Fyptt APK Download Free For Android

Fyptt APK Download Free For Android

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App Name Fyptt APK Download Free For Android
Size 22MB
Latest Version 1.1.8
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer TikTok Pte. Ltd
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (23 days ago)
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Fyptt APK

Fyptt APK Latest Version

Fyptt APK Free Download

Fyptt APK Unlocked

Fyptt APK:


Dear users, if you are getting bored and want some fun activity to spend your time on then we have an amazing application for you that is full of fun. The name of this application is “Fyptt APK”. This application is somehow related to TikTok which is a fun video application you all know what kind of features are present in Tik Tok and similarly, in this application you will get small videos that are full of fun and you can share your videos on this platform 2 that's why this application is also called as Fyptt TikTok APK.

This application is giving you a chance to watch videos from the whole world. All the videos are very interesting and full of fun and entertainment. So you can say it is an updated form of TikTok. It also acts as a social networking platform that's why it gives you a chance to meet new people and increase your friend circle but this application is age restricted. It means that people who are 18 years old and above can use this application. If you are not young enough then you can't use this application.

This is an Android application in which short-form videos are shared as it is age restricted so you can share any type of video and if you want some bold content then you will find it in this application you can say that this application is 18 + so make sure that the children around you can't access it.

But overall the application is not bad as it is age-restricted that's why it is said that it should not be in access by children but it contains a lot of fun content for the people who meet the requirements of the age level. You can lock your app by giving it a certain password in this way no one will be able to unlock the application in your absence. This is not an application in which you are only able to watch the videos of other people but it is giving you a chance in which you can make your videos and upload your short clips and also become famous on this application. Moreover, it is not necessary to make an account on this app. It means you can also use this application without an account so now it is clear that you have easy access to this app but there are some interesting features that you will not get if you will not sign in to the application. So if you want to enjoy every available feature of Fyptt APK then you have to sign in to the application. Moreover, if you will not sign in to the application then you will not be able to send messages, follow anyone, comment, and like any video. so if you want to use all features then you have to sign in and make an account on this application.

Fyptt APK

Features of Fyptt APK:

Let’s discuss the limitless features of this supreme application:

Free of cost:

This is an amazing feature of this video application in which you can watch the video from all around the world without paying for it. It means that you are getting full entertainment free of cost.

Make your videos:

This application is giving you a chance in which you can also make your videos and upload them on this application and people will see your videos and will like it then you will become famous within a few days and in this way, the number of your fans will increase day by day.

Chat with your favorites:

This application has a feature in which you cannot only watch the videos of your favorite ones but you can also send messages to them and can chat with them.

Comment on the video:

You can also comment under any video after you sign into the application. In this way, you can also comment on the videos of your favorite stars and let them know that they are your favorites.

Send a message privately:

If you don't want to comment publicly under any video then you can also send messages privately to anybody on this application. It means that this application is taking care of your privacy also.

Easy interface:

The app is very easy to handle as the interface of the app is very simple so this app is not acquiring any kind of expertise. Anyone can use this app easily.

No registration:

You don't have to register yourself first for using the application as it is already said that you can easily use the application so you don't need to register yourself and this application is not acquiring any kind of registration.

High quality:

The quality of the application is very good and you will watch videos of high quality there.

No ads:

Some applications have pop-up ads which are sometimes too annoying so this application is free of any kind of advertisements and you can watch the videos without any hurdles and disturbance.

Best collection:

The app is forwarding you the best collections of short clips, videos, shows, and movies so there is a lot to watch on this application and you will find nothing boring on the application. It is cleaning to make your time full of fun every time you open this application.

Free Streaming:

The streaming on this application is free.


The version of this amazing application is 2.0.24 for Android.

Several downloads:

There are more than 5 million people who have downloaded this wonderful application and are enjoying their lives with fun and entertainment with this application. So dear users if you also want to enjoy your life then you should add this application to your life.

Fyptt APK latest version:

The app was updated on August 8, 2022, and the latest version is V6.0 for Android. The latest version of this application has come with some important updates in which the developers have fixed some issues like bugs. They have made the interface easier and more friendly to use. They have also worked on the speed of the application and now the speed of the latest version is faster than the previous one.

Fyptt APK old version:

As we know that the developers of every application try to update the application to increase the entertainment and fun level of the users. Moreover, they also fix the technical problems and update an application but if you want to download the old version of this application then it is also available.

you can download the old version of the application from the given link under this article. The speed of the older version is a little slower than the latest version but if you have some space issues and you want to install the old version of this application then it is totally up to you. The old version also contains all the features and you can enjoy a bulk of fun videos in the older version too.

Fyptt APK release date:

This application was released on March 10, 2021.

Fyptt APK developer:

This wonderful application was offered by the TikGirls Developers Team. The developers of this application are working on the quality of the application and they are providing too much in a single pack. The amazing thing is that the application is totally free of cost and easily accessible in any part of the world.

Pros and cons:

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages if we are talking about Fyptt APK then we will discuss some good and bad things about this application. 

Pros of Fyptt APK:

First, we will talk about the pros of the application

  • All the versions of this application are available on third-party websites so you can download any version according to your choice easily. 
  • The most important feature is that the download does not take that much time.
  • It occurs in seconds.
  • You can uninstall and reinstall this application whenever you want because it is an APK file.

Cons of Fyptt APK:

Now we will talk about some disadvantages of this application

  • As you can download this application from a third party so downloading any application from third-party websites is a little bit risky because these websites are not checked by Google
  • So if you are downloading this app then do it carefully. It may contain some viruses so it might be dangerous for your mobile.
  • As these apps have no access to the Google Play store then they will not update automatically.

Fyptt APK download:

If you want to download this amazing video application then you have to follow some guidelines. Here we are guiding you step by step by which you can easily install and download this application on your devices and your phones.

  • To download any application first you should know what android version this application will require
  • So the Fyptt APK required Android version V6.0
  • So to download this application you should have Android version 6.0 or any latest version
  • The application will cover a space of about 12.98 MB so before downloading this application make sure that you have a free space of 12.98 MB on your Android mobile phone.
  • You should check that you have an APK file on your mobile phones
  • If you do not have an APK file then you should first download the APK file 

After downloading the APK file you can install and download this application from the given link under the article.

Installation commands: 

  • To install this application first check that you have permitted all the unknown resources in your mobile settings 
  • After confirming all these requirements tap on the given link and it will lead you directly to the install app key of the application
  • Tap on the install app key and f will install within a few seconds 
  • After the installation will be completed the app will appear on the homepage of your Android mobile phones 
  • Now you can enjoy this application with a single click.


Fyptt is a fun application in which you will get short clip videos from the whole world. You can watch the videos of your favorite stars on the application also. Moreover, you can chat with them privately and can comment on their videos. In this way, you can say that all the people on the application are easily accessible. Moreover, if you want to upload your videos on this application then it is also very easy and free of cost. All the things about this application are good but this application is age-restricted so make sure that you are young enough and 18 years old at least.



Q. Is this Application available free of cost?

Yes, you can download this application free of cost

Q. Is this application safe to use?

As this application is downloaded by a third-party website then it might be a little dangerous. But if you download it from a trusted website like our website then there is no risk in downloading this application.

Q. Is this app also available for IOs users?

No, the app is only available for Android users.

Q. Can I install this app with android version 3.0?

No, the app requires Android version 6.0. You can download the old version also which will require a 5.1 android version.

Q. Can I use this application without the internet?

No, you should have a stable internet connection to use this application as it will require the internet to load videos from all around the world.

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