Goosebumps Horror Town MOD APK Unlimited Money

Goosebumps Horror Town MOD APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Goosebumps Horror Town MOD APK Unlimited Money
Size 77.87 MB
Latest Version 0.9.6
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer PIXOWL INC
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Goosebumps Horror Town MOD APK:

Goosebumps Horror Town is basically an action game with lots of thrilling and horror functions. Its storyline is similar to a typical horror movie. It is a role-playing app in which you will be free to choose any of the roles, you can play as a survivor or as a monster. If you select the first option then you have to protect yourself from thirling and cruel monsters and demons as the guardian of the city. Investigate the plans and activities of monsters, and unlock maps and locations to discover the whole city. But if you want to play as a monster then your main task is to bring more evil spirits and monsters to your town. Build up a whole city of monsters by eliminating and possessing the humans of that city. I suggest trying both of its roles. Find out your qualities and abilities as a survivor. Also, find the cruel and worst version of yourself by playing as a monster.

Goosebumps Horror Town

General Info:

This application is programmed on the script of a horror novel that was written by the famous novelist R.L. Stine in 1992. It became a very famous novel among the people of the 19th century. The script of this game also has some situations of an American Horror movie that was directed by Rob Letterman and written by Larry Karaszewski,  Darren Lemke, and Scott Alexander. The main character of that movie was Jack Black. Nonetheless, this game is basically a hide-and-seek game between the human creed and the monster.

You will see many ghosts and monsters. You are free to play as a demon or human. It completely depends upon you to choose a role for you. But if you play as a human, then you have to stop the monster and investigate their activities in the town. But if you select to be a monster, then try to bring a maximum number of monsters into the town. Create your own town of monsters by eliminating all the humans of the town. 

Goosebumps Horror Town


Choose your role:

You have to choose a specific role before starting the gameplay. You will be given two choices. You have to select to play as an evil ghost or to play as a kind human. If you select a haunted ghost then your task is to bring bad evils and ghosts to your town. You have to make a ghost community in order to possess humans. If you select to play as a human, then you have to investigate each movement of ghosts. You have to stop them from evil deeds.

Try to send maximum ghosts back to hell. Because they are condemned souls that are from hell. You have to play as good or evil. You can not play both of these roles simultaneously. However, you can try both of these characters one by one. I suggest you try both roles. In this way, you can discover the good qualities inside yourself as a king human. Also, discover the worst and most cruel version of yourself by playing as a demon.

Build a City of Terror:

You have to unlock more ghosts and evil spirits to terrify the humans of your town. Possess the bodies of citizens and invite your demon friends that were caught in hell. You need the dead body of a human to put the soul of your ghost into it. Your main task is to bring maximum demons and monsters to your city. In this way, you will get a strong and populated ghost city. 

Kill as many humans as you can, because you will get many rewards and gold coins for killing a citizen. You can purchase more powerful and horrible ghosts from the store with this collected money. There are more than 500 plus ghosts and monsters available in the store. Transform your city into the most haunted place in the world by unlocking maximum evil spirits.  You can also raise haunted construction, houses, and buildings. Transform your colorful city into a haunted town by setting a dark theme. By applying a dark theme, all the things will be converted into black-and-white colors that will give you a haunted background. Raise some horrible huge trees with dark bushes and leaves. Unlock black clouds to block the sunshine because it can irritate dark and evil creatures. You can create a huge collection of ghosts and monsters by selecting scary creatures from the store. Unlock some scary mutants and terrifying vampires, creepy mummies, and horrible skeletons to make your town more horrible and scary.  

You will get many challenges in this single game. As you can perform both evil and good deeds according to your preferred role. It will certainly immerse you in the gameplay. The graphics, obstacles, and visuals are too immersive and hooking. Test your qualities as a kind human or find out a wild and evil version of yourself by playing as a demon. 

Scare and possess humans:

Being a scary demon, your main task is to scare and kill humans. You will get many rewards, special bonuses, and bumper prizes. Spread your demons all around the city to catch more humans. In this way, you will be able to get more points and coins. You can unlock advanced levels by utilizing these rewards and gold coins.

Goosebumps Horror Town

Protect yourself from demons:

If you are playing as a human, then you have to protect yourself from terrifying werewolves, ghosts, and zombies. Because being a survivor, you have to protect yourself as long as possible. Although the demons are large in number, you can defeat them with your faith and supernatural spirits. Just focus and believe. Because no one can hurt you if you have faith in God. A single human can defeat a huge army of demons and send them to hell at once. There are some spells and magical powers programmed to defeat goosebumps. Try to survive as long as possible by using these magical powers. Lock or hide in a safe place like a church or a huge old castle. 

Halloween Parties:

Thanks to the developers for creating some exciting tasks in the gameplay. You can also take part in Halloween parties where you perform many tasks. Unlock some unique costumes for your ghost for the party. There are so many creepy and haunted dresses for your ghost. Put on the costume and make yourself more expressive. Humans can also join this party by putting on some weird costumes. Give a monster look to yourself and join the party. You can catch demons and evils with your superpowers. Play as a detective and catch as many monsters as you can. Set some traps to catch vampires and zombies. Use your wisdom and tactics to compete with the horrible and terrifying creature. Run from the party after getting your target.

Goosebumps Horror Town

Steps to download:

Click on the download icon. Open the settings and grant permission to unknown apps. Now, Open the recent download folder and select the app you want to install. Now, tap the install option and get it on your device.

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Goosebumps Horror Town


As it is a paid version, it may cost too much money. But if you don’t want to pay for it. You can try its free version, which offers you almost all the paid features of the original version. Just click on the above link and get it on your android.


Q. What is the latest version of this application?

It was recently updated on 23-10-2022. Its updated version is v 0.9.7. You can access its latest version directly from this site.

Q. What are the storage requirements to download this application?

You would be able to download it if you have at least storage of about 80MB or more. Because its size will be increased because of the accumulation of cache memory.

Q. Can I access this application free of cost?

Nope, this application is not for free. It has some subscription charges and numerous in-app purchases that will be very costly. But if you don’t have enough cash to pay for it, then you will be glad to know that its free version also exists on internet sites. You can access its modified version directly from this site. The link is already given at the top of this site. Just hit and get it on your android.

Q. Can I download this application on my iPhone device?

Ans: Yes, it can be downloaded on iOS devices directly from the App store.
But iPhone users can not get its modded version. This offer is valid only for android users.

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