Haunted Dorm APK Download For Android

Haunted Dorm APK Download For Android

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App Name Haunted Dorm APK Download For Android
Size 89MB
Latest Version 1.1.4
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Mihuan
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Introduction to Haunted Dorm APK

The app Haunted Dorm APK, is actually a horror game, especially for android devices. In this game, you get to face evil ghosts throughout your way. There is a never-ending corridor and you need to run and hide from these ghosts. So, this is basically the theme of the game.

Furthermore, the game enhances the fun by introducing more aspects apart from just running from the ghosts. You will upgrade your room by unlocking strong doors to prevent yourself from the ghost’s attacks. You can also upgrade other room accessories like beds, lamps, noise insulators, etc. Moreover, you can invite your friends to help you fight the ferocious ghosts and have fun.

Haunted Dorm APK

Basic Concept of the game

The game portrays the play within the group. You will be living with 5 more players in a long, scary dormitory where you will be given 30 seconds to select your bedroom in the corridor. This is because the ghosts, evil and scary will be chasing all the players turn by turn. 

The challenge is to escape from those ghosts and sleep in your bedroom so that you can earn the bonus and build up your defense fort within the room.

If you manage to defeat the ghosts you will be given coins so that you can surf through the weaponry section and build up a powerful and high-tech kit.


There are a total of 6 characters in the game. You can play the game by activating any of them but this is only possible if you watch the different ads popping up on your screen instead of canceling and reporting their occurrence.

Features of the game

The surviving span:
You need to escape from the ghosts, so try and hide in your room in the dormitory. Do upgrade the weapons system, and invest in the machinery; guns, energy pumps, etc. You and your friends need to save themselves from these fierce ghosts to keep your game going and increase the surviving span.

Upgrade your machinery:

For the game to work continuously, you need to excel in upgrading your kit. Earn money on a daily basis to unlock the tools. For instance, you can stay in your room by building a fortress within so that the ghosts cannot enter and kill you.

You need to have the most updated guns, snippers, grenades, riffles etc. 

Visuals and Sounds:

Visuals play a vital role in the field of horror sequences. Graphics i.e.visuals make the game more horror, evil ferocious ghosts are made to look scarier by amazing graphics in the game. High resolution and good-quality sounds are played in the background and are taken from highly rated horror movies so that the impact is powerful and the user enjoys the play. A sense of terror is induced into the players due to these features.

Tricks and Guide for beginners

  1. Live near to your fellow players, and find a bedroom closer to them.
  2. Earn more coins and upgrade your bed so that you can collect more gold.
  3. Keep looking into CCTVs so that you know where other players are.
  4. Do watch the ads to upgrade your weapons kit.
  5. Don’t forget to accept the triple take option.

Haunted Dorm APK download

  1. Firstly, download “Haunted Dorm MOD APK” from the server.
  2. Then using the internet, install the download apk.
  3. Complete your process by opening the installer.
  4. Install completely on your android device.
  5. Open the MOD APK App.
  6. Enjoy.

Haunted dorm online

Due to the high ratings and interest of the users, Hunted Dorm is now online. In this game the player needs to escape from the ghosts, if the player is caught by the ghost, the game ends.


The game has an overwhelming number of positive reviews and users loved the visuals and graphics of the game. The game is very discussable among the audience. Below are the reviews under the review section on playstore. 

  1. “Beautiful graphics, I enjoyed the concept of the game”
  2. “The game was very effective due to the amazing sounds”
  3. “The characters were very well designed!”


The game is a great experience for people with a love for horror games due to the amazing and impressive graphics and the sound system provided within the game.

It is an exciting game due to the combination of tricks and terror, the never-ending challenges and the urge to collect maximum gold contribute to the fun.

In essence, the haunted dorm game is worth a try, the experience is very wholesome and joyful.

Haunted Dorm


Q. What is APK Install?

APK installation is a process, which comprises the android game installer including .apk and .obb files with an attachment to a similar container. Go through this process like the usual common ones in which you install the container with alike or regular apk files. Finally, you can install the game through our respective installer.

Q. Where to find hidden apk files on an android phone?

In the storage folder of your device, there comes an option of More, click on it and a pop up screen will appear with a point of showing hidden files, surf through it to find your hidden apk files.

Q. What are APK files and their advantages?

These files are a difficult and complicated version of apk files in a zipped format, as these files contain apk files and .obb files together or only apk bundles. The advantage is obvious that it can carry large files in a compact/zipped format so that space is stored for other installations.

Q. How to fix the

This respective error is a result of installing mods from websites that are not ours, make sure that you’re accessing the right website for this installation.

Q. What is the use of .obb files?

The purpose of .obb files is that it can carry any kind of format for saving the file, be it in ZIP, PDF, MP3, MP4 et,c. This makes it easy to store files of greater MBs.

Q. What is the correct way to allow the action of unknown sources in the settings?

Every android device has its own way to activate this according to its models but the most basic way is to open settings on the home screen and go to the security option and from there activate/enable the unknown sources from device administration.

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