Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk

Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk

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App Name Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk
Size 4.9M
Latest Version v1.3.5
MOD Features Premium
Developer Idea Factory Co.,Ltd
Content Rating Rated for 7+ Mild Violence
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update September 05, 2022 (25 days ago)
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Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk is a digital-based role-playing game on the PlayStation Portable devices. In this version of the anime, the heroines of the series - Rin, Rei, and Yasuna are back as the strongest heroines in the Land of Omens. This time, they must protect Earth from the monsters that have been rampaging all over it. They have gathered allies such as the dragonkin, sterling, human warriors, and more to repel the attacks of the monsters. The Premium Edition gives players a chance to expand their game experience by unlocking more story maps, additional characters, enhanced artwork, voice overs, background music, and other items.

 The PSP version of the anime series offers more battle animations, which provide exciting details for player's actions during battles. There are also a lot of special battle techniques, like Dragon's Tail, Dragon Rush, and Brawler skills, that can be used when using particular weapons. There are also "Mutation" style battle animations that use special skill moves that change every battle.

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Improve your skills to divert all enemy movements

As one of the strongest master of the element of Water, the heroine is capable of powerful offensive, and defensive moves, as well as her own healing and recovery skills. Her weapons are the Water Staff, Water Blast, and Aqua Crusher. As the series leader, Rin is the best healer, as well as the most powerful attacker. As the series leader, she is also the master of the "Time Stop" skill, which delays all enemies' movements. This enables her to wipe out an entire group of enemies with her powerful melee attack or cause her opponents to be frozen in place while she uses her healing skills to recover them.

As the strongest of all the Earth elementals, the protagonist is also capable of strong offensive and defensive skills, as well as the ability to move quickly and perform surprise attacks. The anime series character wears a heavy metal costume that covers her entire body. When playing as Rin, it is best for the player to select the "Light" costume. This costume grants her incredible speed, allowing her to run away from battle quickly.

 As the series leader, Hakumen is also well known for his powerful swordsmanship skills and is known for winning most of the duels in his duel with Rin. During battle, he usually appears without his mask, only revealing his silver hair. In this game however, he appears with his mask on, and he is even stronger than before! As his sword skills become more powerful, he gains the ability to control time, and he becomes the fastest wielder of the Shikai.


Gain a new ability of the characters everytime

When playing against Hakumen, the player should take note of his speed and strength, as these are the most important characteristics in battle. Carefully consider how much distance you will be able to cover when using the Shikai, and think about which part of the screen you wish to target. Take note that using the Shikai at the wrong time can result in an unexpected outcome, so it is best to plan your moves in advance. This will also prevent you from wasting too much time preparing for a Shikai that you have no intention of using.

 As you battle through each battle with the characters in the series, you will notice that they gain a new ability every time. The strongest character, Hakumen, can now use the Shikai and transform into powerful dragon forms. In his dragon form, he is more powerful than ever and is even able to destroy enemies faster than they can hurt him! As the series leader, he can call upon powerful Shikai spells to help his comrades.

 This game can be downloaded from this website for free. The game is constantly updated for free, and players can challenge other players from around the world to take on the challenge of mastering the powerful Shikai spells. The game allows you to pause the game when you need to rest, so you can regenerate while in battle. Plus, the premium edition also gives you a special "Shikai Master" item that can be used in conjunction with additional spells. This means that even if you're not a master user of the Shikai spells, you can still use this handy item to help you get the job done!

How to download and install Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk?

  1. First of all click on the download button, the apk file will automatically start downloading.
  2. Search the downloaded apk file in the download folder of your mobile and open it for installation.
  3. Go to your mobile settings, click on security, and click on unknown resources.
  4. Now open the app and Enjoy.


We have mentioned all information of the Hakuoki: Premium Edition Mod Apk. We are imparting you the mod version of the app. In this mod, you will get all of the app's top-class functions free of fee. Get all gear unlocked for you and enjoy a unique experience. If you want any further help from us or face any troubles at some point of setup or have any vital queries, provide us your remarks with the whole info. Thank you

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