GBWhatsApp Latest Version (v9.95 ) 2020 Download For Android Devices

We are in 2020 right now and there have been many changes to WhatsApp Apk since it was first launched. Every single aspect of WhatsApp has been updated or modified in one way or another.

We can also see that WhatsApp has introduced many new highlights this year. Be that as it may, there are countless users out there who want an alternate app. If you are one such user, then continue reading because this article is all about the best WhatsApp alternate – GB WhatsApp apk.

You are already familiar with WhatsApp but let me introduce you to GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp apk is a different variant of the Whatsapp application which has additional features that can do far more than the normal Whatsapp application.

Utilizing this GB WhatsApp 2019, you can control their security settings, update messaging options, be completely invisible on Whatsapp, and even change the look of the application.

To put it plainly, GB WhatsApp is an improved Whatsapp pack made for those individuals who are not happy with the current Whatsapp highlights and functionalities.

Who designed GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is created by a group of web designers belonging to GB Group who have been refreshing it with the most recent app highlights. The GB WhatsApp app download apk is not accessible on the play store and must be downloaded from outsiders. Hence, as a precautionary measure, make sure to pick a trusted source.

What makes it better than normal WhatsApp?

The biggest advantage of GB WhatsApp is that you can use it alongside the normal WhatsApp with no obstruction. Once you have installed it on your Android device, you can use the GB WhatsApp like a separate chat application. It won’t cause any intrusions with the other WhatsApp application. They will both run smoothly and simultaneously.


This is truly a great chatting application for people who want to use more than WhatsApp on their phones. There is nothing to disappoint you in the GB WhatsApp interface. The application is fundamentally the same as the ordinary Whatsapp and has no significant changes by any means. The entire motivation behind this application is to give some advanced and customized functionalities which are not accessible on the other Whatsapp. Regardless, you can change the look and feel of the application according to your likes.

The layout and design are the same as the typical Whatsapp. While installation, the application likewise can ask for permissions to work appropriately. Once fully installed, you can start using the app and explore many cool features.

This WhatsApp version accompanies heaps of highlights and many improvements. It has numerous new improved security and privacy arrangements. You can send gif messages and disable calls for certain people – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What are the selling features of GB WhatsApp apk?

GB WhatsApp has various features that give you full oversight over the normal WhatsApp. With this app on your phone, there is nothing you can’t do! Here are the most appreciated features of GB WhatsApp apk 2020 version:

  1. Ban Proof and anti-ban
  2. Hide your last seen for specific people
  3. No Need of Root Access
  4. Easily zoom Profile pictures of your contacts
  5. Hide double ticks
  6. GB WhatsApp themes and wallpapers
  7. Notification when contact updates profile picture
  8. Send videos up to 30 MB
  9. Send audio clips of up to 100 MB
  10. Send 90 pictures at once
  11. Statistics for groups
  12. Change the color of calls
  13. No loading to view media files
  14. Block getting calls from anybody or everybody

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

The answer is, yes. Many believe the misconception that GB WhatsApp is not safe. GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB is completely safe to install on your smartphone. It is a modded version of WhatsApp made by a third party.

To date, this app has not been reported to abuse or violate any terms of Whatsapp. It can be legally downloaded over the internet without any restrictions. WhatsApp could have shut it down it much previously.

GB WhatsApp apk is not available on Play Store and that’s very concerning for most people. People think that just because it is not on Google play store, the app is corrupt or unofficial. The thing is GB WhatsApp is a clone of the original Whatsapp. Thus, every one of the rights is held to Facebook (who owns Whatsapp now) so it cannot be published on Play Store.

Also, since it is a modded application, Play Store does not distribute such applications since most of such apps are malicious and hurt user’s data.

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version (v9.95) 2020 For Android Devices



Truth to be told, GB WhatsApp will never give you any new or improved functionality that is inaccessible in the official form. It is just giving you a custom version of all the current features.

Being the most popular chatting app around the world, WhatsApp can have much more to offer and GB WhatsApp gives you just that. So, if you like customized user experience and have more than one number, then GB WhatsApp is the solution.

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