Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

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App Name Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money Download
Size 137 MB
Latest Version 2.19
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Hammerhead Studio
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Violate all traffic rules or directions and press the car accelerator to fly your vehicle. Drive your cars at flying speed and get ranked as the top racer in the city. Furious: Heat Racing Mod game is about the furious driving and racing of cars. The player is escaping from a huge police force of powerful soldiers. The player has made lieutenant Wolf angry with his violations, and now the whole force is against the player. The player is running to save himself, and the force is chasing him. 

To get an escape, the player has to be an expert in driving all types of vehicles. The game developer has borrowed the concept from the famous movie Fast and Furious to give a thrilling sensation to gamers. The players are loving the game story as they can drive their favorite vehicles without following any directions and rules. The variety of vehicles with different properties will amuse the gamers when they part-take long races to flaunt their racing.

Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK


The game story is easily intelligible for all gamers, especially for those who have watched the Fast and Furious series. The game presents many models of cars to the players, and the player has to drive them to win intense races. The player has to drive on different terrains, such as plain roads, carpeted roads, steep terrains, and city streets. The player has to accomplish all tasks and get rewards. Some tasks or missions present money for you and other late-night tasks will give you fame. 

You will enjoy different seasons or weather. Your only mission is not to get caught by the police soldiers. Unique modes will amaze you as these never-ending playing modes will never reduce the sensational thrill, which is the basic thing of this game. Enjoy entertaining races at night in the mod update of this game. Maybe you like this similar game Rebel Racing MOD APK.


Heat Showdown

Heat Showdown is the basic event of this game which will keep the audience engaged in its stories. In this event, the gamer has to drive the vehicles of the latest models to get escape from the police army. You have to be underground and hide so the army cannot catch you. Race with the best racers in the lightning streets and get badges. If you win the races in this event, you will get money or coins. 

Thrilling Races

The races that you will experience in this game are sensational and full of thrill. The crowded cities and the streets will test your driving skills. You have to drive your favorite model and take care of citizens who are walking in the streets. Participate and enjoy the races. The changing conditions of the weather and the seasons will completely change the game screen. The serenity at night and the hustling conditions in the morning will not let the boredom come towards you. 

Handle your vehicle professionally and show your aggressiveness by pressing the accelerator to move your speed at the maximum possible speed. 

Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK

Race against Time

The races in which the players participate are different and unique. Sometimes, the player has to race within a fixed time. A fixed time is allowed for a specific event or race, and the player has to complete the race before the given time ends. It enhances the excitement as the gamer has to reach the end line before the given time ends. Finish the race and get rewards or money. Use this game currency to purchase the customizations or unlock new models. 

Tackle the Obstacles

You have to face and limit all the hurdles that come in front of you. You have to be skillful enough to pass all the obstacles without losing the race. Defeat all other racers that take part in the races and get the title of bossy racer. The obstacles will make you upset and force you to leave the races, but you have to be consistent to win the car race and score the highest points. 

Variety of Vehicles

The player has a fair chance of driving a different variety of vehicles. Almost fifteen supercars are available in the item store, and the player can select one with premium parameters and stats. You will see all parameters written with each vehicle. Read the note and select the vehicle that suits your personality. 

The latest models are available, and the gamer can choose any model to defeat other racers. Some licensed vehicles that you will use are Subaru BRZ, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet, and Mazda RX7. Drive on the steep tracks and the slopes to exhibit how skillful a racer you are.


The player may use the customizations for your supercars to make them more proficient. You may attach different parts to your vehicles to increase their speed or to improve the engine. These customizations are available for all vehicles. You can paint your car with your favorite color to give it a distinctive appearance. You may change the sound system of the vehicle and listen to your favorite music track while racing so you cannot hear the buzzing sounds and noise of other vehicles.

Game Modes

The playing modes avoid gamers to get bored with one storyline. Each game mode has a slightly distinct story to attract the gamer. The gamer will find a Time Trial mode in which the time duration is fixed for the race. You have to complete the race within the given time. If you don’t reach the line in time, you will lose the race. The races that you lose will make you lose the money that you invest. 

You will also experience the multiplayer playing mode in which the player has to race with other players and win the match to defeat all other players. You may invite your friends to join you in matches, or you may become part of an already-created clan.

Online & Offline

This game has both offline and online modes. The offline story has no requirement for the Internet network, and the gamer has competition against the computerized robot. If you want to join a crew or clan, you must have an internet or Wi-Fi connection. This online mode permits the users to play multiplayer matches but demands the device to have an internet network.

Graphics & Sounds

The game presents the screen in 3D graphics with beautiful, transparent, and pictorial visuals. Moreover, the change of day to night will capture the audience. Also, the nights look so aesthetic, and driving on the smooth roads at night will not let the gamers go away. The sounds that you hear are recorded from real life. The sounds o horns and the moving wheels will give the real feel of the race.


The controls for navigation and action are easy for all gamers. One-tap action control and the darg controls to navigate make the game handy or easily accessible for the players. The player will not face difficulty in driving the cars. The navigation controls are present to look around, and the action controls are used to control the vehicle.  


The game has provided a detailed tutorial for newcomers. Beginners get incredible benefits with this tutorial. To learn all aspects and clues of this game, you must watch the complete tutorial. Don’t skip the tutorial when you start the game as you may face difficulty in understanding the gameplay if you don’t watch the complete tutorial video. 

Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK

Weather Conditions

This game makes the game screen more charming and fascinating with the continuously changing seasons. You will drive the vehicle in rainy weather, and it may be scorching heat to test your patience. Sometimes, you have to race on a day when you have to follow all the regulations and directions. If you are participating in races at night, you may violate the rules to surpass all other racers. But follow all the traffic rules and conditions, so you don’t get captured by the police. 

The races that are conducted during the day timing will earn coins for you, and the races at night will enhance your fame or reputation. 

Missions or Tasks

The game has offered many missions or tasks. The game has to complete all the tasks if the player wants money. The missions will make money for you, and you have to fulfill these missions before their expiry. If the time is over for the missions, you cannot race and earn coins. The tasks may be of different kinds that are distinguishable based on the conditions. 

Some of these missions are Street Race, Cop Smash, Drag Race, Time Trial, and Car Deliver. Select any mission that sets your requirements and start racing. Use the best vehicle from your garage to complete the mission. 

Unlimited Money

This is the modded feature that is not available for free. This countless money will be a key for you, and you may use it to buy any vehicle from the garage. These coins will let you buy customizations and upgrades for your vehicles. With this money, you will make your success easy. The upgraded cars possess enhanced parameters and stats. The improved engines will increase your victory chances for you.

Mod Features

> Unlimited Money

> Unlocked Cars

> No Advertisements. 

Supported Devices

This game shows compatibility for all android devices with operating systems 8.0 or above. You should confirm whether the system compatibility matches your device or not. If the system requirements are fulfilled, you must install the app and enjoy the races. 

Furious: Heat Racing Mod APK


Follow the briefly explained procedure to download this racing game and immerse yourself in driving your favorite cars. 

> Tap the above link, which will directly take you to the download page. 

> When you press the clearly shown download option, the process gets started. 

> This process will take only a few minutes to get finished. 

> Open the device security button and enable it to permit the installation of all third-party apps. 

> After that, go to Files and Downloads. 

> Start the installation of this fantastic game by tapping the downloaded APK. 

> Enjoy the suspenseful races.


Furious: Heat Racing Mod offers an intense racing environment that never allows passionate gamers to go away. This game is the best choice if you want to drive your favorite car model and gives a life-like experience that will surely help you in your life to drive the vehicles on different tracks. The developer has tried to design it according to the player’s requirement, and another game of this developer is Furious Playback Racing


Q. How do I update this game?

You have to uninstall the previous version of the game and reinstall the new update from the above link. You cannot directly update the game as it is the APK file.

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