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App Name Google account manager apk For Android
Size 7.9MB
Latest Version 7.1.2
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Google
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 07, 2022 (22 days ago)
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Google account manager apk

Google account manager apk latest Version

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Google account manager For Android

Google Account Manager Apk:

Isn't it hard to manage your Google accounts daily? Yes, it is, it is very hard because people have more than one google account for various purposes. And we can't manage all of them at the same time. We need an app that'll manage these accounts by itself without creating any serious issues on our device. Google Account Manager Apk is the type of app that every Android user must install on his/her device for proper management of the Google accounts as well as other accounts on different apps. So, download this app from our site and enjoy its services for your Android device.

People have various Gmail and google accounts, one for personal use, one for professional/business use, one for urgent information, and many more. And it is very hard for us to remember the account details i.e password, email, etc. So, we must download Google Accounts Manager Apk on our device so that it can manage the accounts by itself and we can't worry about it. It works best on Androids and manages almost everything on one's phone. On an Android device, the main thing is a Google account that must be kept safe to run a lot of things. 

Different apps are run on your device with the help of these Google accounts. Android devices are developed by Google accounts and that's why google accounts are known as the backbone of these devices. Apps on an Android device are directly or indirectly connected with Google accounts. YouTube is an app that is based on a Gmail account. Many other apps like YouTube also run with the help of these Google accounts. Google Accounts Manager Apk syncs all these apps easily and helps you a lot. These apps include Maps Play Music, Hangouts, Photos, Play Music, Gmail, and Google search.


Google Account Manager Apk Features:

These are the features of this amazing Google Account Manager Apk that users must know before using the app. 

Password Recovery:

 When people have more than one google account then they often forget their password and have to recover it again. But this recovery process is very hard and sometimes the user even loses his/her account. But Google Account Manager is an app that does not make the user lose his account and easily recovers the password without any hard work.

The process is simple and easy, the users just have to download the app from the link available on our site. This will help the users in managing their google accounts and using them on different apps without any worry of passwords or anything like that. 


Privacy and protection of someone's data are the most important to the one. People are very curious and conscious about their privacy and the safety of their data. Because the data is one's privacy and the apps should always protect it at any cost.

 So, Google Account Manager gives users a chance to protect their privacy and guard their data in many ways. This app stops any virus from entering the system before it causes any harm to one's system. This app is very useful and guards the data and protects the device from much online malware.

Sync your Contacts:

When a person has to change his phone number or even his phone. He has all the data deleted or his data is still in the previous phones. But we can sync the contacts on our Google accounts with the help of this app and then save them on our new phones. 

Yes, this feature helps the user in saving his/her time and effort in saving the contacts in their new phone. So, download this app to get benefits from it.

Factory Restore:

The data of one person can be restored easily if he restarted his phone after forgetting the password. He can restore the factory setting by using this app and all his data will be stored again in his device as it was earlier. So, save your data from disappearing and save it again on your Androids by working with this app. Make sure to restore the data after resetting the password. 

Manage multiple accounts at the same time:

Managing multiple accounts is very difficult and makes the user forget his data details and passwords. And he is not able to review all his things before an important event. He/she can forget to check the important details of his/her job. 

They can miss many necessary emails just because they weren't logged into Gmail at the same time. So, Google Account Manager Apk saves the users from such big losses and saves the data from disappearing. It reminds the user about every mail they receive no matter what email the mail arrived on. 

In-app purchases:

The users can do in-app purchases and use them for the enhancement of their system. The users can do these in-app purchases by spending real money and get a lot more features that are not available in the normal version. Make sure to download this app to get benefit from it. 

User-friendly interface:

The user interface of this app is amicable and almost every user can understand how to use this app without getting distracted from the app. This app is very useful and allows the users to get access to a lot of features available in it for the device's betterment. 

Google Account Manager Apk Download:

If you want to download this application on your device, just follow the guidelines given below:

1- Open the settings on your phone and jump on to the "Unknown Sources" in your device. 

2- Once you grant permission to "Unknown Sources ", this application will get the access required for it. 

3- Tap on the "Download" option that is provided on the screen and wait for the application to fully download.

4- Once the download is done, install this application. 

5- After installation of this application, open the application and enjoy the privileges.


Google Account Manager Apk is an app that allows users to get access to a lot of features that will help the users in managing their google accounts better. The users can manage 3 or 4 google accounts at the same time and no data is missed.

This informs the users about every mail they get from any email or account so that the information is not missed. The users can get a chance to do in-app purchases to buy the features and have fun with the premium features. Make sure to download the app from our site following the steps given above.



Q. Will Google Account Manager Apk save our data?

Yes, Google Account Manager Apk saves your data and protects the device from any online malware that can harm your device. This app also respects the users' privacy and guards it against any virus that can destroy the system.

Q. Can we log into 2 or more Google accounts at the same time using Google Account Manager Apk?

Yes, you are allowed to log into 2 or more Google accounts at the same time as this app manages these accounts perfectly and saves information like passwords and contacts for the users.

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