Grow Empire Rome MOD APK

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK

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App Name Grow Empire Rome MOD APK
Size 76M
Latest Version 1.11.6
MOD Features Unlimited money/Max level/All upgrades/Free shopping
Developer Games Station Studio
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Grow Empire Rome MOD APK v1.11.6 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)


Strategical games are the worthwhile stuff in the entire virtual entertaining platforms. These are places where you can enjoy realistic mind gaming with lots of knowledge, brain-building, and entertainment. After going through such games, You can enjoy the most experienced game modes and elegant BGMs. There are hundreds of thousands of such choices of the strategical games in the Android’s Google Play Store, and Android was also once awarded as the best OS in terms of containing each genre of games.

If You’re a real strategical gaming freak, then you can go for the games like Lords Mobile, Evony, Clash of Clans, and Grow Empire Rome, and much more. Moreover, we’re also offering you the modified version of one of the most entertaining strategical games from the above list named Grow Empire Rome. It’s a versatile Android game containing hundreds of add-ons and groundbreaking benefits.

Excepting that, the MOD or modified game will also grant you the most elegant way of gaming that you never experienced yet. Stop wandering for the local games and try the modified or magical versions once to feel damn loved!

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Play the most delightful strategical game on your Android smartphone

Are you fatigued by playing a single Android game, Candy Crush or Angry Birds, every time? If Yes, It’s the time to change your taste with a new dashing, and knowledgeable gaming genre. By knowledge, I don’t mean the educational stuff, but the live ones. The game genre is strategical, and our recommendation for the enthusiasts is Grow Empire Rome.

Grow Empire Rome is a strategical Android game covering hundreds of features that are about to blow your mind. It’s a building game based on both online and offline modes in the Single-Player mode. You can download the game for Android and iOS smartphones and endure all its incredible advancements without paying a single charge. So start relishing all the features and also download the modified version for the next-level fun.

Enjoy the most challenging fights from over 1500 waves

Grow Empire Rome is a free Android game based on the Single-Player Strategical mode. The game first starts with a simplistic glimpse, where you can create your account and choose the best username for your entire gaming journey. Afterward, You can begin the Campaign gaming mode, covering thousands of missions, not in the list, but with the game.

The game not only covers the building or constructing stream, but it also offers you a free battleground, where you’re supposed to clear over 1500 waves of enemies and win each of the matches with your army. Moreover, You can upgrade your troops to build the military bases in your empire and make them compatible with fighting thousands of army men. Enjoy Grow Empire Rome!

Conquer over 120 cities and build your empire there

The above statement must sound the hilarious or impossible one! But mark my words, You’re about to get entertained with the natural things and nothing fake in the game. You can download the game and start with your empire, building hundreds of buildings like Troop bases, Military bases, Weaponry, Hospitals, and Military houses.

But within this simplistic gaming, you also have to wander the various empires and defeat them to expand your empire more effectively. Time to get inside the fight with your own tactics and strategy; Get ready for the battle!

Endure the exceptional in-game add-ons you can’t find anywhere

Add-Ons are the strategical games’ complexity, and these games are simply nothing without these few features. Almost all the games contain hundreds of thousands of add-ons like the NPCs, characters, powers, weapons, and empires. Similarly, The Grow Empire Rome also offers you thousands of sturdy add-ons.

Here You can endure the complexity of 120 cities, 1000 buildings, 35+ roman soldiers, 4 European enemy factions, Cordon Arms, War Elephants, card-boosters, 18+ skills, and three levels of power. So stop trying and enjoying the same things, and experience the new stuff based on exceptional advancements. Enjoy!

Get the modified version from the below link for additional enjoyment

Have You ever played the Grow Empire Rome practically? No! So You need to think about one thing first before downloading the official game – In-App Purchases. Now You must have heard of in-app purchases, as you’re an enthusiastic gamer, and it’s one of the deadly flaws of every Android game. Yup, It’s the online purchases you need to make inside the games for the resources and weapons.

The official version contains hundreds of in-app purchases that we’ve finally got free for you with our creation – Grow Empire Rome MOD APK! The modified version of the official game consists of hacking scripts to offer you such brilliant features. So stop being stuck in the official one, and give your first try today to a modified game!

Get free access to the unlimited coins that’ll increase on shopping

Coins are the primary currency in the Grow Empire Rome game and are needed to build the protection walls and upgrade many troops inside the game. Having the most substantial security wall means the most exceptional protection from the antagonists.

Keeping that in mind, The Grow Empire Rome MOD APK delivers you unlimited coins. You can access these coins and build the most influential stone gate towers and stone wall battlements. Just download the modification and get freely upgraded to the extreme level!

Infinite gems in the same way as the coins

Now, If we’ve conquered the coins, How can we forget about the Gems? Gems are the most precious currency or resource type inside the Grow Empire Rome. It’s the game’s featureful currency, as you can’t earn or collect them easily inside the game and are needed to purchase the legendary troops.

And as an outstanding feature, the Grow Empire Rome MOD APK is offering you unlimited gems. Time to get free from all the complexity and make every level easy with the Grow Empire Rome MOD APK!

Enjoy the exceptional ad-free gaming interface

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK also delivers your most desired privilege in the ditto Grow Empire Rome official game. Yeah, We know what you all dreamed every night, and we’ve got that stuff ready – An ad-free App Interface!

Grow Empire Rome MOD APK is a 100% ad-free Android game that you can enjoy eternally without a single interruption by the online Google servers. Just install this game and get plugged in with the most delightful gaming!

The story of the talented emperor

You heard Caesar’s name for a long time but never once appeared or admired his superior demeanor? Now there is a game that turns you into Caesar to lead the invincible Roman army across the European battlefield in the past. Welcome to the world of Grow Empire: Rome.

Not content with the modesty and peace he has, Caesar dreams of global domination and expansion by the strategy of war, occupying and dominating neighboring countries, and then gradually expanding to other countries throughout Europe. It’s the story of the mighty hero of all times, and how he steers a small and weak farmer army into the world’s most powerful warriors. Such a story appears in Grow Empire: Rome.

The game mixes many forms of gameplay in one in a wise way

The game is a mixture of traditional tower defense style and strategic role-playing. So, the first thing that can be said with certainty is: once you play, you will never get bored. You work hard all the time, anywhere, on any side. The player has to fight with not only the barbarian, powerful armies of Italy, Gallium, Carthage, the Iberian Peninsula but also many other military powers. You will have to both upgrade and continuously build strongholds and surrounding canals to protect forces from enemy attacks. And when you win an army, you may expand your territory and help your inhabitants have a richer, fuller life.

The tower defense gameplay is designed too obviously, through a series of actions you must do such as building a fence, continuously building it higher and thicker so that it is difficult for the enemy to break, digging a system of canals around the city to trap and prevent the enemy, building high observation fortresses to anticipate dangers, and building a powerful military base ready to fight at any time…

To do these things, you need resources. The resources here are the scores obtained in the process of destroying the small and large scattered groups of soldiers that appear from the first screen. At the same time, you must also have a plan to train elite soldiers, which can immediately be able to fight when needed as the fragile defense outside is unlikely to prevent the enemy. The time when things start to get more difficult at the same time with so much pressure is also when the strategy in the game shows clearly.

The need for a strategic brain and the role-playing element has been shown quite clearly in the fighting phase with the enemy. When the enemy comes to the kingdom, every soldier must fight. The groups of soldiers usually tasked with guarding the tower now need to immediately fight. But not sure how long they can hold out. You must estimate the strength of the enemy (based on their blood on the top of each soldier) to arrange troops in a reasonable time, or just stop giving soldiers to battle. Because once sending soldiers out, it means that the defense will weaken a bit.

One important thing, also the ultimate goal of the leader Caesar, is to conquer and occupy territory. So, after building a strong enough defense, fight a few battles to understand the enemy, you will deploy soldiers and special forces to really attack, defeat the enemy and break the wall, occupy and turn the land into new territory for the Roman Empire. How to divide the force, how to attack properly, how to strike quickly and with the least amount of resources… Those are all questions that you must figure out to show your ability to control soldiers and your talented strategy.

Grow Empire Rome Mod Apk 2

In-game upgrade mode

In later scenes, the game will give you exciting upgrades, more weapons, and increase skills for all soldiers. Depending on the role of each group, they will have their own strengths and weaknesses. You will also unlock special groups of soldiers with the ability to destroy extremely strong enemies. These friends can be considered as “strong generals” in each launch, and only appear at the end when all fighting abilities of the home soldiers have been neutralized by the enemy.

A few numbers to help visualize the breadth and richness of the game

You will not have any minute to think about “Will the scene finish too quickly?”. Grow Empire: Rome has 4 main enemy factions with more than 1,500 different groups of enemies constantly appearing to challenge you, it can be small, it can be a large legion, depending on the scene and difficulty. In the game, you will also have the opportunity to travel around more than 120 ancient European cities, wherever you go, you will establish a stronghold there. And if you put together all the strongholds the Roman Empire built throughout Europe, there must be more than 1000 different large and small buildings. And during the game, you can completely upgrade these buildings to bring a new look and prosperity to the whole city.

What about the good fighting forces of Rome? If you play to the end, you can have more than 35 different armies with their own fighting style, advantages, and disadvantages. Slowly play and you will unlock one by one. There’s no rush. The importance is not how many types of troops there are in total but how you use and coordinate them together.

In addition to the army, the game also offers many different ways to upgrade such as more than 18 special combat skills, 7 famous heroes under Caesar’s control, 6 special cards with the ability to increase breakthrough power … In general, you were born to win. However, you also need to be careful, look ahead, look back and make the right strategy, if you don’t want to self-defeat when you sleep on your own victory.

Graphics and sound

The first impression that I am sure you will have when entering the game is the colorful, lively, and fresh gameplay scenes. The atmosphere of war appeared in a fiery and arrogant manner. All soldiers from ordinary soldiers to generals are colorful, easy to identify, never mistaken in the battle. And especially, they are all very tall and muscular, just looking at them makes me want to fight.

The wordless game music is the perfect remedy for the disease called “the desire to rule the world” that Caesar always obsesses over. The sound of weapons touching each other, the sound of the castle upgrading, and the shouting like a storm of the great armies… are almost unforgettable impressions for anyone who has played Grow Empire: Rome.

MOD APK version of Grow Empire: Rome

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems


Grow Empire Rome MOD APK is ready to amaze you with all its unique privileges, including the ad-free interface and unlimited resources. You can download it merely with the below download link and install it on any Android smartphone as per the default installation process. The file is 100% working and tested by many users.  Just click the below button and enjoy the endless fun!

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