GTA San Andreas APK + OBB + Mod Unlimited Money (Direct Links)

After the massive success of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) III in 2001, how do you take it up a notch? A year later GTA: Vice City took its predecessor to another level. However, Vice City gave the franchise a broad and modish makeover set in Florida and Miami.

Rockstar North enhanced the gamer’s experience through improved sounds, lights, and the mid-80s vibe. So where do you go from there? You take it statewide.

GTA: San Andreas APK takes the game through three whole cities and the countryside between them.

GTA San Andreas APK + OBB + Mod Unlimited Money

What is GTA San Andrea APK?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the 7th title in the GTA series. It is a game created by Rockstar North and distributed by Rockstar Games. It was first launched on 26 October 2004 for PlayStation 2, and later on 7 June 2005 for Xbox and Microsoft Windows. Finally, a top-quality remastered variant was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2015. GTA San Andreas APK has also been added to Game Boy Advance games.

NameGTA San Andreas APK
Size24.08 MB
Developer Rockstar Games
TypeLite MOD



The gameplay of GTA: San Andreas APK is packed with explosive parts and wonderful action thrills with the same fun and easy feel of the game. Hence, Rockstar did it again. San Andreas undeniably satisfies the Grand Theft Auto hype. Truth be told, it’s so far the best game in the GTA series.

The gameplay is classic GTA which allows the users to freely do whatever they please in the vast 3-D world of San Andreas. Any vehicle you see can be taken for a joyride. The tongue-in-cheek chaos of GTA and the calibrated controls make it fun when the cops are following you around town (and they will, the second they see you doing something unlawful).

The overhauls and improvements from the first installments include the latest remastered graphics. These graphics are enhanced by dynamic details like shadows, advanced color palette, upgraded car models and much more.


The characters that show up in San Andreas are generally different and belong to various urban areas and regions which the game covers. This enables the game to incorporate different storylines and settings than in the earlier versions of Grand Theft Auto games.

The player controls Carl Johnson “CJ” (Young Maylay) who is a youthful African-American who plays the hero or protagonist.

The Los Santos phase of GTA: San Andreas rotates around the Grove Street Family gang fighting with Lagos and Ballas for respect and territory.

Meanwhile, the San Fierro leg includes East Asian gangs (the local Triads), Hispanic thugs working for “Loco Syndicate” and a Vietnamese gang (the Da Nang Boys). Whereas, three Triads and Mafia families who all possess their gambling clubs are included in the Las Venturas segment of the plot.


GTA: San Andreas APK takes place in West Coast-themed province of San Andreas set in the year 1992. San Andreas is an island containing three urban communities. The game starts in the city of Los Santos, which is a lot like Los Angeles and comprises of a blend of both gangland ghettos of South Central and luxurious downtown areas.

San Fierro is inspired by San Francisco, representing the city’s uneven landscape and ever-present haze. The third city in the game in Las Venturas, which is an incredible interpretation of mid-’90s Las Vegas, finished off with a strip loaded with surrounding deserts and gambling clubs.

GTA: San Andreas is a lot more complex than the previous installments. Both the plot and the setting are expensive. San Andreas certainly feels like a much bigger city than Vice City. There are a lot of activities all through the urban areas, which makes this landscape matter.

Action-adventure game

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most popular games in the world. If you haven’t played this game already it’s time you should get this adventure thriller. GTA: San Andreas APK data mod is available for all Android devices with all its features.

So download GTA San Andreas APK for android ASAP and let us know how you find it!

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