Helix Jump APK Download For Android

Helix Jump APK Download For Android

Additional Information

App Name Helix Jump APK Download For Android
Size 75MB
Latest Version 4.7.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer VOODOO
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Helix Jump APK

Check the strength of your reflexes by bumping a bouncing ball. It sounds amazing and enticing. Helix Jump is a game that revolves around a bouncing ball. You have to use the ball to play the game and you have to control the ball to win the game and get high scores in the game. This game has simple gameplay and colorful backgrounds and themes. The colorful balls and the warren fascinate the players. In this game, there is a tower or a maze that has several platforms or podiums around it. These platforms and mazes are in different colors, either bright or dark. Each level has a different theme color.

The bouncing ball moves down the maze by hitting the platforms. You do not have to touch the black one. You can break only colored platforms. To win the game, you have to destroy as many platforms as possible for you. Your task is to go down the maze by breaking the platforms. It is a test of your impulses and reflexes. Do not touch the black platform, otherwise, you will lose the game and the score. The best thing is that each level has a different color and there are many colorful balls. You can select your favorite colored ball to play the game. On completion of the levels, the rewards and the coins will be awarded to you. So, the game is complete fun and entertainment for the players.

Helix Jump APK


Graphics and Controls

The bright-colored and evocative graphics are giving the game an alluring and enchanting look. The background, colorful ball, and color of the platform all are making the Helix Jump very entrancing. The graphics draw the concentration of the players. Besides, the controls are trouble-free and uncomplicated. You just have to tap on the ball to move it and hit the platform. Anyone can comprehend these simple controls. 

Single-Player Game

This game is played by a single player. There is no team mode. You are the only person who will play the game without the assistance of others. So, your victory is only dependent on you. 


Helix Jump offers the offline mode and you do not need to get your mobile connected to the internet. Moreover, if you do not connect the game to the internet, you will not encounter disturbing ads. 

Colorful Balls and Themes

There are a lot of bright colored balls in the game that attracts the players and makes the game glowing and vivid. Each level has a different color theme for the platforms and maze. 


The game currency that you get on completion of levels or getting high scores in the game is in the form of

  • Coins
  • Experience points

Players can use these coins to unlock balls or to unlock more themes for the mazes. 


Mod Features

  1. Bugs are fixed.
  2. Unlocked Balls

Helix Jump Mod APK No Ads

In the standard update, players have to face annoying ads when they have access to the internet. The mod version of the game has removed all annoying and disturbing advertisements. So, it becomes easy to play the game without interruption. If you are using the standard version, you can get rid of ads by turning off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. 

Helix Jump Unblocked

There are some unblocked parts or spaces on each platform. These unblocked parts help to reach directly to the lower platform if you do not want to break them or hit the colored platform. These unblocked arts help the ball to move faster and to reach promptly the bottom of the maze or labyrinth. 

Helix Jump Online

The game is available to play in both modes. You can play it online and offline too. You do not have to get worried about the internet. If you are not connected to the internet, you can still play the game.

Helix Jump Mod APK Latest Version

The latest mod version of the Helix Jump is 4.60. this version was declared on Aug 8, 2022. This version came with many new features such as unlocked balls and fixed bugs. Balls were unlocked in the standard version of the Helix Jump.

Helix Jump Mod APK Size

The APK size of the Helix Jump is 74MB and you have to check the compatibility of the device before installing the game. Your android device must have an operating system of 4.4 or above to finely short the Helix Jump Mod version.

Helix Jump APK Download

To download this colorful game, you have to follow the given procedure. 

  1. First, download the APK file of the Helix Jump from the above link.
  2. Wait to finish the download.
  3. Check your device permissions. If it allows the unknown sources, go ahead to the next step. Otherwise, enable the security to permit the installation from third-party sources. 
  4. Open the documents folder on your android. 
  5. The APK file, which is recently downloaded, of the Helix Jump will be there. Click on the file to install it. 
  6. Stay there to complete the process of installation. 
  7. Launch the game and start bumping the ball.


Helix Jump is a thrilling and engrossing adventure of bumping a colorful ball through the long labyrinth. This game is full-time fun for all age groups including kids and youngsters. The game can be played without connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Moreover, the mod version of the game has unlocked all the bouncing balls for free.

This game tells you how strong reflexes and involuntary impulses you have. The game is just about bringing the ball down carefully without touching or hitting the black platform. So, if you want to check the impulses, you must download the game.

Helix Jump APK


Q. Is Helix Jump Mod APK file safe to install?

Yes. the game APK is fully safe and secure to install on Android and iOS. Additionally, this website is safe to install any APK file. So, feel free to download the Helix Jump Mod APK from the above-given link.

Q. Do I always need an internet network to play the Helix Jump?

No. It is not imperative to have a strong internet connection to play this game. You can play the Helix Jump in offline mode without having internet access..

Q. How to unlock more colorful bumping balls?

If you are using a standard version of the Helix Jump, you have to wait and complete the levels to unlock more balls. But, if you have downloaded the mod version of the game from the above link, you will get all balls unlocked without wasting your time waiting.

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