Gta San Andreas Mod Apk

Gta San Andreas Mod Apk

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App Name Gta San Andreas Mod Apk
Size 15M
Latest Version 2.00
MOD Features ads free and unlimited weapons
Developer Rockstar Games
Content Rating Mature 17+ Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Gta San Andreas Mod Apk is a top rated and best-selling game of Rockstar Games publishers. If you are a game lover and wanna enjoy the life of a gangster, not in real life as there are lots of chances of being caught and the gun shot and loss of reputation there is real and long-lasting.

Alternate Game: Gta 5 Mod Apk 

You have only one life so there are lots of barriers for a person to follow and allow its fun loving and thrilling instinct to follow its passion, because in real life setting, there are no chances to be a gangster by passion or by profession. But wait a minute, you people are landed in the twenty-first 21stCentury.


This is the era of virtual reality advancement to a refined and flawlessly professional level! This is the era of fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is the era of IT (Information Technology) to its peak. In this Age, if anyone wants to switch his gender, to look more young, to be a fast paced racer, to fly a car in the sky, to be surrounded by robots to take over every task of himself, or to be a boss of a gangster clan, then Yes!!

Its all possible these days!! So, if you wanna enjoy in this one real life the life of any profession or passion you wish to be… then it is all possible in the gaming world, where with a single click you can enter into the world of your wonderland, where anyone can be anything at any time.

In this platform, there is an easiest way to enter into a wonderland of a Gangsters clan if you are really an adrenaline junkie or adventure and thrill loving person. Gta San Andreas mod apk can now be played for free with just few guidelines to follow by an adventure loving person.

So, what are you waiting for, if you wanna live a modified version of your childhood nostalgia of 90`s (I mean PS2 version of Gta Vice City), with best ever and realistic graphics and phenomenal music and settings, then note down first its super fantabulous features and guidelines to open up the game for free with unlimited money, health, and hacks and cheats.

The given below is the picture of 90`s nostalgia of Gta San Andreas with limited features but still it was a crush of all the kids of 90`s. To commence with basic information, here we go;

General Information about Gta San Andreas Mod APK;

Gameplay; surrounded by the troublesome life and adventures of Carl Johnson(Protagonist).

The plot of the story centered around the troublesome situation in the life of all-time liked protagonists Carl Johnson. The storyline followed the continued mission of the past series of GTA. CJ was a gangster of Los Santos, San Andreas which is the epicenter of all the world`s least to the heaviest and top rated crimes of all times.

For Instance, Drugs, corruption, gambling, widespread evils and gang troubles. CJ left the world of crimes after seeing his brothers dyed in the gang rivalries. The game of San Andreas starts after five years in the life of CJ, when he got the news of his mother murdered and his friends and family in trouble.

He is now back in Los Santos, but the twist came when he got trapped by the corrupt cops who forced him to do illegal tasks for them and threatened him of charging him with fake murder, if he refused to work for them.

From this trap, somehow he escaped and took the charge of saving his friends and family within the area around the three cities of San Andreas State; Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

He was forced on a journey which was not his choice, but what to do to run the gangs, manage rivalaries, escaping the police, to manage health and fitness and to complete the missions with super fantabulous modern vehicles are all his choice.

Your task, being CJ is to do all these missions with excellence while enjoying all the elite vehicles, health, money through cheats and hacks are all in your hand with the Gta San Andreas Mod APk version. So, follow the main guidelines and step into the shoes of Carl Johnson`s gangster underworld.

Diversified and Modern Features of GTA San Andreas Mod APK;

  • High resolution and Phenomenal Graphics.

High resolution graphics which are specially designed for Android are phenomenal with its enhancement of light effects, color palette are enriched and character models are realistic with diversified options and controls.

A gamer can feel the prominent change in different weathers, for instance; cool breeze of a cool day, hot weather of a sunny day.

  • Cloud Saving Option for Androids.

If you have low storage android set and you are a GTA San Andreas Mod APK lovers. So, there is a hack for users to store the game online on cloud and it will also save the game`s progress automatically. Cloud saving option also supports playing across all mobile devices through the Rockstar Social Club Members.

  • Easily accessible Control Options.

Control options of a game are phenomenal with wide range of options for multilateral tasks. For instance, the management of movements and actions are easy on the android screen, for shooting option; game set an auto-target.

Controls are customized with three different schemes according to a gamer`s will; a gamer can show or hide the buttons on the screen if he feels comfortable using the buttons.

  • Extra-ordinary Realistic features.

Realistic features, the Rockstar Gamer Publishers, have added are highly appreciative. The sound of explosives and gunshots are of a real world setting. The impression of blood, heat effects and fires are amazingly real.

The change in facial expression of characters is an highly celebrated publically with characters showing a change in their facial expressions when they are angry or scared.

  • Languages supported by the Game.

Languages added by the GTA San Andreas Mod Apk are diverse. For Instance, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian.

  • Sound and Music Effects.

Rockstar Games publishers have surprised the users with amazing voicing of characters when they dialogue with each other. The iconic gangster voice of CJ kept the gamers in the influence of GTA San Andreas.

The game`s mod of musical display in the radio of a vehicle is charming as the lovers and fans of gang rap and other sort of enthusiastic musical display attract the gamers and its realistic display makes it more and more attractive. So, hang on to the ride of an underworld gangster`s thrilling adventure.

To download GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Adventure world;

The downloading of GTA San Andreas is possible through various sources and through step by step mechanism. The sites to download it are as follows;

First Method;

  1. With OBB data file, first download the APK on the device.
  2. Extract the obb file to Android or obb or com.rockstargames.gtasa. Do ensure that the obb file sits within the com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  3. Start the game again and open up the world of thrill!!

Download the free version, GTA San Andreas Mod APK through;


Third Method;

Download the TutuApp APKv3.4.1. Through this, gamers can get tons of     premium Apps for free. This is another way to install GTA San Andreas Mod Apk with ease.


Q. Time for answering the Frequently Asked Question

How to get gta San Andreas mod Apk download 200mb?
It is quite easy these days to get the highly compressed size of GTA San Andreas mod Apk which is of 200mb as the original size is of 2.41Gb. Steps you need to follow are;

First to extract the “GTA SA LITE GAMERKING.7z”
Install the Apk
Move”com.rockstargames.gtasa”folder to Android.
If the games is not open yet. Restart your phone set.
Now you are free to enjoy the thrilling GTA SA compressed file.
How to get GTA San Andreas Mod apk Unlimited everything?
Gta San Andreas Mod Apk is your gift to get everything; all tools, vehicles, ammunition and health all unlimited and for free. For instance, countless money, unlimited shopping or to customize your character all for free without any payment. It is all possible through various hacks and cheats. Like for adding custom patches to game use Lucky patcher. For PS4 and Xbox,its cheats are available on internet.

What it means to get Gta San Andreas mod apk all missions complete?
This means that you can get all mission complete of game Gta San Andreas Mod apk for free through various hacks and cheats discussed above. Its cheats which are top rated are; parkour, kick of hell, riding of horse, climbing walls all for free through above discussed links.

So, what are you waiting for, Go and get all the discussed super fantabulous hacks and features of this game all for free and enjoy a life of gangster in a virtual realistic world.

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