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Gene Brawl APK

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App Name Gene Brawl APK
Size 344M
Latest Version 42.356
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Developer Supercell
Content Rating 10+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update May 19, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Gene Brawl APK

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Gene Brawl APK latest version

What is Gene Brawl APK

Gene Brawl APK includes over 5000+ themes for your android smartphone that are pre-screened and tested by our team to make sure they work fine on different devices irrespective of their manufacturers.Gene Brawl is a new game which is available in the play store. It is a puzzle game with amazing graphics and challenging levels. The gameplay is as cool as it gets, and the characters are quite unique. In this game, you will be making your own character, which has to fight against other players. You can also choose from different items to make your character stronger.

The game is free to play and can be downloaded from Play Store or Google Play. You can also download the Gene Brawl APK from any of the mirror links provided. If you want to get the details of the latest version of this game, then you can use our website for that purpose. We have updated our website with all details about the latest version of this game, so that you can easily get it on your device without any problem.

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Gene Brawl is a match-3 game, but it’s not like Candy Crush or any other match-3 game you’ve played so far. You will never fail a level in Gene Brawl. Instead, the goal is to earn as many points as you can in each level and keep moving forward.The mechanics are simple: there are three different types of cells – red, blue and green – and your job is to move them around until you create new cells with different colors and properties. There are also a series of power ups that allow you to destroy specific cells or even the entire board.

The game also features various kinds of balls. You will have to collect them and create your monster. In the beginning, you will have to start with a small animal and then make it big. The game offers action-packed gameplay and 3D graphics. You can download this game for free from Google Play Store on your Android device.


Gene Brawl APK


Gene Brawl is an action game where you have to defend your genes from other players in a game of cat and mouse. This game is not only fun, but it will also help you get familiar with the basics of genetics and how science works. In this article, we will take a look at some of the features that make Gene Brawl so fun to play.Gene Brawl is an action game where players fight in a virtual arena. The player who wins the battle will get rewards for winning the match. The rewards include coins and gems which you can use to buy new weapons or skins for your character.

Various types of weapons

There are various types of weapons available for purchase in this game such as swords, guns, bows etcetera which have different effects on enemies depending upon their attack power and range. You can also upgrade your weapon to increase its damage output or range by spending coins earned from winning matches against other players online.There are many different kinds of characters available too like male characters like soldiers dressed up in military uniforms while female characters come dressed up as police officers or nurses which makes them look very attractive when seen together on screen during gameplay sessions with friends

  1. Choosing your own character, as well as their unique abilities and weapons;
  2. Fighting against other players around the world;
  3. Collecting all kinds of unique items to upgrade your character, such as armor and weapons;
  4. Earning scores by battling or completing mini games;
  5. Joining an alliance with other players and attack other alliances to earn rewards;


How to install Gene Brawl APK latest version

After downloading the Gene Brawl APK file, you can install it on your device by following these simple steps:

1) Installing Gene Brawl APK:

2) After downloading the file on your device, go to Settings > Application Manager > Downloads> Click on the "Install" option.

3) In case if you are unable to install it due to some reason then first uninstall any previous version of this application and then try to



Gene Brawl is a game with a simple concept, yet it's extremely fun! In this game you will have to fight other players from around the world and try to beat them. The rules are very simple: you have to find similar genes as shown on the board in order to gain more points than your opponent. The first one that reaches 100 points wins the match and gets rewarded with coins and XPs. In Gene Brawl you can also play against AI or challenge your friends through social networks like Facebook or Twitter!Gene Brawl APK is an online multiplayer game where you fight against other players from all over the world.


Q. Is there any virus in this app?

No, it doesn’t have any viruses. But if you are still worried about the security of your phone, then you can always scan it before installing and playing any games with it. Just to be safe, you can install an antivirus program on your phone too.

Q. Gene Brawl, how do I defend myself?

You can simply tap anywhere on the screen to dodge incoming attacks. The further away from your side of the screen you tap, the further your character moves forward in an attempt to avoid being hit.

Q. Gene Brawl, how do I get more gold?

You will earn gold every time you complete a match. This amount is dependent on how well you perform during each match. The amount is also increased once you reach level 10 by hitting the double gold icon located at the bottom of the main menu screen. You can also invite friends to join Gene Brawl.

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