Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Unlimited Money, Gems

Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Unlimited Money, gems

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App Name Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Unlimited Money, gems
Size 131 MB
Latest Version 1.9.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Newry
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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If you love to play Mukbang games, then here is an exciting game for you. Just try Food Fighter Clicker and participate in epic food battles. Enjoy the addictive and stress-releveling gameplay. This game is all about food and eating. If you are a foodie person, then just try this app at least once. You will certainly love its features. I am going to explain this app thoroughly. So, keep reading for further details about this app.


In this game, you just have to eat new and tasty dishes. Just devour all the dishes available on your table. Participate in Mukband challenges and try to eat the maximum amount of dishes to earn points. You can also select the menu of food according to your wish. Just swallow all the soup bowls in one sip.

Tackle all the noodles in just a sip, and try delicious pancakes, curry, chicken burgers, and many other tasty dishes. You can also enhance your capacity of eating such as the capacity of the stomach, strengthen your teeth and mouth and improve your digestive system. You can upgrade the skills and abilities of your character to eat more food. Keep reading for more details.

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk


Stress-relieving and simple Gameplay:

Enjoy the simple and stress-relieving game of Muskbang. Thanks to the programmers for making it simple and understandable. Try to increase your speed of eating continuously. Tap on the screen and eat all the dishes that are available on your table. You have to complete food challenges. Its energetic and enjoyable gameplay can relieve all your stress. You will play as a contestant who has to devour the tasty dishes quickly. Set a timer and start eating. You have to complete the food challenge within that time limit. Otherwise, you will lose the bet. The touch control mechanism is also very simple and easy to understand. You just have to click the dish you want to eat.

Enhance your abilities:

As this is a food-fighting game, you have to complete food challenges by eating the maximum number of dishes in a minimum time. You can also enhance your capacity to eat and digest food. Take part in food battles and earn points. You can enhance your chewing and swallowing power using your points. Increase your stomach size and strengthen your teeth. Accept challenges and battles from online gamers. Make as many points as you can. You can win any food challenges if you have a strong digestive system and capabilities for eating. 

Unlock New and delicious Dishes:

You can unlock dozens of tasty dishes and a variety of foods. Fill your dining table with lots of nutritious and healthy foods. Plan some beneficial and healthy dishes that can take you to the advanced level. Try to select some green and light vegetables that will make your health better. Always the food that is rich in fiber and less in cholesterol.  Don’t eat too many deep-fried and oily dishes. It can harm your body by increasing your cholesterol level. Accept epic food battles and upgrade your skills. In this way, you can eat food more quickly than your competitor. 

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Customize your appearance and background:

Its available customizing tools make it more exciting and addictive to its users. You can customize the appearance of your character. Select a suitable custom, hairstyle, skin color, and facial features of your character. 

You can also customize the background of your gameplay by including some new chairs, tables, furniture, and decoration pieces. You can also increase the capabilities and skills of your character. Enhance the capacity of your stomach and digestive system. Strength your teeth and mouth. Enjoy the epic food battles to the fullest.

Unlock some new items and increase the powers of your character

You will get some options to enhance your abilities. Make your character powerful enough to participate in every food battle. Unlock some helping tools and upgrades to improve your performance in the battle. You can purchase items like utensils, frames, chairs, medicine, and many other things.

Accept food Challenges:

It offers you many enjoyable and epic challenges. You can participate in a food battle to test your eating skills. You can join online battles and also can try it in single-player mode. I suggest you play single-player mode to test your skills. If you find yourself powerful enough to compete in an online food contest, then play multiplayer mode.

Energy Bar and Power Boosters

 It also offers you many power puffs and energy boosters. You can boost your speed eating with energy bars and power puffs. Boost your progress and earnings by using several energy boosters. You can use the Golden Fish buff to get extra coins and points.

Offline Interface:

Enjoy the gameplay to the fullest with its offline interface. Enjoy the mini-challenges and test your eating skills. You can use all of its options in the offline interface without any internet requirements. It supports both online and offline interfaces. Play offline until you get familiar with the functioning and mechanism of the gameplay. Enable single-player mode and keep playing offline. But if you want to enjoy it with your buddies and loved ones, then you must have to enable its online mode. Because you can participate in online battles only in the presence of a data connection.

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Free of cost:

You will be glad to know that no subscription charges or in-app purchases are needed. You can access this application completely free of cost. If you want to use its standard version, then go to the Google Play store and get it. No prepaid on postpaid features are added to it. But its original version irritates you with its unwanted ads and sponsored videos. Maybe you like this similar game AdVenture Communist MOD APK.

Eat a Goldfish:

If you want to become rich, then you must have to eat Goldfish. It is the best way to get rich in the gameplay. Try to unlock a Goldfish with your rewarded money, and become the richest player on the leaderboard. Try to get as many Goldfish as you can. It will take you to the advanced levels.

Try the modded version:

If you want to enjoy the gameplay without any external or internal interference, then I suggest trying its modded version. I have posted a link to its unlocked modded version. You can download it if you want an ad-free interface.


Get ready for addictive and immersive gameplay. Enjoy the epic food fighting game with hooking graphics and vibrant color combinations. It offers you an addictive interface of 2D graphics. Thanks to the developer for making it attractive and eye-catching. You will easily get involved in the gameplay because of its graphics.

Background  Music

Experience the realistic sound of eating with its amazing sound effects. You will hear the sound of picking up the food, chewing, swallowing, and eating it. All these things make this game more engaging and enjoyable.

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Steps to download

1:Gently hit the above download icon. Don’t press it twice.

2:Wait for a minute.

3:Tap the install option.

4:If you find a popup message of Unable to install, then give permission to the third-party apps.

5:Open the recent download folder and select this game. 

6:Now, again click on the install option and get it.

7:That’s all.


Enjoy the ad-free interface by downloading its modified version. You can get its modded version from the above link. 

Share your experience with us after trying it.


Q. Can I use it on my PC?

No, its desktop version is currently not available. But you can use any android emulator such as Bluestack to execute this game on your PC.

Q. What is the storage requirement of this game?

It requires storage of about 122MB. However, its size depends upon its cache memory.

Q. What is the updated version of this application?

Its new version was recently launched on internet sites. You can access its latest version(v1.9.2) directly from our site.

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