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App Name GODUS mod apk
Size 83M
Latest Version 0.0.28183
MOD Features Premium Unlocked/Unlimited Everything/Unlimited Money
Developer 22cans
Content Rating Everyone 10+
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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What is godus mod apk 

GODUS mod apk is the ultimate god game, from the creative masterminds behind Populous and Dungeon Keeper. GODUS is a new take on the god game from Molyneux's 22cans studio. It combines powerful creation tools with a deep world simulation to let you play God in a way you never have before.

The gods mod apk is a fascinating story with many features and new characters. You can find so many cool things in it. It's fascinating. And I think you should put it in your library immediately. Begin your godly adventure in this beautiful and extraordinary world. First, choose where to place your worshipers. Then, cause a miracle! Inspire happiness to grow into villages (then cities!). Grow your cities and erect magnificent monuments for millions of followers to adore you. It's in your hands to create a new world. It's in your hands to help them thrive.

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The story behind gods apk

Play god in a living, breathing world that evolves as you play. Shape your landscape, interact with the people in your world, and watch as nature responds to your touch.

God is just an excellent game that offers you an opportunity to rule the world. In this Android game, you can lead your own life. The beautiful graphics and the best music make this addictive game stick in your mind all day long.

God is an ambitious, beautifully crafted, and massively multiplayer reimagining of the classic god game from Peter Molyneux and 22cans. Experience a new way to play god is a free-form game about the relationship between gods and their believers. Play by yourself or with friends, explore infinite worlds, and help your followers achieve their desires. It's all up to you!

Features of this game

God mod apk features an entirely new game mode built from the ground up, featuring real-time play and a living world that reacts to your decisions and actions. Dare you face the mountain peak to explore all of its creatures, inhabitants, and scenery.

Build and edit living creatures with simple touch controls

A mobile world of breathtaking beauty and constant activity has just gotten even better. With the brand new godus mod apk all unlocked app, you can now play on the go and build your ultimate world with one touch. Features include: Zoom out for a bird's eye view of your world to get a better overview. Build and edit living creatures with simple touch controls - Summon giants and gods to boss around and lead them in battles - Unlock a range of rewards by collecting amber along the way - Upgrade your features as often as you like with no energy system or wait for timers.

Godus Mod Apk 2

Beautiful landscapes

Landscapes are now arranged in a careful balance of colors and textures, where beauty always surrounds you! There are four beautiful landscapes for you to explore and conquer. Each has different scenes, quests, and inhabitants. With a broader view of the world, you can see various animals, creatures, and gods that make the world alive. The world is waiting to be discovered, godlike creatures await your command, and gifted artists bring it all to life. Create a living universe and build the ultimate realm. Then release your creations into an ever-evolving world that you can shape and help grow.

Rewarding challenges

Explore beautiful, hand-crafted environments and experience the majesty of a living world. Simple to learn and satisfying to master, the addictive gameplay always gives you something new to do. Your world evolves. By choosing what to do and where to explore, you will grow your creature​ and help it become powerful enough to defeat a god. 

You'll also meet many other players' creatures and help or hinder each other. Your creature will face obstacles, but it has the powers and tools to overcome them. The more you play, the more skills your animal will learn, and the more rewarding the journey.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Belief/Money
  • Lots of level limitless fun
  • Unlocked All premium features
  • No Advertisement

How to download and install godus mod apk unlimited money

Follow these steps to download this modded version of this game. You can download the modded version of the game by clicking on the download buttons below. Click on the download buttons and wait until its downloading is complete. After downloading:

  1. Go to the Downloaded APK files.
  2. Click on install Buttons.
  3. Install them on your androids.


godus mod apk is a fun game for android that I have played for three days! It would be best if you were intrigued by this game with godus. The game has a great environment that gives the player a pleasure to play the game, and it also creates a 100% safe environment for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with.


Q. Can we get all the Premium features in this modded version?

Yes, the gamers of this Game get all the features in this modded version.

Q. Is Godus mod App a Multiplayer game?

Yes, This is a Multiplayers game you can play with different players worldwide.

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