Gacha Life Apk Download For Pc

Gacha life apk download for pc

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App Name Gacha life apk download for pc
Size 99M
Latest Version 1.1.4
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Lunime
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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What is Gacha life apk background?

The word Gacha belongs to a Japanese toy that is sold out through the vending machine, which later converted in a virtual game called Gacha Life Apk, an anime roleplaying game.  

This is a free video game that can be played on smartphones or computers. It offers children to choose characters, dress them up with given accessories and create their imaginary stories. Gacha life makes pre-teen experience a virtual world, have great fun, create amazing anime avatars and direct a short story. 

Gacha life old version 

The old version of Gacha life is 1.1.4, unfortunately many users of Gacha life have complained about its new version, there might be many reasons but the most common is incompatible devices. According to the developers, the new version requires the latest androids. Basically, the latest version of Gacha life does not support old devices. However, here we will learn how to download old version of Gacha life. Follow the given directions to download this stunning game. 

  • Allows source to install unknown applications 
  • Tap on download for old apk
  • Wait for installation 
  • After completing installation, tap on the button "Done". 

Note:  Make sure all old updates must be uninstalled to download the old version of Gacha life, there might be some features missing in old ones.

Gacha Life Download For Pc

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How does Gacha life Apk work? 

You have to choose different items i.e costumes, eyes, hairstyle etc to make proper body based avatars or characters. Moreover, you can construct a set up in Studio mode for development of story into actions. You can make friendships with other players and share the game characters with them too. Gacha life has introduced  Gacha Heat, a TikTok or reels mode, so you can have experience of live streaming video clips and put your own content into it.

What are the features of the recent version of Gacha life? 

Basically, Gacha life is a free  dress up anime game application for PC and android phones. This game's premium features offer players to choose from hundreds of free costumes, props, shoes and many more other exciting items to build customized characters or avatars. Let's have a look upon new updates of Gacha life. 

Design customized characters or avatar 

In this stunning series of Gacha life you can build your character by touching magical buttons on thousands of costumes, shoes, accessories and so on. Furthermore, users can dress up characters and choose different items to modify according to their choice like eye color, shape of lips, hairstyle and  weapons too. In fact, this app gives you learning opportunities i.e creating virtual Gacha boy and Gacha girl character sketches, you can also learn pencil sketching through this game too. 

Virtually well equipped  studio

Gacha life always tries to make its users happy with customization of brand new features,  it gives chance to players to illustrate their own story through their invented avatars. So for this purpose, Gacha life provides virtual settings and props like studio and skit to direct different scenes on created characters. 

Gacha life songs

Gacha life songs did complete justice with the gacha anime world. Being a music lover I really appreciate gacha life songs because they don't seem like kids' songs or typically composed . Although, They have a special popularity in the music industry because of Christian Perri, the way she sings people love it most. I eagerly await to hear New songs of Gacha life, cause I adore the sweet voice of Christian Perri, lyrics and music is just commendable. 

Free life mode of exploration 

Through this fantastic feature you can choose your settings such as the city or any buildings to explore for filming short stories on your favorite avatars. And this all you can make it possible even without using the internet. 

Multiplayer game

Gacha life is a co-op game which connects you with other people too. Of course, you can make friends or groups to play together, chat with them, have fun and many more activities are available here. 

Mini more games

Gacha life Apk supplies you many other more enthusiastic mini games for example Duck and Dogs, Phantom remix etc. Moreover, it rewards you with different amazing gifts to unlock more other alluring features and services for your entertainment. 

Gacha life logo 

Gacha life logo is designed to express the activeness, freshness and creativeness of characters so people and children feel cool to see it. That's why dark sky color letters with sans-serif typeface are used to describe it as unique and attractive.

Why is parents supervision required in Gacha life Apk? 

The Gacha life Apk is introduced for 11 to 12 years old children an age of curiosity. The children don't even have an idea of good or bad things. Actually, it is a co-op game which makes children connect with others and asks some requirements of sharing personal information. So, parents should know whom their kids are talking about and make sure of strict privacy rules. However, parents must have a clear idea about features and policies of this application. So  children and parents can feel safe and sound.

Gacha Life Download For Pc

Gacha life Apk for android and ios

The full series of Gacha life Apk is accessible for IPhone and androids  which provide you full opportunity to dig out the world of animation. Gacha life Apk is one  of those applications that facilitate you to educate your kids with fun and learning skills. It offers you to show your talent in making excellent avatars. You can generate your own personality by changing face, hair style and color, eyes, skin tone, expressions, poses and actions. In addition, you can play it on your tablet, phone or PC.

Pros and cons of Gacha life Apk 

After describing Gacha life Apk background and experience let's have a look at its pros and cons. 


  • Creative learning based game
  • Customized features 
  •  Availability of thousands outfits and items
  •  Trouble-free play 


    • Parental supervision is required 
  • Limited connectivity with other players 
  • mode  of weapons promote cruelty

Ending words for Gacha life Apk 

No doubt Gacha life Apk is an absolute game to assure child learning with fun. It does not fix its players on only one mode of playing but allows them  to play other many more mini games too. But still some queries to be solved, for example the latest version requires heavy software in phones, parents attention is to be needed while playing this game and showing off weapons against the children's moral values. So before starting the game a strong privacy must plan so that it makes your entertainment tension free.

How to install Gacha life Apk in android and ios. 

For installation follow the given steps:

Step 1: go to play store or official website of Gacha life

Step 2: simply tap on the button "download" 

Step 3: wait for a while until complete installation 

Step 4: in the end click on "done" and open the apk to enjoy Gacha life Apk. 

Note: If you already have Gacha life and not working well, then uninstall the first application so that you can have all missing customized features.


Q. Is Gacha life safe?

Yes, Gacha life download is 100% safe. The game is developed by a well-known company. We ensure that the apps are tested on all devices before publishing them.

Q. Can I play Gacha Life offline?

Yes, you can play all of your favorite games offline thanks to our cloud technology. We are able to store your progress and save any data locally so that you don't need an internet connection at all times!

Q. Is it free to play?

Yes, it is free to download and play the game. However, you need to buy coins in order to unlock new features or levels of gameplay.

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