Frozen City APK

Frozen City APK

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App Name Frozen City APK
Size 541 MB
Latest Version v 1.5.3
MOD Features Free
Developer Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Content Rating Rated For 4
Requires 6.0 or above
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Update August 08, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Mobile Gaming World is consistently developing immersive and unique gaming experiences right at your fingertips. Now, you can enjoy the ancient situation of the prehistoric age, middle age, or ice age on your mobile phones. One such innovative game in this regard is Frozen City APK which is inspired by the ice age. Here, you have to survive a long time in a freezing environment.

Discover the creative ways to survive in a harsh and frozen city. It offers you mind-engaging gameplay with captivating visuals. When you open the game, you’ll be dropped in a snowy city. You have to build and rearrange structures to survive long in freezing winter. It won’t be easy because the situations are beyond your expectations. In such critical situations, you have to gather maximum resources in a short time such as craft tools and warm shelters to survive long in the gameplay. One wrong step can result in your death. So, be fastidious before taking any steps.

Furthermore, it offers you many challenges to increase your leadership abilities. Because you have to manage the whole town using your tactics. Keep your tribe safe and fed with your assigned task, and decisions. If you are looking for an engrossing survival game with immersive graphics then Frozen City APK would be a great option for you. Test your problem-solving skills and do your best to survive as long as possible in the freezing winter.

Despite its breathtaking challenges and stunning features, it also has some paid features. These paid features are not compulsory but they can make your gameplay more progressive. You may have to purchase these in-app purchase features using your in-game currency or real money. But, if you don’t want to spend your coins then must try its modified version named Frozen City MOD APK. It is a third-copy version of the official release that unlocks all the premium features. It introduces new alterations and additional features to make your gameplay more engaging. It is officially not available on Google Play Store but you can access it on various internet websites. Select a reliable or trustworthy platform to download it. Now, it's time to explore more about this game. Let's dive straight into the below post for further details.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Click on the download link given above this page. Don’t press it twice because it will slow down your internet speed.

Step 2: Wait for a while until the download completes.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, move toward your mobile’s settings.

Step 4: Turn ON Unknown Source to access third-party apps on your mobile phone.

Step 5: Tap to install.

Step 6: Open the app and start your gameplay. That’s all.

Key Features

Immersive Gameplay

You will play the leading role to settle a small town in the frozen world. Your area has been ravaged by a freezing winter season. In such harsh situations, you have to work as a leader for your tribe. Offer stability to your town so they can survive long.

At the initial levels, you will see hopelessness and sorrow everywhere. Everything is covered with snow. The people of your tribe are starving. You have to institute frequent measures to ensure the survival of your tribe.

To survive for a long time, gather firewood and warm up your place. Prepare people for difficult tasks. Explore new buildings and take refuge. Perform all the tasks wisely and bravely. Add a maximum number of people in your town. They can help you to collect food and other necessary things. You can ask them to build some protective barriers around your house.

The whole gameplay of this app is all about survival. Perform various tactics to live a long life. You have to use innovative ideas and strategies to face the winter apocalypse. It is very difficult to tackle harsh situations, but the results are so satisfying.

Collect Useful Items

When you start the gameplay, you will see various things on the ground. You can use such things for your benefit. You can use these items to construct your shelter. You may need a variety of different instruments and gadgets to build a secure refuge. Keep collecting the items and try to construct a safe shelter in an expedient manner.

Collect Useful Items In Frozen City APK

Make Decisions Wisely

Be careful and concentrate on the goals before taking any decision. Your one wrong decision can bring you close to death. Therefore, be sure of what you are doing before taking any step or action. Keep doing all the assigned tasks to get further progress in upcoming levels. Your gameplay will become tough as you move towards advanced levels. So, take accurate decisions before taking any step.

Take Right Decsion In Frozen City APK

Survive Harsh Weather

Get ready for freezing wars and combat. Cover yourself properly with woolen clothes and equip your people to face the harsh weather. Your fight is against yourself because you need to make yourself strong. Increase your ability to bear all types of weather. You can also unlock some new skills from the mentor store.

Survive In Harsh Situation In Frozen City APK

You will face many situations and difficulties. You have to demonstrate your capacity for leadership to lead your town. You will be the leader of a tiny village that requires your proper attention and care. Build a protective shelter for the people of your town. You can also take help from your tribe to collect firewood and other things. Purchase woolen clothes to survive long. You can also buy other useful gadgets such as shoes, hats, gloves, hats, and wood from the mentore store. All you need is enough in-game currency.

Gather Heroes

It is an exciting simulation game where you can explore the city. You can ride on horses to explore the frozen city. Select a powerful horse breed to visit your areas. Choose a loyal, talented, strong horse that will follow your orders willingly.

Easy Controls

This simulation game is very easy to play. Because it offers you a very user-friendly interface and easy navigational tools. Using its easy control tools, you can easily move your character in the gameplay. You can move around the map using your fingers. It also offers some gestures to jump, slide and fly. Hold and press up, down, left, or right to jump in your desired direction. You can also use arrow keys to move conveniently throughout the gameplay.

Build Refuge In Frozen City APK

Visuals & Graphics

One of the most noticeable features of this game is its enhanced visuals and graphics. Its 3D graphics and eye-catching color combinations will make it more engaging. You can enjoy stunning designs, character models, and an immersive graphical interface in your portable mobile app. Its graphics and visual effects make its gameplay more pleasing to its players.

Customization Tools In Frozen City APK

New Characters & Customizations

You can also add a new heroic character for further progress. Move towards the mentore store and unlock some powerful soldiers to tackle harsh situations. Each character available in the mentore store has its own abilities, skills, and storylines. It not only adds various tasks to the gameplay but also permits you to enjoy different playstyles and strategies.

Add New Characters In Frozen City APK

It also provides you with various customization tools to play with. You can unlock new outfits, accessories, weapons, and fighting skills for your character. You just need enough in-game currency to purchase these privileges.


If you are keen to play survival games, then Frozen City APK would be a great choice for you. Test your survival instincts in freezing winter. It offers you intuitive gameplay, high-quality graphics, and many other resources to tackle serious situations. It offers you many convenient features absolutely free of cost.

But to enjoy the advanced feature, you have to burn some coins. It offers some premium features for further progress. Although these features are not compulsory they will bring a new twist in the gameplay. So, if you want to purchase its premium features, you need to spend some money. If you don’t want to pay for it, then must try its modded version.

It's modded version unlocks all the paid features absolutely free of cost. The link to its modded version is right above this post. Click its download link to access its modified version.

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Q. Is Frozen City APK a paid tool?

No, it is absolutely free to download and use. But it may have some in-app purchase features. You have to purchase these features to enjoy further success.

Q. Are there any age restrictions for Frozen City APK?

No, it is not specified. It is suitable for all age groups.

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