Granny Mod Apk 1.5 [God Mode] Free Download For Android

Saying the word granny reminds us of love, affection, warmth, food, and comfort. Instantly we envision an image of our grandma who recounts to her grandkids evening time stories and looks after them. Be that as it may, in the present time everything has changed. Indeed, today if you say the word granny, the main thing that comes in the mind of the majority of the individuals is the Granny Mod APK.


Granny Mod APK is an Indian Horror Game. Are you shocked? Well, continue reading to find out!

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Version Info


NameGranny Mod Apk
Last updated10-04-2020
Size89.2 MB
Genre MOD

What is Granny Mod APK About? 

Granny is a creepy Indian horror game. Alongside being frightening, it is additionally very fun. Granny Horror Game is made by a game engineer organization of India, DVloper.

At the point when Granny Horror game was made, the developer was taking a shot at a horror game which is called Slendrina. All the games of this series are all connected so you will be able to sense a connection while playing the game.

The plot of Granny Mod APK  

GRANNY is nothing like the name suggests. It is a survival horror game rotating around stealth interaction. You will be held hostage by a crazy elderly woman who can’t see but “hears everything!” The Granny will roam around in a little two-level house conveying a bat and dropping leg-mutilating bear traps.

Your goal is to get away from the house just inside five days (the day ends if Granny gets you) by unbarring/opening the front entryway. You do this by staying away from Granny while scanning the house for keys and other ways to unlock the doors.

If Granny hears you, you need to run and hide or have your head slammed in.

The gameplay of Granny Mod APK 

At the point when this game begins, you will be lying on a bed in a room. Granny has secured you a room and she is in the storm cellar. As the game begins, your first day starts and you just have 5 days to escape that house. If you cannot escape the house in these 5 days, on the sixth day, Granny takes you with her and fiercely kills you.

There are two different ways to escape that house. The first is the main door of the house and the other is an old vehicle kept in the cellar. This vehicle belongs to the family who had first come here to stay but Granny killed them with great ruthlessness.

To escape the horrific house from the main gate as well as to get the car, you will have to collect some things from which the main gate and car will be unlocked. Be that as it may, remember that Granny will tail you all over the place. If there is a slight disturbance, at that point, she will know where you are and she will find you to murder you.

In Granny Mod APK game you can also kill Granny yet for some time only. After that, she will be alive again and will begin pursuing you to slaughter you. The game has a ton of things like racks, beds, tables, drawers, playhouses, well and so on. You can discover these tools and instruments to open the main entryway and the car to run away.

Granny Mod APK Features to Know

  1. High definition graphics
  2. Escape the haunted house
  3. God Mode available
  4. Amazing gameplay
  5. Many game modes like easy, normal, hard extreme available as per your need
  6. High-quality music is available
  7. Very User-friendly
  8. Ideal for horror game lovers
  9. Good and interactive controls
  10. Tests your instinct
  11. No technical lags or hiccups
  12. Challenging and meant for players from all levels
  13. You can kill Granny
  14. Easy to play game
  15. No App purchase required with Mod APK
  16. What’s new in Granny Mod APK Latest Version?
  17. Added another “Game Over” end
  18. Fixed another freeze trap glitch

How to download Granny Mod APK on an Android Device?  

Want to know how to download Granny Mod PK God Mode on your Android device? Simply make sure that you follow all these simple steps and you will get this amazing horror game on your device.

  • Installation Instructions:

Download the Granny Mod APK File from the given download link in this article.

  1. Turn on unknown sources (if required).
  2. Open file location and click on it.
  3. Install the game and allow app permissions.
  4. Enjoy the Horror Experience!

How to Get God Mode?

To enjoy God Mode, you will have to enable this feature. When you start playing this game, you will find an option on the top right corner. Click on it to enable the God Mode feature and Play as a god! Where the granny can’t see you at all.

Last Thoughts

This is a serious startling and fun game. You get an amazing feature called the God Mode in this Modded game so you should download this game to find out for yourself.

This game is loaded with gruesomeness but a lot of fun too. If you are especially dependent on Android Games and want to play the most terrible ones then you need to play Granny Mod APK.

Good controls, awesome tasks to complete and amazing graphics make Granny Mod an interesting game.

Download Granny Mod APK at the earliest opportunity. This is the one you were searching for trust me. Get this game and appreciate the dreadfulness!

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