Hacker Dark Vip MOD Apk

Hacker Dark Vip MOD Apk

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App Name Hacker Dark Vip MOD Apk
Size 3.3 MB
Latest Version v 1.0
MOD Features Free
Developer Trickster Arts
Content Rating 9.2
Requires Android 4.1 or above
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Update August 25, 2023 (10 months ago)
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In the past few years, The Free Fire, a tactical shooting game developed by Garena International, has secured a top position on the Google Play Store with over one billion downloads. This popular battle royale video game won the hearts of its users with its seamless interface, unique gameplay,  engaging mechanics, Interactive visuals, and Compelling mechanisms. However, the global attention to this game has also grasped the attention of the exploiters. Today we will learn about a mysterious and controversial app; Hacker Dark Vip Apk which provoked curiosity and apprehension among players. Let's dive into the detailed information of this app and let's get information about the pros and cons of using this amazing app.

The sole purpose of this article is to explore the realm of 'Hacker Dark,' and distinguish between myths and facts. This app has gained a lot of attention within the Free Fire community, especially those players who want to score higher positions on the leaderboard and unlock rewards by hacking and cheating. Hacking demands third-party software (external sources) to gain an Inequitable edge over the players who follow game rules. These biased benefits can vary from auto-aiming, Wall ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), acceleration exploits, and various other In-game control tweakings. Another military-based game; Warface GO can also be downloaded on Android devices. This game provides additional maps, ferocious weapons, new skins, and various other resources.

Unveiling the Features of The App

Free To Use

This cheating app is completely free to use and there are no charges applied to install this app. You can enjoy a seamless user experience with a polished and instinctive user interface. The app gives complete access to all cheating features including speeding hacks, wall hacks, extra lives, and various other superpowers. The app keeps the data of the player's enhancements and updates the user's cheat account frequently. So download the app to unlock its full potential and enjoy its top-notch features for free.

Direct Access From Google Chrome

Usually, the cheating and hacking apps are not available on the Google Play Store but you can access them via Google Chrome. For your convenience, a direct downloading link to this app is provided on this web page. All you have to do is click on the "Download" option to install the app on your Android device.

Hacking Features

  • Aimbots
  • Aim Force Head 
  • Aim Agachado
  • Aim Local
  • Distance ESP
  • ESP Fire Cabeca
  • ESP Fire Escuro
  • Meditate Correndo
  • Speed Hack
  • Speed 50x Ghost Hack
  • Tiro Aim


With this advanced feature, players don't have to aim at the enemy to shoot fire. The weapon will adjust automatically and directly target the opponent. 

Aim Force Head

The users can incapacitate the intended opponents by using these advanced features of the app. The auto-feature will take control and kill the enemies for the players.

Aim Agachado

The most used feature by the hackers is "Aim Agachado", which is the most useful in the simultaneous shooting. This feature seamlessly targets enemies even before players have a chance to notice them. 

Aim Local

Among all the aiming features of this hacking app, 'Aim Local' stands out as the most convenient option for the players. Amidst the backdrop of warfare and enemy attacks, the paramount factor is the defensive capabilities and tenacity exhibited by each player. Therefore, the availability of the localized aiming feature grants strategic advantages to the players, offering them the opportunity to relish celebratory moments such as 'Booyah'. 

Distance ESP

This feature provides players with agility, swiftness, and the ability to quickly retreate. So by using this feature, the player can avoid enemy attacks in no time.

ESP Fire Cabeça & ESP Fire Escuro

This ferocious weapon increases the possibility of the players conquering the battles. The players who use these cheat weapons are more likely to be victorious than legitimate players. To enable these weapons, simply slide the menu option and tap on your favorite weapon.

Speed Hack 

This game control option will help the player to increase their speed to that of the speed of light. Players can also turn on the option of "Ghost Speed" which will increase the running speed to 50x. This option will help the players to dodge the opponents and save their lives. Another similar app; ARABS HACKERS has similar features to get locked features for free. All the inbuilt qualities in this game such as ESPs, wallhack, AIMBOT, medkit, and Telekil, are completely free in this app.


This feature alone can eliminate enemies by just using cars. These extraordinary cars work on the Autobot features and swiftly kill the enemies that come in the way while moving.

How To Install & Use This App

If you want to install this version of the cheating app, you must follow all the steps that are mentioned below;

Step 1: First and foremost, tap on the "Download" option mentioned on this web page to download and install this hacking app on your smartphone.

Hacker Dark VIP MoD Apk - Install The App

Step 2: Then navigate to the "Settings" option on your mobile.

Step 3: Press the option of "Allow installation from unknown resources".

Step 4: Then proceed further to complete the installation of the app that you have previously downloaded on your mobile phone.

Hacker Dark Vip Apk- Finish Settings

Step 5: Register on the installed app and enjoy its free features.

Hacker Dark Vip Apk- Login

Step 6: To enjoy its features, you have to give access to the media and files on the device.

Hacker Dark Vip Apk- Media Access

Step 7: Enjoy its features for free.


Hacker Dark Vip Apk is a hacking app that is used to cheat in Free Fire, which is the most popular among the masses for its seamless interface and user-friendly game controls. To get personal gains such as; high speed, ferocious weapons, TELEKILL Cars (to kill enemies through cars), and autoshots (to automatically aim for the opponents to shoot them). However, cheating apps are not preferred for their unbalanced and often unethical approaches that can have a negative impact on the gaming spirit. It's recommended to use it to satisfy your curiosity.


Q. What is the use of Hacker Dark Vip Apk?

This app is used to cheat on the world's most popular game. You can get victories over legitimate players by using this cheating app.

Q. Is using the

Usually, it's not safe to use these hacking apps but you can download it from this web page as it is free of any malware or data breaches.

Q. What features does the

This app grants unlimited free access to cheats such as; Wall Hacks, TELEKILL Cars, Aimbots, speed hacks, and various other advantages. These cheat features give an edge over legitimate players.

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