Gate Of Nightmares Mod Apk Mod Menu, God Mode

Gate of Nightmares Mod Apk Mod Menu, God Mode

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App Name Gate of Nightmares Mod Apk Mod Menu, God Mode
Size 122M
Latest Version 1.13.0
MOD Features Instant Win, God Mode
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating 5.2
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update March 18, 2023 (6 months ago)
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The sounds of thrilling wars and the emission of multiple powers to destroy different enemies seem the most adventurous and in this modern course of time, new video games are getting popularity. A Japanese developer has developed the game nightmares and you can enjoy the game for a long time period. The gate of nightmares is an amazing journey and the setup is prepared in wistaria with a lot of hanging and breathtakingly beautiful locations that include the base of magic and swords. The gameplay includes numerous dream-fulfilling aspects and the dreams of people come into reality. 

The story of the gate of nightmares revolves around the story of Emma, who is the commander in the game and controls the terrifying monsters. These monsters come into reality with the nightmares and the other companion of Emma is a mysterious boy, Azel who knows most about the mysterious things they travel this journey together along with the numerous power strengths and helping characters. You will also explore the true relationship of friendship and affection among these characters to make the battle more interesting.

Story Line of Gate of Nightmares

This fabulous video game includes an endless epic journey to explore the levels from basic to the most advanced levels. Multiple power options are present to end the enemies and the options for 3D characters are also included with a limit of powers to give you a wonderful experience. The layout of this game is based on the most unique colors and interesting voice artists to give you the feel of real thunders of magic. 



Fantasy Land with Nightmares

The use of power with the biggest fantasy location presents the most beautiful combination to conquer the heart of users. The falling styles of power and burning scenes of enemies, and monsters will add fantastic addiction. The royal scenes of this game will be improved with the proper usage of swords to finish the enemies and complete the game. You can also unlock the hundreds of splendid missions with more than 50 game-customized models. Maybe you like this similar game Last Outlander Mod Apk.

Power Bots and Combat Skills

You will learn many skills to destroy the enemies and the level of skills will be improved from the scratch to make you more powerful. You will be provided with the menu of powers that will be used according to the needs of the competition level. You can activate the combat skills and they will help you target the monsters and you can also recharge the strength of powers. The recharging skills may take time depending on the number of their usage.

3D Friendly Characters

The hundreds of helping characters are updated to lead your protagonist's journey in a more advanced way. When you target any monster, these helping characters will finish them in a short period of them. These characters are also available with the timer life, after activation the timer bar will express to show the time of their life.

  • So be careful while activating these characters to completely make use of their powers, otherwise they may finish in the middle of the fight and you will lose the chance to end these monsters.


Turning Dreams into Reality

The world of nightwalker will ensure that you can explore the world where dreams of people are turning into reality and you will compete with the monsters that are born as a result of bad dreams. The nightmares have remained unsolved mysteries for many of us and Hiro Mashima and Jin Fujisawa are providing the chance to learn about the battle of superpowers. You will become an amazing personality with hundreds of combat skills to beat the bad monsters.


Higher Graphics with Guided Map

The gate of nightmares is highly HD in visual graphics and RPG games with premium quality Music and other control systems. You will be guided with a map and directions to search and destroy the monsters. You can create the situations and environment according to your choices and discover more options of power and struggles. You will also explore the following other features:

  1. Complete support from the assistant characters
  2. A series of skills are present that are obtained after attacks and fights
  3. You can analyze the life range of your characters
  4. High power attacks 
  5. Lines to represent the distance from danger
  6. Addition of high powerups 
  7. You can switch the assigned duties of characters



The gate of nightmares will prove a high entertainment for the true founders of fantasy and adventure with the various options of customized characters. You will also explore the different attacking monsters and your fighting squad to learn the taste of war. This world of magic will definitely be a suitable option for boosting your adventurous traits.


Q. Where to get the play gate of nightmares?

You can get the latest version of Gate of Nightmares from our website in provided download button for free.

Q. Who made the gate of nightmares?

Square Enix Co. has developed the Gate of Nightmares by Hiro Mashima.

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