GTA: San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited Money

GTA: San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited money

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App Name GTA: San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited money
Size 15MB
Latest Version 2.00
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Rockstar Games
Content Rating Rated for 17+
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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GTA: San Andreas MOD APK

When it comes to games we must never forget about this amazing masterpiece, GTA : San Andreas. GTA San Andreas is the best game of its time. It got popularity very quickly as a 6th generation game. People played this game so much like they literally were addicted to this game. I am more than sure that you must have played this game in your childhood. If not then you must have heard about this game. GTA San Andreas was always at a high demand among the youngsters. They used to prefer playing this game rather than going outside. 

Gamers were more than experienced in this game because they played this game so many times. This game stands out from the games of this kind. In the beginning, this game was only available on the PCs but now the players can enjoy this game on their smartphones as well. Isn’t it amazing, playing an incredible piece of art on your smartphone? Play this game and feel yourself bewildering in the memories of your childhood. All the features are available on the smartphones and the controls can be handled through the touches and this has turned the game more easy.

The players are getting all the access to the controls. In this game, the player has a duty to play as a character of a guy, Carl Johnson. He is a guy who was a part of a Gang and got wrongly accused of the crime he didn’t do and was punished to go to Jail. After spending his 5 years there, he came back and wanted to repent for his sins. But he again got involved in the gang and became a professional car thief. So, everyone tries to escape from him as they don’t want their car to be stolen by him.

GTA: San Andreas

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GTA: San Andreas Storyline

GTA: San Andreas is actually based on a real life story of a guy who was a citizen of Los Angeles. Carl Johnson is the name of the guy and he saw his brother being murdered by a gang and he couldn’t do anything. People of Los Angeles were very scared at that time as the crime rate was very high and all the rich and celebrity people literally tried their best to avoid any gangster. Carl Johnson literally got falsely accused of his brother’s murder and was sent to Jail. The city of Los Angeles was more than just being harmful as there were drugs, stealing, murdering and all the crimes very much common among the citizens. 

He then left his hometown to run from the crime he didn’t actually do. But then he was informed by his brother that his mother died and he had to go back to Los Santos. But when he reached his hometown the Police caught him and threatened to arrest him or hurt his family. And he had to do what the Police asked him to do. And he had to go on missions and many more works to do in order to save his Family. He did so many missions and earned a lot from them. These missions turned his life up and down as he became a perfect dealer. Now, you are Carl Johnson and have to play the game and do missions and many more things. This game has many interesting games and things to do. Choose whatever you want to do in this game.

GTA : San Andreas Features

This game is famous for its features and gameplay as this game offers a lot of features and the players have a lot of opportunities for playing different games and also use the features whenever they want. These are the features of the game

  • High Quality Screen:

This game is very much famous because of its irresistible graphics. The graphics are so realistic that they give a real life gaming experience to its users. The users have talked a lot about the amazing quality of the game screen as they found it very interesting when they can see almost everything present in a city in HD quality. It surely is very shocking that we can get the live view of an existing city by just playing this game. 

Apart from this, this game allows the user to unlock more cities and visit them whenever they want. This will only happen when the player does a lot of missions and earns a large amount of money. He is able to visit and do missions in other cities as well. These features take a lot of users by shock as they were not expecting the excess to one than one city. 

  • Grand Theft Auto Unique:

Grand theft is a very unique and interesting game but you get to know this only when you know the rules of the game. Otherwise, you will think of this as just a simple driving game. This game has a lot of controls on a lot of things. The players are not bound to do the same things every time. The players are free to do whatever they want in the game. Do adventurous missions, do normal tasks. Earn money by doing a job as a driver at a hospital or being a Taxi driver. This will help him in earning money and then he can become rich. 

  • Unlimited Gold:

In this game, you need to have a large amount of money in order to get access to most of the features. You can earn this money by doing missions and Jobs. But it will be very hard because they pay very less as compared to your wishes. So, no need to be worried because this apk version gets you very easily. You can get unlimited money or gold by downloading this apk version. You will never run out of money and are able to do anything you want. 

  • Unlimited Life:

In order to play for a longer time you need to have life. Because in this game you have to do missions and some missions are very hard and dangerous as you have to deal with mostly gangsters or thugs. You must have many lives to save yourself till the end in order to win the mission. Whenever you are dealing with the gangsters, be very careful but if the deal is destroyed you have to run for your life or else you will get shot and die there. But if you have klices you will not die and be on the same spot after waking up. 

  • Gang Wars:

Enjoy this amazing feature of Game Wars because it is very thrilling and adventurous at the same time. You will get a large amount of profit by this feature. You just have to kill some people of other gangs and then you have to announce that you want a war. Then they will get ready and attack you many times. But if you succeed to save yourself about 3 times then their area will come in your territory as well. But you must be very careful because they will attack you again and again in order to get their area back from you.

But if you do not want Game wars then you can just stay away from other gang’s member and do not kill any person of any other organization. Stay away and there will be no gang wars but I want to tell you that gang wars are very thrilling and of great fun. If you want to do something adventurous then try them once at the very least. 

  • Facial expressions:

When playing this game, you will notice a lot of things but the one that you will like is the facial expressions of the characters in the game. They will give realistic facial expressions of whatever thing they are talking about. Deal with many people in this game and know their intentions just by the facial expressions they are giving. 

The most like momen in this game is when Carl Johnson meets with his friends and they all become really very happy meeting each other. At that time, they are laughing with each other showing that they all are real and best friends. After that they become business partners and deal with many other people.

  • Music/Voices feature:

 Music is life. And you will never get the feel of a thing without the music. Personally I want to tell you that I always prefer games with the best music quality. So, I will advise you to download this game as it provides the users with amazing music quality. Along with music there are voices of the characters in  this game. Carl Johnsn even has his own voice. By this, I can tell that the team of GTA San Andreas really spent a lot on this game. 

Listen to the conversation when meeting with different people. People can easily guess the voice of the main character or any other character. Go to parties with friends and enjoy dancing with them on amazing GTA beats. 

  • Thrilling Missions:

Missions are a main thing of this game. The Missions are really very interesting. You can go to different cities when doing these missions. The missions are very different from each other. You can literally visit many places just doing these missions. This increases the fun of the game. The missions can be very dangerous and create an adventurous sense in your mind. Deal with other gangs and even kill them when it is included in the missions. 

GTA : San Andreas all Missions Complete

GTA San Andreas has a lot of missions to do. But many of the missions are locked in the normal version. These missions are the most rousing in the whole game. So, to play those missions you must unlock the missions. It can easily be done with the Apk version of this game. Apk version allows the users to get access to almost all the missions and the features of a game. These missions will be unlocked and you can play whatever mission you wanna play in the game. Just download the version from the link given in this site and you are good to go.

GTA: San Andreas Latest Version

The latest version of this game is v2.00. The genre of this version is “Action”. 

The players are getting the new version of this game. The new versions are present in order to make the game updated and according to the current trends. 

The team of this game is literally working on the updates of this game 24/7. That’s why they are working hard on updates.

GTA : San Andreas Developer

The developer of this appealing game is ROCKSTAR GAMES. They developed this game and are working on its updates and upgrading the features every now and then. 

GTA : San Andreas Cheats

Some cheats for the GTA: San Andreas for PC

  • For 
  • Here are Infinite money = HESOYAM
  • For unlimited oxygen ( in case you want to run without getting tired) = CVWKXAM
  • For nitro cars =    SPEEDFREAK
  • For activating the Adrenaline mode =    MUNASEF
  • For removing or lessening the stars to get rid of Police =   SNAEB
  • For filling the streets with Gangs =   MROEMZH
  • For making the health and armor feature to maximum =   HESOYAM
  • To make all the people armed =    FOOOXFT
  • To explode the cars around you =    CPKTNWT
  • For infinite ammunition =    FULLCLIP
  • To be immortal =   BAGUVIX
  • To never drown in water  =   CVWKXAM
  • To do aggressive driving =   YLTEICZ
  • To turn traffic lights pink =   LLQPFBN
  • To turn traffic light black =   IOWDLAC
  • When you are attacked by Pedestrians =   BGLUAWML
  • Elvis is everywhere because he is the king =   BLUESUEDESHOES
  • To get indestructible/unbreakable car =   XICWMD
  • To do suicide =   SZCMAWO
  • In order to maximize your search level =   BRINGITON
  • For driving the car perfectly =   NATURALTALENT
  • In order to fasten the advanding of the game =   SPEEDITUP
  • In order to slow down the advancing of the game =   SLOWITDOWN
  • To jump with the help of parachute =    AIYPWZQP
  • To make the protagonist (Carl Johnson) fat =   BTCDBCB
  • To make the protagonist (Carl Johnson) strong =   BUFFMEUP 
  • For a sunny weather =   PLEASANTLYWARM
  • For a pleasant cloudy weather =   ALNSFMZO
  • For a rainy weather =   AUIFRVQS
  • For a cloudy day =    CFVFGMJ
  • To play in midnight always =    NIGHTPROWLER
  • To have a storm in the story =   MGHXYRM
  • For a sandstorm in the city =    CWJXUOC
  • For getting maximum respect =    WORSHIPME
  • To get maximum attraction from the women = HELLOLADIES
  • To jump higher and higher =    KANGAROO
  • For getting the sex appeal at the best =   EHIBXQS
  • For being a ninja in the game = AFPHULTL
  • To get the infinite health except explosions and the falls =  CAINEMVHZC
  • When you are being traced by a bounty hunter =    BAGOWPG
  • You will never feel hungry =   AEDUWNV
  • For applying a chaos mode =   STATEOFEMERGENCY
  • To get the chance of party on a beach = CIKGCGX
  • To get access to the deadly punches =   IAVENJQ
  • In order to make all the cars fly = RIPAZHA
  • In order to make all the boats fly =   FLYINGFISH
  • In order to own a quad all by yourself =   AKJJYGLC
  • In order to have a tank of yourself =   MOMHRER

GTA San Andreas best Mods

Here are some best mods of this game

  • Gravity Gun Mod:

This is the best mod of this game as in this mod you will be able to attract and repel things. Like you can make anything which is not even in the gameplay pull towards you and then push it wherever you want. Pick the things up and throw them away with the help of this mod.

When you download this version,  Carl Johnson (you) will get access to a gun which is known as Gravity Gun Mod and use this gun to pull anything toward you and throw it away from you with the help of this Gun.

  • GTA SA IV Los Santos:

In this mod, you will be able to play in the same gameplay but with new texture and graphics. The graphics will be changed and they are most likely to be the graphics of GTA IV so you will get access to the graphics of GTA IV with this mod. But the gameplay will remain same as in the GTA san andreas by Rockstar games.

  • First person view Mod:

This mod is very much appreciated among the players as it provides the users with a very good view. Who will not like the first person’s view when playing a game? Everyone appreciates this mod very much. You will be in the character more than before. See everything with your POV. It makes the game more fun. 

  • Parkour Mod:

Parkour Mod allows the users to do backflips and handstands. It is very hard for us to do these things in real life but Parkour mod has made this very easy for us because now we can get access to these stunts as well. Enjoy doing these things and test your character’s strength. Be an expert in doing incredibly hard aerobatic skills. 

  • Overdose Effects

Overdose effect is used to see massive HD quality results. Like when this game was developed the world was not advanced in these graphics and visual effects but still this game had very amazing graphics. To overcome this issue, GTA San Andreas has created a mod of Overdose effects that will allow the users to enjoy the quality and effects in full HD view with extra impressions. Seeing this affects you will be more than interested in seeing other kinds of things i.e explosions, water, fire, smoke and other tragic things on it. You will use the explosion tool on more than 100 of cars just to see the explosion effect.

  • Cheat menu MOD:

We all know that playing GTA is not easy and we need a lot of cheats in order to play the game as we like to play it. And for that we have to use cheats and do things we want to do. And the cheats in GTA San Andreas are very difficult unlike the cheats in GTA Vice City. So, the users mostly have to go to Google in order to search the cheats and then come back to the game and apply them. 

This practice is very hard and boring so Cheat Menu Mod allows the users to use the cheats whenever, wherever they want by this mod. A cheat codes slide will open on the screen , they just have to select the cheat they wanna apply and it will be done. No need to manually fill in the code they want to apply. In Short, this mod is very time saving. 

  • GTA SA - V Graphics ENB:

You will be able to enjoy the amazing features of the game by this mod. You will see the best graphics by this version. This Mod enhances the quality of the things around the player. This quality is very much appreciated as most players want to play the game in the best HD quality. Watch all the things in better quality and the area will be kind of upgraded. The graphics of GTA Iv are literally not enough for your ame to be smooth and of high comfortability. 

  • GTA  V Hud Mod:

As I already told you GTA V is a very old game and at that time, things like quality, options dn advanced functions were very less. So, GTA San Andreas is providing you with the best of all mods. This mod will enhance the functions and tools that you will have. 

Choose among different tools in just a click, isn’t it amazing? GTA V Hud mod allows the users to choose among the weapons easily as there is a transparent weapons wheel on the screen. And this mod version also shows the map and the nearest path to your destination. Wanna know the location of Police cars and Officers? Yes then this mod version also shows the location of cops and their vehicles as well. This Mod shows a radar to get a lot of guides from it. 

  • Sound pack version:

Sound pack mod allows you to change the sound of a lot of things in the game. For example, if you are bored with the original game sound and want to change then this mod is for you. Use this mod and add all new sounds in the vehicle and everything will feel absolutely new to you. You may not feel it now but once you start using it you will get to know about it.

  • GTA United:

If you are bored playing at a place like Los Santos then you can download this mod and play the game in the liberty city , yes you can get this feature and by this you will be given new missions and you will get to visit new places. This mod is the best mod in my opinion and it will help you in getting interested in the game. You will also get access to some easter eggs when you install this mod.

GTA San Andreas Codes

Here are some codes that will help you in the game 

  • For Tank =    AIWPRTON
  • For Bloodring Banger =    CQZIJMB
  • For Rancher =    QNTDMH
  • For a racing car =    PDNEJOH
  • For Limousine =  KRIJEBR
  • For a Garbage Truck =   UBHYZHQ
  • For a golf cart =    RZHSUEW
  • For a hydra =   JUMPJET
  • Fior a hunter =    OHDUDE
  • For a Jetpack =    YECGAA
  • For a war helicopter =     OHDUDE
  • For a dozer =   EEGCYXT
  • For a Bulldozer =    ITSALLBULL
  • For a Monster Truck =    AGBDLCID
  • For a hearse =     AQTBCODX
  • For a stunt plane =     URKQSRK
  • For a luxury car =    CELEBRITYSTATUS
  • For a vortex Hovercraft =    KGGDKP
  • For explosion of all the cars =    CPKTNWT
  • To make all the cars invisible =    XICWMD
  • For perfect driving =    PGGOMOY
  • For flying the car =  RIPAZHA
  • For the jumping of car ( up and down ) =    JHJOECW
  • For Nitro Taxi =    VKYPQCF
  • For less Traffic =    THGLOJ
  • For 100% vehicle status =   NATURALTALENT
  • For the car to take big jumps =     CJPHONEHOME

GTA:  San Andreas Download

In order to download this game on your androids you just have to follow these steps. 

  • Click on the “Download” button given in this page.
  • Now wait for the download to complete.
  • Now open the settings on your device and allow the “Unknown Sources” from there.
  • Now open the downloaded file and tap “install” and the installation will be started.
  • After the installation is completed, now open the game and you are ready to play the game. 

GTA : San Andreas for PC

You can install this game on your Pc as well by following these steps

  • You must install Bluestacks on your Pc in order to install GTA: San Andreas on it. 
  • Now, tap on the “Download” button and downloading will begin
  • After downloading, install the game on your PC.
  • Once it's installed, open the game and enjoy the best gaming experience.

GTA: San Andreas


GTA San Andreas is the best game that you will ever play. If you haven’t played this game then you are lacking this amazing featured game. Be a character named Carl Johnson in the game and live his life. He can do missions, jobs and a whole of new things. This game is very popular among teenagers. They can simply play this game by reading the gameplay or rules of this game. There are so many things to do in the game. Be a professional in this game. Use different modes and enjoy the game to its core. 


Q. Can we play this game on Androids?

Yes, you can play this game on Androids, in the beginning the game was only available on Pcs and laptops but now it is made for Androids as well.

Q. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, this game is totally safe to play.It will not harm your system. You can get access to all the features easily.

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