Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK Unlimited Money & Gems

Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK Unlimited Money & Gems

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App Name Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK Unlimited Money & Gems
Size 425 MB
Latest Version 1.16.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Colossi Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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Build your city and survive in a large forest to become the perfect gladiator fighter. Gladiator: Survival in Rome game is about the gladiator of Rome. Caesar’s force conquered the land and made the inhabitants slaves. He forces the slaves to work for him and brutely tortures them. The slaves are in severe trouble and waiting for a bold warrior who will release them from this prison. 

The player is the warrior for which the prisoners are waiting. The gladiator, who is the main character of the game, will start building his empire or city to make his survival easy. He will allow others to live with him in his beautiful town. The brave gladiator will build a powerful force to free the slaves, who are getting tortured by the cruel Caesar. The gamers enjoy this action game in which they experience both survival and empire-building. Get the mod version and access it all without purchasing money.

Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK


The game storyline starts when the game character lands in a beautiful location where he has to perform different activities to make his survival possible. The player will cut trees, build huts, arrange resource tests for food, bear worse conditions, build shelters, raise crops, harvest wheat, and collect necessary living materials. After constructing the house for himself and starting a peaceful life, the gladiator will start completing the missions. 

The fighter will release the hostages and achieve rewards. If the fighter releases many slaves, he will earn more money. The player will join hands with the released slaves and train them to fight. The player will arrange the force and combat against Caesar to defeat him. Earn money and obtain resources.


Intense Fights

The gladiator has to fight battles against Caesar and his enemies. The warrior will gather the slaves and ask them to fight against the cruel person who has locked them in the cell. The warrior will train them and prepare them for future war so they can defeat Caesar and his army to get revenge. The player will collect weapons and upgrade these weapons to increase their power during battles. 

You should check your energy bar before stepping into the battleground. The only this mandatory to win the game are energy and resources. Don’t get attacked by enemies, and keep your energy bar full. 

City Building

One side of the game is the construction of the hut or house for yourself. Build a marvelous empire and allow others to live with you in your town. Keep embellishing your empire and arrange all amenities for the citizens. Keep pet animals and arrange food for them. Update your town with the resources and raise crops. Eat your food and make a fence so the wild animals don’t attack you. Cut trees and use the wood logs to build the shelter. 

Survival Activities

Besides building the shelter and the town, the fighter has to survive on this wild land. The forest has many enemies that can attack you at any time from any side. You have to eat healthy food and increase your energy. Your health matters first. Never lose energy, and use this energy during fights. If you feel that your energy level is getting low, you should increase the bar.

You should care about your survival during battles. If you get assaulted by the opponent or your energy bar is not enough, you will surely lose the war. 

Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK

Release Hostages

Caesar made the people his slaves and tease them. Ceasar is a very cruel person who keeps torturing pitiful citizens. The brave gladiator will release these prisoners. To release the slaves, the player has to fight with guards. Caesar has appointed the guards outside the cells. If the gladiator wants to free the slaves, he has to fight with these guards. 

The player will obtain money if he kills a guard. Plus, he will also attain money after releasing each slave. These hostages will become the power of the gladiator and fight with him to conquer the enemies. 


The barren lands are the main treasure of the player. He will raise crops and harvest them to make food for the citizens. This land is the source of weapons, armor, treasure chests, health potions, and necessary materials. Search the valuable locations and obscure all resources. Collect resources that will assist you in defense and start organizing the resources so you perform better in battles. 

Survive with Teammates

This game allows the gamer to fight and survive along with other gamers. In short, the game has a multiplayer playing mode in which the player has friends in battles. These friends will assist you during wars, and your existence becomes easy with these companions. The strength of the gladiator gets increased with these friends. The friends may be online companions or real-life teammates. 

Strategic Plot

Use strategies and tactics to be successful in each battle. You must be strategic and think wisely to conquer enemies. Maintain your health and enhance power so success becomes fairly simple. Build shelters and fight with rivals to increase the chances of your existence. Set traps for the enemies and trap them to kill the enemies with acumen. 

Earn Money

Earn endless money and use this money to buy items for your empire. Enhance the strength of your empire, and save your life. Fight with guards and kill them to earn game currency. Complete missions and obtain money for your account. Use this money to buy items that are required for your empire. Buy food for yourself and improve your health. 

Create A Powerful Force

An army of strong troops helps win battles. The player will free the hostages and make them his slaves. You have to teach them all rules of war and train them for the battles. Ask them to practice the strategies and use them in the battles. This powerful force will win you the war. Defeat the opponent's army and loot their materials. Use the looted resources to upgrade your city. 

3D Graphics

This game has three-dimensional graphics and glassy visuals. The beautiful maps and locations look fascinating in the clear, realistic background. The game has refreshing visuals for gamers and attracts them. 

Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK

Loot Resources

The resources are available everywhere on the landscape. The player has t search for them and utilizes these materials for the battles. Moreover, the warrior can steal all items after killing the enemies. The weapons, food, energy potions, and materials are available in the backpack. You may pick all resources and use them whenever you need these materials. 

Quick Energy Regenration

The player may feel exhausted after fighting with the guards. These fights will drain the energy of the warrior. The warrior will use energy potions and health bars to increase strength and health. You should explore the forest and eat food. Make your warrior energetic and fight battles with this strength. 

Collect Weapons

The only source of weapons for the player is the guards, whom he kills. After fighting and killing the guards, the gladiator will gather all weapons, including rifles, guns, shotguns, snipers, and grenades. Use these weapons to kill other enemies and release the hostages. Use the looted weapons to combat and train your opponents.

Mod Menu

> Unlimited Resources

> God Mode

> Premium Features Unlocked

> Move Speed

> No Ads


This game demands android devices with API (Application Programming Interface) 5.0 or more. This game doesn’t demand a rooted phone, and you can use it without any trouble.

Gladiators Survival In Rome Mod APK


Gladiators: Survival in Rome Mod has provided outstanding gameplay with free premium features. Enjoy the immersive storyline with a variety of weapons, skills, maps, and activities. You may also enjoy similar activities in Bid Wars, which has intense battles for the audience. Furthermore, the modded version has no interruption of advertisements.


Q. Are the Gladiators: Survival in Rome game free?

Of course. You can install this game without paying anything, and all features are free in this game. Moreover, the modified version has unlocked premium features for free.

Q. Is the modded update safe for android devices?

Although the modified update does not damage the androids, you must get this mod from a trustworthy source. You can get the update from the above link, which is tested and secured.

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