:

Final Gear is a little heavy game and requires high operating systems to run without any hanging problems. All devices with API (Application Programming Interface) 9.0 are needed to install the app. So, it’s better to check your device system before installing the Final Gear. 

Fighting Set:

Besides the normal game equipment or weapons, there is a fighting set specified for every warrior. This fighting set has three items that are following.

  • Back Protector
  • A footwear
  • A Body Armor

These elements of fighting sets vary in their strength and power. As your level upgrades, the strength of these elements also increases. 

Build a Base

Like the bases of your enemies, you can also construct your base having many rooms in it. This base will protect you from the random attacks of enemies. For example, you can build warehouses, research labs, observation rooms, and others. All these rooms are full of different resources and items.

Final Gear Release Date

This role-playing, strategy game was released on Sept 27, 2021, and the game had been updated many times till now because of the requirements and interests of the people. 

Final Gear Codes

There are many gift codes for Final Gear that can be used to get unlimited resources, crystals, and money. Some codes are the following.

  1. THIRD IMPACT - 10,000 gold and 5X upgrade.
  2. Tectone - 10,000 gold and 5X piloting Intermediate.
  3. OhBIGz - to get free rewards.
  4. MRSilver - free rewards.
  5. FGSNS001 - to gain 300 crystals.
  6. FGCC10A1 - to get 150 crystals.
  7.  Others to redeem 5X Upgrades and 10,000 gold are given.
  8. MechaGaikostu
  9. CDawgVA
  10. BorkonoGaming
  11. Cha0tik
  12. MangoSeven
  13. All these codes are new and working. You can use any one of them.

Final Gear Characters

There are four grades on the Final Gear Characters Tier list. 

  • SSR
  • SR
  • R
  • N

These four grades are divided into five ranks that are given

  • Tier SSS (Best)
  • Tier SS (Good)
  • Tier S (Decent)
  • Tier A (OK)
  • Tier B (Average)

S Rank Pilots

  • Smiley 
  • Lilian
  • Nova
  • Bernadette

A Rank Pilots

  • Snowy
  • Sumora
  • Krista
  • Violate
  • Natasha
  • Elizabeth
  • Nia
  • Ayo Kujyo

B Rank Pilots

  • Coreleah
  • Sweety
  • A-16
  • Thea
  • Evelynn
  • Patricia
  • PN26 Elizabeth

C Rank Pilots

  • Grave
  • Amber
  •  Phoenix
  • Viola
  • Rinbell
  • Murasaki

Final Gear APK Latest Version

The newest version of the Final Gear was declared on Jun 22, 2022. This updated version came with mod features such as 

  1. Defense Multiplier
  2. Unlimited Skills
  3. Unlimited Weapons

Final Gear APK Size

The APK size of the Final Gear is 0.96GB which is a bit large. The large size of the game is because of its resources, maps, and characters. This heavy game size needs high and strong operating hardware to run uninterrupted.

Final Gear APK Download 

Ready to download the Final Gear?

Follow the given steps.

  1. First, download the link shown above the article.
  2. Check the security button of your android device. Enable it for all unknown resources if it is not open. 
  3. Check the APK file location and open the folder. 
  4. Tap on the file to install it on the device. 
  5. After finishing the installation, launch the Final Gear game and start your journey with this strategy game.


If you an ardent fan of fighting and animations, do not be late. Go and download the app to play your favorite characters. Everything is mentioned above so, you will not face any trouble or difficulty.

The game has so many powerful characters to use and upgrades of every feature are available. If you are a beginner, the game has tutorials for you before starting the game where you are taught to move your pilot or character. Everything is well managed and organized. Go and explore.

Final Gear APK


Q. Is it safe to download the Final Gear APK?

Yea. the game APK is safe to install. Also, you can download the APK file from the above-mentioned link which is safe and protected.

Q. How do I redeem the Codes?

A: Follow the simple steps.
> Open the Final Gear game.
> Click “settings” in the menu of the game.
> Tap the “Activation Code” button.
> Put the code that you want to redeem in it.
> Tap the “confirm” button to receive rewards.

Q. How to use the powerful characters in the Final Gear?

By winning the battles, powerful characters get unlocked and you can use them to fight.

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