Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins)-Download

Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is a free helicopter activity game that is raging on Google Play these days. Since its recent release, it has seen more than 70 million downloads. It is unreasonably a great shooter game for mobile gamers. The engaging gameplay and thrilling feel of the game have contributed a great deal to its popularity.  


Gunship Battle also has a mod form now which is known as the Gunship Battle Mod APK (Unlimited Money). This tweaked version of the game will give you: 

  • Unlocked Planes  
  • Unlocked Levels 
  • Unlimited Gold Coins 
  • Extra Power Unlocked 
  • New Levels Unlocked 
  • New Weapons  
  • Unlocked in-app Purchases 
  • Multiple Languages 
  • No root 

Download Gunship Battle Mod APK

Do you want to play a cool helicopter shooter game? Well, look no further because Gunship Battle is here. Download Gunship Battle Mod APK to get unlimited money and unlocked features! 

Click here for Gunship Battle Mod APK download.

NameGunship battle mod APK
Last updated04/09/2019
Size76.6Mb + 66.8Mb
Android requirements4.0.3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Installs10 000 000–50 000 000
Category3D, Action, Offline, Shooter
Get it onGoogle Play

The gameplay of Gunship Battle Mod APK

In Gunship Battle Mod APK you will assume the job of an expert flying corps officer with very risky and hard military missions. Your central goal is to control the helicopter to finish the enemies in different regions.  

The mission is very complicated as you have to be in very challenging circumstances like dangerous military bases or dangerous forests. For that reason, you need to have a high level of combat ability, smart strategies, and logical thinking. Show that you deserve to be chosen! 

In Gunship Battle mod APK there are numerous one of a kind missions yet they are all intended to end terrorism. At first, you will just control the helicopter basically to get to small regions. Nevertheless, later on, the tasks will have become harsher and the responsibility will also increase. You will have to capture large areas occupied by terrorists. 

Moreover, you will also have to face the enemy’s defense system. They will also have cutting-edge weapons like submarines, aircraft carriers, fighters, armored vehicles, and tanks. Hence, the battles will be very violent and uncompromising. 

Controls of Gunship Battle Mod APK 

It won’t be wrong to say that battling gives an intriguing and energizing feel to the gameplay. Controlling the helicopter in this game is the real deal and it is also quite hard. Tilt your phone to move, choose the direction and select the kinds of bullets. Nonetheless, don’t stress!  

After just a couple of minutes, you will become familiar and excited by this captivating and fascinating game. At that time, you will quickly become proficient and become an excellent air force soldier. 


The game comprises of very diverse and stimulating mission systems. The 3D graphics of this game make it very realistic and engaging. The control board is advanced for contact screens. Besides, the arrangement of the airplane and weapons is extremely different.  

You can pick numerous helicopters with their qualities. Furthermore, you can also equip them with a variety of modern weapons and support equipment. 

Game Features of Gunship Battle APK 

  1. 3D Controls – Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight. 
  2. Wide Range of Planes – Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics. 
  3. Collection of Arsenal – Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment. 
  4. Episode Mode – Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts. 
  5. Missions – Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission. 
  6. Optimization – This game is also optimized for tablet devices. 
  7. FPS Gaming – Enjoy FPS Gaming and shooting with Gunship Battle.  

Download and Installation Gunship Battle Mod APK on Android OS   

Step 1 – Download File: 

Download the APK file from the internet making sure that there is sufficient internal storage in your device. 

Step 2 – Open File: 

Move to the “Downloads” folder and search for the download APK file of Gunship Battle Mod APK. 

Step 3 – Allow App Permissions: 

Applications require access to certain systems within your device. When you install an application, you are notified of all of the permissions required to run that application. 

  • Microphone 
  • Read phone status  
  • Access storage and read SD card 
  • Run at Startup 
  • View Wi-Fi Connections 
  • Receive from data 

Step 4 – Install: Install the app giving it all the permissions it requires to install and operate in the device correctly. 

Step 5 – Run App: 

Run the app without the internet for the first time and close once loaded. 

Step 6 – Restart: 

Now, you can restart the app with an internet connection turned on. 

Step 7 – Open Game: 

That is it! Now you can open the app and play Gunship Battle Mod APK on your phone for free! 

Step 8 – Update Settings: 

Once you start using the application, you will see regular updates on the app. Just allow the regular apps to install and keep enjoying! 


Without a doubt, Gunship Battle APK is a game that you should at least play once. It is a free game yet it has wild battles, shooting scenes that are as good as a Hollywood film scene and attractive gameplay. Furthermore, the detailed 3D illustrations and realistic audio impacts create a great experience for players.  

That is all that could be needed for an intriguing action game. That is the reason Gunship Battle APK is prominent with players around the globe. With the MOD you can get everything unlocked and unlimited. So, go ahead and download Gunship Battle Mod APK right now!  


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