GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsapp APK

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App Name GBWhatsapp APK
Size 44.3 MB
Latest Version 4.3 and Above
MOD Features MOD
Developer XDA
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 & Up
Get it On Google Play
Update March 03, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK Updated April 2022

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GBwhatsApp Apk

GB WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with a lot of MOD features that attract a wide range of users. It comes with a variety of features, including stories, audio & video calls, and a simple user interface. The main core benefits of GBWhatsApp are features like hiding online status and flight mode. Although it has many features, the official app comes up short in a number of areas. GBWhatsapp apk download is compatible with Android, iOS devices, and as well as with PC. The latest update of the mod app 2022, is safe, secure, fast, and responsive.

This is one of the best mod apps available, with some unique and incredible features. It satisfies users' daily needs by letting them chat, make video calls, send voice messages, and more. Some functions include contact sharing, media file sharing, and location sharing.


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Salient Features Of GB Whatsapp Apk

In the GB WhatsApp User Interface, there is nothing to disappoint you. The app is basically the same as normal Whatsapp and contains no significant changes. Literally, the entire purpose of this software is to provide certain advanced and customizable functions that are not available on simple Whatsapps. Regardless, you can customize the app's appearance and feel to suit your taste.

Improved Multimedia Sharing

When it comes to the multimedia aspect of the official app, there are lots of issues, such as the inability to send larger-size films and audios. We can't play the videos we've received on our external players, and we can't share a long video with multiple images at the same time.

However, with GB WhatsApp, we may transmit up to ten photographs at once and in full resolution.

Chat With Friends

You can chat with your friends, just like in the original WhatsApp, and make your time more memorable and joyful.

Share Voice Notes

Make a recording of your voice note and send it to your friends and family. It allowed you to share audio files up to 100MB in size.

Send your videos

You and your friends can send and receive videos. Make a video of your best moments and keep them forever. Share entertaining and educational films with your loved ones.

Make Low-Cost Phone Calls

No matter where you are, you can make voice calls at very affordable rates. Simply select the call option to connect with your friends in a matter of seconds.

Set up video chats

Make video conversations with your pals and see them in real-time. Share your special moments with others who aren't sitting next to you.

Share Your Photographs

Share your photos to make your time more enjoyable.

Hide your current online status

The ability to hide your online status is one of the best features of the GB WhatsApp Mod. Nobody is able to see if you are online or not. It's important to know that once you enable this setting, you won't be able to see other people's online status.

Freeze Last Seen

The last scene will be liberated once you have frozen it. No matter how many times you were online after turning on this setting, it did not change.

Customized Themes

Customize the themes to your liking. You can download a variety of themes from the settings on Whatsapp GB.

Personalize Your Chats

Another nice feature is the ability to customize your chats according to your preferences. You can use anybody you want as your wallpaper.

Safe Personal Chats

You can set a privacy lock for each chat to secure it independently. Also, make sure your interactions are one-on-one.

Archive Chats

This incredibly fantastic function is solely for you if you've been irritated by some chats. This function will allow you to archive them so that you can continue speaking uninterrupted.

Hide Chats

This is GB WhatsApp's smashing, very great, and fantastic function that gives you extra protection. Nobody will know about your private conversations if you keep them hidden.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Gbwhatsapp apk has some fantastic features. You will not receive a notification if your mobile data is turned on after turning this on. A picture of an airplane or a Wi-Fi emblem can be found. To utilize this feature, turn it on.

Hide Blue Tick

You can hide blue ticks with this fantastic function. Set this option based on the type of talk you're having.

Message & call without saving the number App's latest and greatest feature. Directly message or call an unsaved number.

Hide Notifications of Recordings

Have a good time with this neat function. While you are recording audio, your contacts will not be notified.

Anti Delete Message

This feature would be ideal for you. Removed messages will not be deleted for you after you turn this on.

Backup Feature

This feature protects you from any potential inconvenience. You can make a backup of your data and rest assured that it will not be lost. Turn this setting off if you don't want to take backup.

High-Level Security

Gbwhatsapp's current version allows you to select your preferred security style. You can use the words "pin," "pattern," or "fingerprint" to describe what you want to do.

Hide media from the gallery

This function allows you to choose whether or not to store media (photos, videos, or presents) on your device.

Select a Font Style

Choose your preferred font style with this fantastic software.

Personalize Your Chat Window

Dear readers, personalize your chats to your preferences.

Select a Tick Style

You will be able to select a tick style in this moded version.

Start a Conversation

Choose your communication style and stay informed.

The App Drawbacks

This is a third-party application. Your data may be hacked, or your account may be blocked by the original WhatsApp.

Notifications on the screen

The ability to conceal the app's popup notifications from the home screen is another wonderful feature of this mod version.

Connect your PC to your App

Another useful feature is the ability to connect it to your computer using the link a device option in the settings.


Autoreply saves you a lot of time. If you are unavailable, it will automatically send a message that you have specified.

Funny Animated Sticker

This feature will make your chats more enjoyable. Customize and share animated stickers

Share your current location.

You can share your current location in the GB WhatsApp apk download the latest version.

Share Documents

Anyone, anywhere in the globe, can access your documents with attachments.

Hide View Status

This function allows you to keep an eye on other people's status without viewing their own. Your contacts will not be notified that you have been viewed.

Choose who Can Call You

Make this option private so that no one can bother you.

Form New Groups

With your family and friends, form chat groups. You'll be able to make group calls as well.

Upload a status or a story

You can use this app to submit photos or videos to your status and control who can see them.

Share Or Download Other Status

You have the option to share or download your contact information. You don't need to download a lot of programs.

What’s New

  • A new attachment selector has been added.
  • Option to remove "Read More..." and display long texts in their entirety.
  • A single user interface design.
  • While integrating tale, IG Story, bottom bar style, and other features, a new UI was created.
  • Enable the Instagram-style stories to feature from the Gb setting^Home Screen


While enabling airplane mode, pay extra attention. Now no one can disturbyou!


  • Hide the most recent status change. It is not possible to send in full resolution.
  • Use a photo background as a preview, When the proximity sensor is turned off, it does not work. Users of Android 4.4 may experience crashes.
  • Some80%ofpeoplearehavingtroubledownloadingtheirstatus(downloadthe previous status using GBWhatsApp.


App Permissions

  • Connection with internet
  • Location Access
  • Identity of gadget
  • Contact Access
  • Wi-Fi is suggested
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Record Audio
  • Access to phone storage, gallery, camera, etc.
  • Access permission for external storage
  • Maps Services

GBWhatsApp Apk Download By AlexMods

Another third-party developer, AlexMods, has released the most recent version of this App Furthermore, AlexMods offers an ad-free chatting experience with amazing updated latest features. Tap on the download link to get the most recent version of this mod

Latest modded Features by AlexMods

GBWhatsapp apk download

  • More Contact Storie
  • Customize theme, color, and profil
  • Backup and restore options are available
  • Dark mod theme

GBWhatsApp Apk Download By HeyMods

HeyMods, Another developing site, has released the updated version of GB Whatsapp. It offers additional rsourcess with the download link. The resources must be allowed to download the GBWhatsApp apk file. To install GB WhatsApp APK on your device, click on the download button.

Advanced Features by HeyMods

  • Customization of Themes
  • Advance privacy options.
  • Download Stories
  • Dark Theme
  • New Animated Sticker Packs
  • Hide chats
  • Ticks of various colors are available.
  • Back up and recover data option

Note: It is recommended that anyone who are using the HeyMods version switch to the AlexMods version. In-app advertisements are frequent in the HeyMods edition.

Download the AlexMods Pro Version for an ad-free talking experience.

What is the best way to backup?

Go to the settings menu in GBWhatsapp. To store your chats and data, select back up. It will also have the option of backing up after a certain number of times. You have the option of selecting how many times you wish to back up. After that time, the backup will be done automatically.

To save your chats or files, you must make a backup of your data. Uninstall your current WhatsApp app and install GB WhatsApp instead. Enable unknown resources to download.

GBWhatsapp Pros And Cons

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of utilizing WhatsApp Gb Apk on your phone. The following is a list of some of them. Let's take a look at it from the bottom up.


  • AntiDelete Message/Status means that if someone sends you a message by mistake, it will be deleted. It will not be deleted from your phone.
  • You can use your phone without being bothered by WhatsApp messages if you use Airplane/DND mode.
  • This app will have a new look thanks to custom themes.
  • With a single click, you may share additional photographs.
  • When you forward messages, the forwarded tag will not appear.


  • It is not an open-source application, thus no other person or coder can alter its code, even though privacy is guaranteed.
  • Sharing crucial information such as credit card numbers, codes, passwords, photographs, and other sensitive data is not a good idea.
  • There is no guarantee that no one else is reading or obtaining our information.
  • Although it has a good defense against being banned, it is still unclear whether it will be banned in the future.
  • It is not available in the Apple or Google stores because they do not adhere to their privacy and rules. They are restricted in certain stores.
  • There is a significant risk of viruses and malware. Because it lacks safe communications and does not provide encryption


Q. How To Download On Android Device

To get the latest version of GBWhatsApp, click the download button.
Wait for it to be downloaded.
On your device, open the downloaded file.
Wait for the installation process to finish before tapping on 'Install.'
Accept the terms and conditions by tapping 'Agree.'Give it all of the permissions it requests.
Verify your phone number using a one-time password (OTP).
Recover your WhatsApp contacts and data.
After that, type in the display name you like
Upload a profile picture to be displayed (optional).
And that's all; your account is now ready to use.

Q. How to download This App on iPhone?

As it is not an authorized program, so we are unable to utilize GB WhatsApp directly on iPhone. It also violates the privacy policies of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, there are a variety of other options for installing it on an iPhone.

To get started, open your iPhone's browser.
Then download the GB WhatsApp Pro APK apk.
After you've downloaded the APK file, double-click it to install it. After installing, navigate to your iPhone's settings.
Then there's device and profile management, which follows settings and privacy.
Select the trust icon from the profile.
Then, go to your home screen and select GB WhatsApp from the drop-down menu.
After you've opened the app, fill out your profile by entering your phone number.
Then take advantage of GB WhatsApp's greatest features.

Q. How to download On PC?

Because the original WhatsApp has a web version, it is highly handy for users to use it on a computer, but the GB WhatsApp download apk cannot be installed directly on a computer. For this purpose, it requires an Android emulator.

Follow the simple following steps to download on PC:
Install BlueStacks or another Android emulator on your computer.

After you've downloaded the.exe file, go to the area where you saved it and install it.
Download the GB WhatsApp APK file from your browser.
Now open blue stack and select GB WhatsApp APK from the drop-down menu.
Locate the APK file and open it.
By clicking on the APK file, you can now install the GB WhatsApp.
Open GB WhatsApp after it has been installed.
Enter and validate your phone number to access the app's features.

Q. WhatsApp VS Original WhatsApp?

Although GB WhatsApp is a cheaper option than the original version, it remains the market's most popular platform since it offers the most updated and advanced features. It has a lot of functions that WhatsApp doesn't have. Most elements, such as the UI, message sending and receiving, and installation, are nearly identical. There isn't much of a comparison here.
It is not possible to download the status.


Voice messages can be up to 16 MB in size.
The total size of all the media that can be sent is 16 MB.
At any given time, thirty images can be chosen.
Messages that are erased for everyone are permanently gone.
The active state cannot be turned off.
The status of the video lasts thirty seconds.
The status of recording and typing cannot be hidden.
Supports status lengths of up to 139 characters.
Autoreply Is solely for commercial purposes.
There is no password for individual chats or contacts.
Up to three chats can be pinned.
There is no way to log in.


Allows you to copy and download the current status.
Voice messages up to 100MB in size can be transmitted.
Supports video files up to 50 MB in size.
Supports up to 90 images at a time.
Deleted messages are visible.
Select contacts can have their active status turned off.
A status video might last up to seven minutes.
The recording and active status can both be hidden.
The maximum number of status traits is 255.
Auto-reply is supported.
It is possible to enable passwords.
It is possible to pin more than three contacts.
Login information is available.

Q. Is it possible to utilize several accounts in the GBWhatsapp APK?

Yes! Multi accounting is possible. You can have two, three, or even four accounts. On the same device, you can use both the Official App and GBWhatsApp. However, you'll need a distinct phone number for each application. Because if you join up for GBWhatsApp with your official WhatsApp account, your official WhatsApp account will instantly expire. If you're using official WhatsApp on your handset, you'll need a secondary number to create an account.

Q. How do I update my GB WhatsApp account?

Make sure you have the most recent version of this mod installed on your device.
Click the download button to get the APK file if a new version of the program is available. Simply click on the APK file on your smartphone to update to the newest version.

Q. Is there a WhatsApp account block or is there a privacy issue?

No, with the Total Save app, you will have complete control over your own privacy settings.

Q. Can I get backup data if I want to backup?

Yes, you may easily obtain a WhatsApp backup.

Q. Is it possible to use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp?

You can use WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp Pro simultaneously. You can also use other Whatsapp Mods, such as Whatsapp Plus, simultaneously.

Q. Can I use Gb WhatsApp on iPhone?

Yes, GB WhatsApp works on iPhone. Its users are all over the world iPhone and Android users. Download it from a secure GB WhatsApp link.

Q. Can users receive updates on GB WhatsApp?

Yes of course, like simple WhatsApp when GB WhatsApp is updated it send notification and updates to its user to update the version of the app.

Q. Is Gb WhatsApp free from any kinds of security issues?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe and free from all kinds of security issues. It doesn’t contain malware, viruses, or any other security-based issues. Download it from a safe website link to avoid any issue with your Android phone or iOS.

Q. Will I be banned from WhatsApp after installing GB WhatsApp?

No, Gb WhatsApp is assured with an anti-ban feature. You will never get banned after installing the app.

Q. Is it possible to share the Gb WhatsApp link on a simple WhatsApp account?

Yes, of course, it is possible. Open file manager and search for Gb WhatsApp file then send it directly to your contacts in simple WhatsApp.

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