Hello neighbor APK  v1.0 For Android Download Free

Hello Neighbor APK is an Adventure android game made by TinyBuild that you can install on your android gadgets and play for FREE!

Neighbors come and go. Someday you get a new neighbor move in next-door completely out of blue. This is exactly what happens in Hello Neighbor APK.

Hello Neighbor is already a very popular Xbox and PC game. Now, it is also available for android phones through the Google Play Store for free and has more than 5 million downloads!

To find about more about this intriguing game, keep reading!

Download Hello Neighbor APK


Are you an inquisitive person? Do you like solving mysteries? If you answered both these questions with “yes”, this is the game for you!

Download Hello Neighbor in your smartphone today and start unraveling your neighbor’s dirtiest secrets!

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The game starts when a new neighbor moves in next-door. To start with, you feel that this man is very mysterious and he is hiding something. You are sure that his home makes odd noises each night. Something is going on in the storm cellar of this rural home, perhaps it’s something awful. But how do you find out?

You choose to break into his home and investigate the mystery in the cellar.

What is the Game About?

Hello Neighbor APK is a mysterious horror game about creeping into your next door neighbor’s home and spying on him. You will discover disgusting things he is stowing away in the cellar.

You will play the game opposite an innovative AI which will learn from every move that you will make. There is one hurdle after another waiting for you. You have to clear all these hurdles and escape these traps to progress in the game:

  1. Climb through the backyard window and avoid getting caught by the bear trap there
  2. Sneak through the front door by hiding away from the cameras there
  3. Try to run from the house before the Neighbor finds a shortcut and catches you
  4. Solve all the puzzles that the game offers
  5. Distract your neighbor
  6. Hide under the bed, behind the sofa or in a cabinet

You are an inquisitive person who is sneaking into the neighbor’s new home to discovering what his secret is. Neighbors in Hello Neighbor is an AI who can learn and store data in all respects rapidly. On the off chance that you get into his home by the window, whenever you return to the window, it will be secured by strong nailed sheets.

Pro-tip for Hello Neighbor APK

One important tip for you is to remember that when playing Hello Neighbor, do not repeat what you did earlier because behind his silly appearance is smart! He is very cunning and can remember everything.


There are numerous things that make this game extraordinary, and graphic designs are a central point. Numerous players are tricked by the brilliant, vivid designs of Hello Neighbor.

Even though it is a scary game, the game is not miserably wicked like Granny’s – in fact, the graphics of the game resemble those of kids’ games. Yet, at the same time, the game is truly something that makes you feel terrified.

Slowly the tension builds up in the neighbor’s house and that is what keeps you on your toes through this game. You will feel like you are the intruder who’ll get discovered by the owner anytime, but this owner is not any normal man; maybe he is a killer or an alien…

Install Instructions for Hello Neighbor APK

Hello Neighbor mod APK is available on play store for free but the official version lacks the advantages that come in the modded version. You will get unlimited diamonds and coins with the mod version which will help you clear the levels quicker and easier.

So, for free Hello Neighbor mod APK download here is how you can download and install the game in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the APK folder of Hello Neighbor
  2. Firstly, install Hello Neighbor APK on the android device
  3. Open the game and start playing!
  4. Best Features of Hello Neighbor APK
  5. Artificial Intelligence

This game does support AI and believe me it is very much important in games like this. AI remember all your moves and past action, it modifies the neighbor behavior accordingly.


Now, if we talk about the graphics of these games, they are seriously very good and realistic if you have a high-end device then you can enjoy the ultra-graphic mode of this game without any lag. Though it automatically changes the graphics setting according to your smartphone specs you can change it anytime according to your needs too.

Available for Free

This game is available for free for everyone. You don’t have to pay anything to get this game on your smartphone. Just download APK and Obb file and if you don’t know how to install it then read the instructions below. We have explained everything in a very easy way.

Very Interesting Gameplay

Once you start playing the game you would fall in love right at the start. This is a horror game so, you have to be very careful in making any steps or else you would be caught by the owner of the house. The background music which keeps on playing is also very horror and it makes the game more interesting.


Regardless of the fact, this game does not have any scary illustrations and sound, yet Neighbor MOD can make the player’s heartbeat so quickly that it might pop out of the chest.

This game is not for the faint of heart, yet on the off chance that despite everything you need to challenge your fearlessness, download Hello Neighbor APK from the link given in this article.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your neighbors’ mysterious house right away!

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