Top 12 Free Video Uploading Sites – Upload and Share Videos

Let’s be honest, we all spend hours in a day watching videos on our phones. They are sometimes documentaries, blogs, any informational video, video songs, vlogs and even movies. These short videos have become our primary source of entertainment; we happily spend some time on our phones watching the best videos on our phones.

Talking about videos, there are now many apps that you can watch videos and even upload them for free. If you are creative and funny, and do like to make people laugh by your humorous jokes, you need to download some apps and upload videos there so everyone can watch them. The steps to download and upload your video up on the internet is way too easy than you think.

Youtube is one of the most downloaded apps that millions of people use. It is also by far the best app that you can make an account on and upload your content daily. But, for your information, there are also these other apps that offer the same service. If you are looking for some best video uploading sites, you are at the right place.

Here are some of the best video uploading websites where you can upload your video and share it with your friends, family and who knows, your video might go viral! These apps are free, so you just need to make a free account on these websites and start uploading your videos.


Best Sites to Upload and Share your Videos:

  1. YouTube

YouTube is an app that doesn’t need any introduction. We all have YouTube downloaded on our phones and we all love to watch videos for hours. YouTube is one of the best video uploading sites that host the videos for free. The application is owned by Google. To upload a video on YouTube, you just need to make an account and start uploading.

With YouTube you can upload your own content, watch and share other’s videos too.

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  1. Dailymotion

After YouTube, people love watching funny and exciting videos on Dailymotion. This app is another free one that charges nothing if you want to upload your own videos.  You can easily watch videos on Dailymotion by visiting their website or also you can download their app on your phone.

This app allows you to upload a video file of maximum 2GB and of a length of maximum 60 minutes. With dailymotion, you can upload and enjoy high quality HD videos, and that is the main reason why people love spending their free time on Dailymotion.

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  1. MySpace

MySpace is actually a social networking website where you can upload not only videos, but it is a famous platform where you can share your blogs, pictures and groups. This website was created in 2005 and was on hype till 2009. MySpace is not very famous now but there are people who still love to use it and to upload their daily dose of videos and pictures.

One of the best things about MySpace is that you can upload unlimited content on your profile and watch as many videos as you like of other people.

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  1. Live Leak

If you are into politics, war and other real world problems and you want to upload videos of that content, Live Leak is your platform. This website is basically a UK based website, founded in 2006. You will also like Live Leak if you love to watch videos based on politics and daily news.

So to sum it all up, Live Leak is a news website where you can upload your share of information through videos. If you are planning to upload some entertaining or funny videos, live leak is not for you.

With live leak, you can also chat with other politics fans and have a brief discussion online. You just need to sign up in order to watch or upload video content.

   Click to visit LiveLeak

  1. UStream

Here is another free video uploading website. UStream is a website launched in 2006. It is a website where you can upload your daily entertaining videos on technology, entertainment or even discussing politics. UStream allows you to stream videos free daily in HD. With UStream you can upload more than 2 million videos every month. It is also a free video uploading and streaming website so for uploading a video, you just need to visit the website and sign up.

   Click to visit UStream

  1. Vimeo

If you love spending your free time on your phone watching entertaining videos, you must know what Vimeo is. Or, if you are interested in uploading your own video content online, Vimeo is another better option for you.  Vimeo is a US based website on which you can upload your own videos and share it with your friends, family and the world.

Vimeo basically has two versions, one is free and the other one is premium. The free version of Vimeo gives a certain amount of space to the users who upload their content. It allows you to upload only 500MB per week. As for the users who have paid for the premium account, there is no storage restriction and you can upload unlimited HD videos, create channels and groups too.

   Click to visit Vimeo

  1. Viewster

Viewster is one of the most user- friendly websites you would come across. This website is also one of the best video uploading sites where you can create and upload your own videos and share it with the world. To use Viewster, you just need to make your own account and log in. You will be able to upload your own videos or watch other’s videos anytime.

   Click to visit Viewster

  1. AcFun

AcFun is another fun website for the people who love to entertain others by their videos. To upload your video on AcFun, you just need to make your own account and start uploading your own content and make people laugh. AcFun is a free website from where you can also watch daily videos of other people and make your boring time fun.

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  1. Vine

Vine is a video uploading website which was pretty famous back then, it still is. People who upload videos on Vine are known as Viners. This is also a website which supports 30+ languages. Vine has all the categories already listed, so you can choose any category of video that you want to watch. This video uploading website is pretty easy to use and is also free. You just need to set up your own account, log in and start uploading. Vine also has an option to share your videos on any other social media platform so all your friends and family can watch it and enjoy.

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  1. TinyPic

With TinyPic, you can upload not only your videos but pictures and files for free. We all know what photobucket is, TinyPic is also created by PhotoBucket. So the website is pretty easy to use and have a lot of options. Yes, TinyPic is free and you can actually upload unlimited amount of videos and pictures with everybody through this video uploading website. The content in TinyPic is also categorized, so it is easier for you to search the videos and also to upload them.

   Click to visit Tinypic

  1. Netflix

Netflix is a website we all use and have heard of. On Netflix, you can stream hundreds of videos and movies. It allows you to watch your favorite movies, videos, TV serials and short clips. Apart from spending hours on Netflix, you can also make your own content and upload it there. The best part about uploading your video on Netflix is that it doesn’t allow copied videos, so your ideas will be safe there.

You can stream Netflix for 30 days for free, and then you can pay and subscribe to continue watching and uploading some amazing video content.

   Click to visit Netflix

  1. Yahoo Screen

Last but certainly not the least, is Yahoo Screen. Yahoo is another one of the most popular video streaming website which hundreds of people use. You can stream hundreds of videos daily on Yahoo Screen for free. You can also upload your own content on Yahoo and share the information with everyone.


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