Flutter Starlight Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Flutter starlight Mod Apk Unlimited money

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App Name Flutter starlight Mod Apk Unlimited money
Size 151 MB
Latest Version 2.167
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Runaway
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update April 09, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Flutter starlight

Do you want to explore the wonder of nature? Flutter starlight is full of natural beauty, colorful forest species, pleasing greenery, green swaying trees, a pure atmosphere, and a blue sky. This game is for all nature lovers. The players have to grow beautiful and rare species of moths and grow them. You can breed captivating, colorful flowers and fungi species to attract cute moths. Collect more moths and get more awesome rewards, including magical elements and objects. This fantastic game uniquely relieves your stress and depression. You will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Flutter Starlight

Exciting activities of the game

  • This game is full of natural mysteries and wonders
  • You have to find mysterious and magical lands
  • The players can collect pretty and colorful moths and rare species
  • Interact with these charming others and enjoy their growing process
  • You can expand your forest and add more diversity to it

The scenario of the game:

This game has many exciting and thrilling activities to perform. The first task you have to perform is to grow and build your fantasy forest full of magical flowers, fungi, and unique species of insects and start attracting these rare species and lovely moths. You can enjoy their various funny reactions and feeding process. The players can also get charming moths from an external source. Nurture more adorable moths and get more impressive rewards.

Stunning graphics

People always search for some mind-relaxing activities, and they unintentionally attract nature. Nature is always ready to relax your mind with its beauty. The players will immerse in the beautiful sound of birds and insects, the horror sound of the forest at night, and many other unique sounds of forest animals and insects. You can enjoy the natural forest flavor and its unlimited missions and goals. The players can engage in many exciting chapters and play this game nonstop for hours.

Flutter Starlight Mod Apk

Brings diversity to your forest

Are you looking for some relaxing games? Flutter straight is the best choice. The players can enjoy the natural wonders and make their forests more charming and attractive. You have to breed versatile species in your forest. Maybe you like this similar Games Flappy Bird Mod APK

  • You can add sweet visual effects, eye-catching colorful flowers, and an enchanting collection of unique moths. 
  • Every moth has some specialties and exceptional characteristics. 
  • The players can also get special qualities of moths in particular seasons or events.

Make your forest more beautiful

The players have to decorate their forest with many decorating and beautiful things. You can add new effects, stunning visuals, and much more. The outstanding beauty of your forest makes the moths happy, and you can also attract new special moths to your collection. 

Enjoy thrilling mini-games:

The fantastic aspect of this game is that the players can enjoy many thrilling and exciting games to collect more money and resources for your adorable cutes insects. Pay tons of free mini-games and earn more exciting rewards. You have to do many funny and interactive activities. The players can also enjoy new content regularly and have a fantastic experience.

Flutter Starlight Apk

Enjoy the insect growing process:

The players can enjoy the growing process of moths, from eggs to pretty caterpillars to pupa and then lovely giant moths. You can also enjoy their lovely interactions with other moths. Cute butterflies and astonishing rare species of insects always attract people due to their natural beauty.

Enjoy missions and goals

Flutter starlight has many missions and goals. Every task is entirely different from the other one. 

Barkbug hunter goal:

In this goal, the players have to find the bark bug hunters and collect them to win more magical gifts at the end of that mission.

Speedy egg mission:

Another exciting mission is speedy eggs, where the players must explore the best swift eggs to effectively grow their collection. Speedy eggs help you to add more diversity and beauty to your collection.

Flutter Starlight


The flutter starlight also provides a pretty small mini-book to guide the players about different species of moths, their lifecycles, and exciting missions or goals. The players can fuse two moths to generate more pollen and collect more moth species. Decorate your forest and make arrangements to keep your moths happy. Collect more rare species and diversify your forest. You can participate in various game levels and enjoy all the funny activities.


Q. Is flutter starlight free?

Yes, flutter starlight is a free video game. The players have to collect rare species of insects, pretty moths, and breed them in their forest. Nurture more skillful moths and get more awesome rewards. Click on the download button below to enjoy.

Q. How many moths are in flutter starlight?

The flutter starlight has a remarkable collection of about 66 common species of moths, legendary moths about 60, epic moths 78, and 64 rare and uncommon 67 species.

Q. How many pollen flowers can you have in flutter starlight?

Flutter starlight has about six pollen flowers, and the players can collect 6000 pollen in their beautiful forest. Collect more species in your forest and get extraordinary experience feeding and breeding them.

Q. How do you get zodiac flowers fluttering in starlight?

The players can get zodiac flowers in flutter starlight by participating in many exciting missions of the game like twilight magic, semi superstitious and many others.

Q. Can I download flutter starlight on my pc?

Flutter starlight is an android game. You can download this game on your pc by downloading a blue stack software.

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