GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK Unlimited Money

GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK Unlimited Money

Additional Information

App Name GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 2.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Rockstar Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 19, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Enjoy the adventurous life in a big city world. Control the management of the city and maintain all cultural values. GTA: Liberty City Stories game presents a plot in which the background is about a man named Toni Cipriani. Toni Cipriani is a murderer with a white cold face. He has killed a man and hidden. But the system has got disturbed. People have become mentally weak and athirst. They are killing each other, stealing treasure, doing corruptions, and discriminating against one another to modify the world. 

Toni Cipriani comes back to this outlawed world where no one is right. All citizens get scared by seeing Toni. But Toni has to change the government of the city, and he will start performing different missions secretly to modify things. He pretends to be good, but he is doing some corruption too. Moreover, the player is escaping from the police. During this situation, he will stop people from doing corrupt and snatching the items.

GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK


This game has many adventures at once, such as wars, management of the city, and boss life. The gamer is behaving as Toni Cipriani in the game story and has unique tasks to do. The player will frighten the citizens to stop them from doing wrong things. He will use different weapons and use vehicles to wander in the city. 

The player can steal the cars or bikes and use them to drive or ride, respectively. The player has to manage the system and start his adventurous life. He will enjoy fighting with people and escaping from the rangers. Equip yourself with powerful equipment, as anyone can attack you from the sides. Don’t get captured by anyone, and bring a sparkling light to this gloomy land.


Missions For The Gamers

The main missions that the player has to accomplish include the renew the management system and saving people from doing wrong deeds. All evil forces, inheritance or family disputes, stealing of wealth, and corruption have disturbed and demolished the real beauty of this city. It will badly affect the lives of inhabitants. Try to be their well-wisher.

First, you have to control the negativity of the land. Release the citizens and bring success to their lives. Confound all the obstacles and hurdles to bring gleaming light to this wonderland. This cold-faced man will perform all tasks to make society better. 

Intense Fights

The player has to fight the criminals who are brutally killing people and stealing their wealth. Toni will start a war whenever he sees some injustice. The game character may use weapons or arsenals that he can operate easily. The wars are not only between Toni and criminals but also among citizens. The people can try to get the wealth forcefully, and if someone resists, they can shoot him. 

GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK

The player has to use the weapons to fight with army soldiers. He has to battle so that he cannot get captured by the rangers. 

Multiplayer Mode

This mode permits gamers to play games with their relatives or game friends. They need to connect their devices to the internet network to play this multiplayer mode. In this mode, the game permits six players to join a match. This playing mode has seven different modes. 

> Liberty City Survivor - Permits a death match playing mode in which the team that has the highest scores will get success. 

> Protection Racket - Each group will destroy the other four limos and snatch the car or bike from the other gang. 

> Street Rage - Restive with a vehicle in the race. 

> Kill Mark - Select any random person and kill him. 

A Huge World

The game has a massive landscape with beautiful streets and radiant lights that are adding to the beauty of the location. The diverse map amuses the gamers. Explore this vast land, steal vehicles, kill people, fight with the army, and demolish everything on this land. The players will perform different actions to earn money and to get bonuses. 

You can use this attained money to purchase outfits, skins, gloves, goggles, weapons, upgrades, customizations, health bars, etc. Drive your favorite car and deceive the army. 

Collect Unique Weapons

The weapons are unique and in great variety. Use a powerful arsenal and conquer the wars. You will utilize shotguns, rifles, snipers, grenades, explosive material, and other guns. Each weapon has specific stats and parameters. You have to pick the weapon with improved parameters. 

The weapon with optimized parameters will help you in killing people in one shot. You may steal weapons from different places so that you can conquer the battles without any trouble. 

Various Vehicles

Vehicles are present everywhere on the city streets. The player will choose the car and get on the vehicle to drive. You can reach any location on the map within seconds. Motorbikes and cars are available, and you can use any vehicle so that the police rangers cannot catch you. Use the vehicles to reach any place and not get arrested by the army. 

Radio Station

The game has the option of listening to radio stations. You will enjoy almost ten stations with intense music and exciting sounds. Enjoy the sound and music buffet. The gamers can save their favorite tracks and enjoy an adventurous life with relaxing music. 

Fascinating Graphics

The 3D graphics of the game attract gamers as the players always want clear and transparent visuals. The limpid and pictorial screen enhances the mood and instigates the gamers to play the game for a long. High-end visuals and colorful background doesn’t permit the gamer to detach himself from the storyline. The city streets and lightened houses bring excitement and fantasy to the game and the users like this eye-catching theme. 

GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK

Easy Controls

The developer has set easy controls for the comfort of the gamers. You will see R & L on the game screen and some action buttons on the right. You have to use the left side R & L to move your character on the respective sides. A button to aim the enemy is also present, and you have to use it to correctly aim your enemy. These L & R buttons assist in getting a random view of the surroundings. 

Further, the action buttons will help in jumping, running, attacking, driving, riding, sitting in the vehicle, picking up the equipment, filling the energy bar, shooting, etc. Tap the desired button, and the action will happen. You can swipe the game screen to move the characters. Plus, the game permits the attachment of a gamepad. It all depends upon your choice whether you connect it or not. 

Unlimited Everything

If you install the modified update on your phone, you will enjoy Unlimited Everything. This feature allows users to enjoy free game currency, character health, free shopping, free vehicles, and game accessories. The users don’t face restrictions with this feature. Apart from health, money, or weapons, your game character becomes indestructible. Enjoyment becomes a forever thing with this modded version. Plus, if you want to finish the tough missions and need health throughout the game, this feature helps you.

Mod Menu

Mod Menu brings the following. 

> Unlimited Everything

> Cloe Menu

> Removed ads

> Premium Features


> Improved Interface

> Fixed Bugs

Supported Devices

The game has smooth gameplay only on compatible system devices. This game supports only android phones that have operating systems of 4.4 or above. This game doesn’t demand to damage your device by rooting it. You can use an unrooted phone to play this game. 


Follow the given steps in the correct order if you want to install this game on your android phone. 

> Tap the link, which is present above this article and is completely safe for your device. This link will download the APK file of the recent update. 

> Open the device security settings and enable it. It allows the installation of APK files. 

> Go to Files and search for the file that you have downloaded. 

> Click that file to start the installation process. 

> Launch the app and start enjoying.

GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK


GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod doubles the enjoyment and entertainment with its close menu and unlimited money. The gamers enjoy all features without spending cents, and the thrill associated with this gameplay captures the gamers. If you love such exciting and thrilling stories, you can also check GTA: San Andreas game which also represents almost the same storylines. Join this community and go on an adventurous tour with your friends.


Q. Do the advertisements interrupt the gameplay?

The advertisements are not available to annoy the users in the mod version of this game, and the ad-free interface enhances the excitement. If you have an original update of the game, you have to face the ads.

Q. Can I install GTA: Liberty City Stories on my PC?

You can install this game on your PC, but you have to use an emulator software for your PC. This emulator will allow the installation of the game on PCs.

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