GB Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version

GB Whatsapp APK Download latest version

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App Name GB Whatsapp APK Download latest version
Size 58.1 MB
Latest Version Varies with device
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Jatec's market.
Content Rating Teen
Requires 4.1 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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What is GB Whatsapp?

With the growing technology, people are using various ways to communicate and to share pictures and other data as well. Whatsapp can be considered as the main source being used by millions of people to communicate, send messages, share data and make calls to each other. But GBWhatsapp is the modified variant of whatsapp which comprises certain functions which provide advanced and improved features to its users.

GB Whatsapp APK

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Features of Whatsapp GB

GBWhatsapp offers many features which can give advantages to you in various aspects while using this app. Some of the modified features which GBWhatsapp offers are:

  • Multiple Accounts

One of the best features of  GBWhatsapp is that you can use multiple accounts on the same device. While in the case of official whatsapp this is not possible.

  • Hide Receipt

         You can hide receipts from your sender to not let them know whether you have seen their messages or not. This helps to maintain your privacy by hiding the double ticks or blue ticks.

  • Auto Replies

        It allows you to send auto replies to your senders if you are not available at the moment.

  • Hide Last seen

You can hide your last viewed from your contacts so that people are not aware about the fact that when you last visited your profile.Last seen can be hidden from specific contacts.

  • Share Large Files

Larger files upto 50 GB can be easily shared using whatsapp GB while in the original whatsapp version there is file size limitation.

  • DND Feature

It comes with a DND feature which means you can put your phone on do not disturb mode which allows you to mute notifications from certain apps which you do not want to use at the moment.

  • Status Download

You can download the statuses of others in your contact list by just a single click without letting them know about it.

  • Send Multiple Pictures

You can send more than 10 pictures simultaneously by using this app which is best for saving your time and completing your tasks at once.

  • Backup Option

It is always important to keep backup of your chats and important documents being shared on this app if you're using it for some professional purposes. GBWhatsapp allows you to keep your backup data very conveniently.

  • Multiple GIF and emojis

You can get customized or other multiple emojis and GIFs of your choice to make your chats more exciting and colorful.

  • Audio Sharing

You can share your audios as large as 100MBs by using GBWhatsapp which is a very great feature.

GB Whatsapp Pro

GBWhatsapp Pro is considered as one of the best modified versions of GBWhatsapp because it offers many additional features in addition to those which GBWhatsapp offers itself. You can even change the look of your whatsapp pro. Some of the shining features of GBWhatsapp pro are:

1-Last View Freezing:

By using GBWhatsapp pro you can hide your last seen if you want to keep your privacy and don't want people to know when you last visited your profile.

2-Dark Mode

You can even switch to dark in order to keep your privacy or use this app easily in darker surroundings.

3-Changing of font style and language

 It offers many fonts and you can choose any font of your desire and you can also change your language to either English or Arabic.

4-More privacy

 It offers more strict privacy by hiding your recording, writing, blue microphone and blue ticks. Also, you can add layered security by adding a fingerprint, pattern or PIN lock to your GBWhatsapp Pro.


You can also change the themes of your GBWhatsapp Pro because it offers multiple themes of your desire.

GBWhatsapp Images

 Another distinguishing feature of whatsapp GB is that you can send multiple images regardless of the resolution and MBs of the images. Official whatsapp allows only 16 MB images to be shared from one end to the other but in case of GBWhatsapp you can share images even as heavy as 56MB. You can also add effects, emojis or GIFs to your images before sending them and you can share more than 10 images at once.

GBWhatsapp Chats

Your chats are more secure if you are using GBWhatsapp and you can text even those numbers which are not in your contact list or send messages to multiple numbers at a single time. You can use multiple emojis and various fonts to make your chats look more attractive. Your sender cannot delete or unsend the message once it's delivered to you. You can easily mark the messages which are read from your side. Furthermore, the history of revoked messages can be checked easily. You can send replies in groups privately. So the chats are more secure and fun while using this app.

GBWhatsapp APK Black Edition

GBWhatsapp Black Edition is the new modified edition of GBWhatsapp which allows the picture-in-picture mode for the users. You can watch videos on youtube without turning off your whatsapp. This feature enables multiple tasking and whenever someone sends you a link, it will appear as a small pop-up and you can open it while using your GBWhatsapp.

GBWhatsapp no ads

Along with many other attractive and appealing features, GBWhatsapp allows its users to use an ads free version in order to eliminate any sort of disruption or disturbance while using this app. 

GBWhatsapp old version

It is always preferable to use the updated and latest version of any app but in case of GBWhatsapp you can download the older version if you are using the older version of android OS. Even the older version has many features like customized themes, chat privacy, large file sharing and it is also free. 

GBWhatsapp official

GBWhatsapp is not an official app because it cannot be directly downloaded from the Play Store and it is illegal because there are chances of it getting banned. But if you download it from safer sources then it is authentic and safe to use.

Requirements to Download GBWhatsapp APK

Though GBWhatsapp APK is free to download, you still need to fulfill a few requirements in order to download it which are as follows:

  • You should have a good internet connection.
  • The device location should be known.
  • You need to grant access to gallery, external storage and contacts.
  • You should allow downloading from external sources.

GB Whatsapp APK Download

If you are bored of using the common features of whatsapp and want to enjoy some extra features and get facilitated by a modified version then you should download the updated version of GBWhatsapp APK Official. You don't have to uninstall your regular whatsapp in order to download this version. Developers have specially designed this version of whatsapp keeping in mind the increasing demands of customers regarding their privacy and better functioning.

                But the downloading of GB Whatsapp is different from downloading official whatsapp because GBWhatsapp APK is not available on google play store or iOS store and you need to have a storage location to download it. Apart from that, you also have to allow downloading from external sources in order to get this app. After allowing access, you just need to download the APK file and open it in the storage folder and install it. After installation, the app is ready for processing and you can use it after logging in.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp APK iOS

The use of iOS devices has shown a drastic increase within the past few years and people are more attracted to these devices due to their distinctive and additional features. You should not worry if you are using any such device because GB Whatsapp can be installed whether you are using an android or iOS. It can be downloaded free on your iOS device by following a few very simple steps. 

  • First you need to open the browser of your iOS device
  • Then, you need to search for GBWhatsapp and click on the download button
  • After that, wait till the app is being installed
  • Once the app is installed, you can launch it.
  • Now create your account, login to it and enjoy its features

GBWhatsapp for PC

GBWhatsapp is designed to work on PCs as well so that you can enjoy all the features without the limitation of device type. The steps to download it on PC are also very simple and are as easy as they are for any of your android or iOS devices. Mentioned below is the list of steps,if you are looking for a complete guide to download GBWhatsapp on your PC.

  • The first step is to connect your PC with a secure internet connection.
  • After that, you need to download an Android Emulator (whichever you want) and install it.
  • Now you need to download the APK file for GBWhatsapp and after downloading it, launch the Emulator
  • After adding the APK file by drag and drop method in your Android Emulator, you are ready to use this app for your PC.

GB Whatsapp Update

GBWhatsapp is frequently being updated by its developers to provide extra and modified features in order to attract more customers. The latest version of GBWhatsapp is GBWhatsapp(v21.00.0) and it has many advanced features like chat security, no compression of files and scheduled messaging. You can easily update it by simply following these three mentioned steps.

1- First of all, open the app on your device.

2-Select the “Fouad Modes” by clicking the three dots on the top right corner.

3- Just click on the update tab and check whether your app is being updated or not.

       The updated features of new GBWhatsapp include bud fixing, more emojis, anti-bug version, new base update, backup features, GIFs, hidden recording option and private replies in groups etc.


Q. What is GBWhatsapp APK?

GBWhatsapp is a modified variant of Whatsapp with extra features which facilitates its users in a much better and interesting way.

Q. Is GBWhatsapp safe to use?

Although using this app is illegal, still it is safe if you are downloading it from a reliable or authentic source.

Q. Can GBWhatsapp work on an iPhone?

Yes GBWhatsapp is designed to be operated on android as well as iOS devices and runs smoothly on iPhones.

Q. Do I need to root my device to use this app?

There is no need to root your device if you want to use GBWhatsapp on your phone.

Q. If I need backup of my data do I get it?

Yes GBWhatsapp allows you to get the backup of your data very easily.

Q. Do we need to update this app?

There is no hard and fast rule to update this app as the older versions are also having amazing features but if you still update it then you can enjoy more advanced features.

Q. Can we face any Whatsapp Ban or any privacy issue?

There might be risks of getting banned from official whatsapp but that happens once in a blue moon so you need not to worry about it and your privacy is also safe.

Q. Can I use multiple accounts on the same device?

This device is particularly designed for this purpose. You can surely operate multiple accounts on a single device.

Q. How to download GBWhatsapp?

To download this file you need to go to its official website i.e. and click on GBWhatsapp download. After clicking this you will be directed to the download page and you can download the APK file there.

Q. How do I install GBWhatsapp?

Once you have downloaded your APK file, you need to open it in the known or located storage and simply install it.

Q. How do I update GBWhatsapp?

After launching the app you can access its settings and can go to GBWhatsapp update section to update this app..

Q. Why is GBWhatsapp not downloading?

One of the main reasons for this app not getting downloaded can be your unstable or slow internet connection. Besides that, your browser or APK file might be of older versions, so you need to update them first.

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