Grim Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money, All Items, No ADS

Grim Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money, All Items, No ADS

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App Name Grim Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money, All Items, No ADS
Size 66 MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Monomyth
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Immerse yourself in a magical and suspenseful story to enjoy the mysterious world. Grim Quest game comes with a horror storyline in which the gamers are in a magical world full of mysteries. The horrible witches and the evil forces to which you cannot see, but they affect you badly. The game has unique stories for gamers, and you will get these stories with the characters. The dark theme of the game gives the real feel of this horrifying fantasy. 

Choose your favorite story to explore and enjoy its magical moves. The player will get acquainted with the dark screen of this game. Moreover, the game has a complete tutorial video that will explain the interface of the game. This tutorial will give clues and clear ambiguities. This app has an age restriction, and the children cannot play this as the sounds, and the images may frighten the little kids. The mod update will enhance your excitement with the premium features. 

Grim Quest Mod APK


This game has many storylines that are associated with the characters. The characters, with their magical superpowers, are entertaining the audience, and the players may have fun with the new stories. The player reads the story of all characters and selects the one whose story seems interesting. After that, the player explores the mysterious world connected with that character. 

The player uses the abilities and expertise of the character to accomplish the tasks. You will find witches as enemies. These evil witches may come, and you must confront them to earn rewards. Your fights against wizards will demand powerful equipment, and you will obtain them from the weapon store. The terrifying witches will scare you, but you have to show chivalry to defend these spiritual forces.



The game presents not only the amazing characters but also their stories. Each character has its story, and the story overview is available with the name of the character. The player will read the details of the characters and choose the character whose story is fascinating. After selecting the character, the player follows and enjoys the story of the character. The character uses magical moves to confront and fight against wizards. 

Almost twenty-seven characters are available, and the player can use any of these available characters. The spiritual powers and the abilities of the characters may vary. 

Magical Moves

The players experience twenty-five magical moves, and these moves are helpful when the player thinks to attack the enemy. Each move has unique power and range that will help the player attack the evil forces to demolish them. The player may use these moves when it’s his turn to attack the evil witches. Use these moves with care, as you will lose the move if your move is wrong for the witch. Don’t misuse the magical moves, as you will lose the round if the moves come to an end before you destroy the evil wizard. 


The attacks that the player uses may include passive attacks or active attacks. The defense may also have the same action type and passive type. These attacks have twenty different kinds. The players use these attacks for their defense and to fight the dark powers. You will hear the sounds or screams that make you scared, but you have to be brave to defend yourself and secure yourself. If you don’t use these attacks wisely, the evil forces will demolish you within seconds. 

Grim Quest Mod APK


All characters in this game have superpowers that will damage the enemies with one attack. These superpowers are unique and different for each character. The characters have their special abilities and magical powers. These spiritual powers allow players to combat their enemies with courage. You will see difficulty levels of wars, and you should elect the characters that have high powers and win the battles. 

The correct use of spiritual powers will be the guarantee of your victory. Don’t lose hope. You can defeat such wizards and terrible faces. 

Dark Forces

The enemies that the players face are dark forces and these forces will give them a tough time. Your character must have spiritual powers to defeat these evils. Otherwise, they will scare you, and you will lose the game. The strength and power of these enemies increases as the difficulty stage improves. No worries. If the strength of the witches increases, your characters also get strengthened with the higher levels. Utilize the powers and implement strategic plots to make sure your conquest. 

Turn-Based Mechanism

The game has a turn-based system for gamers. With this mechanism, the two parties will get equal chances to attack each other. The player attacks the enemy, and the next turn will allow the witches to defend themselves. You have to use your turn with strategy, so you can damage the evil forces with more power and strength. The turn-based system will not exhaust you as you know that you will get the chance to defend yourself. But you have to show your ability to get success. 

Offline & Online

This game presents both modes: Offline and Online. If the player chooses the online playing mode, he must have a strong internet network to support this mode, as the online mode demands a Wi-Fi network. On the other hand, you can play this offline game without connecting your device to an internet network. This offline game allows gamers to enjoy the game outside their homes or when they are roaming everywhere and cannot access the internet. 


You can play this game on the big screen of your PC. The game is designed for all android devices, so you need an emulator to download this game on your PC. Follow the simple steps to get this game on your PC. 

> Download the APK file of the game from the above link. 

> Install an emulator software, for example, the BlueStacks on your PC. 

> Open the BlueStacks and install the game APK file with this emulator software. 

> Open the installed game and step into the horrible journey. 

Graphics & Sounds

The game has 3D graphics and a dark theme. The screen will be of only two colors. One is White, and the other one is Black. The images that you make to solve puzzles are also in two colors. Everything is dark to make the gameplay more terrifying for gamers. Further, the sounds are heartbreaking and cause goosebumps on your skin. You will hear screams, whistles, and the sound of the feet whenever the character moves. The developer has tried to design the things as per the requirement. 


The background or screen of the game is completely black & white. You will not see any vibrant colors or colorful visuals. The characters, enemies, written notes, gameplay, battlegrounds, and maps are transparent, but black. This dark theme represents the horror and scary gameplay that you experience in the game. 

Magical Wars

The gamers will fight magical wars that are completely different from any other action game. The battles between the witches and the characters with spiritual powers have distinct tastes. These wars will captivate gamers with their spiritual powers and magical abilities. The gamers enjoy this unique battle concept, which is not present in any other game. The wars will have equal chances for the player and the enemy. 

Grim Quest Mod APK

Mysterious Land and Missions

The landscape is mysterious and hides many mysteries in it. The player participates in events and battles to explore this mysterious land. The gamers will be able to unlock the mysteries of this magical land by exploring it. During this journey, the players get missions, and they have to fulfill these missions. These assigned missions are the key to getting more powers and rewards. The player can reach the resources by accomplishing these challenges. Plus, these tasks will bring excitement for the gamers as they remain passionate to complete these tasks. 

Age Restriction

This game has an age restriction, and everyone cannot play this game. This game has scary sounds and frightening backgrounds, so the children cannot play the game, as they will not bear the sudden screams of witches. So the game has restricted this game for the kids, and the older ones can surely enjoy this incredible story. 

No Ads

The advertisements irritate gamers, especially when they are at the climax. Sometimes, these advertisements interrupt the victory and can offend the players. The developer has considered the requirement of the audience and made the gameplay free of ads. You will not see any ads during your wars. Enjoy the smooth storyline and become the winner. 


> No subscription. 

> No registration. 

> Interactive but simple interface. 

> Anti-ban

Mod Menu

The mod update of the game has provided all premiums for free and made the gameplay easy for gamers. This Mod Menu includes the following. 

> Premium Features

> All Items

> No Ads

> Unlimited Money

System Requirements

Every app has its requirement to exhibit a smooth experience, and this game requires android systems of 5.0 or more. The gamers should fulfill the system requirements of the game before installing the game on their devices.

Grim Quest Mod APK


The complete procedure to download the APK and install it on android devices is described below in steps. Follow to access the horror stories. 

> A safe link is available above this article. Tap that link and start the downloading process. 

> Check the device security option to confirm it. It allows your phone to install apps from all unknown sources. 

> Open Menu>Files>Downloads.

> Search the APK to which you have downloaded. 

> Press the file and start the installation. 

> Wait for a moment to finish the installation process. 

> Launch the game and open it. 

> Watch the tutorial and start playing.


Show courage and chivalry to become the best warrior in Grim Quest. Enjoy this horrible tour that will scare you and also entertain you. If you are a braver person, you will get this thrilling and sensational game. The mod version without ads will engage you for a long time. You can also check Grim Soul, which has a horror depiction in its storyline. Entertain yourself with text-based challenges and solve magical puzzles.


Q. Is the Grime Quest Mod free?

Of course. The mod version of the game is free, and the link is available above this article. You can easily access the mod update from that link.

Q. Does this horror game have an age restriction?

Yes. This game is restricted for children as the game has some sensitive and horrifying content that may impact the little ones.

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