Hide.io APK Unlimited Coins Download

Hide.io APK Unlimited Coins Download

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App Name Hide.io APK Unlimited Coins Download
Size 85M
Latest Version 34.0.4
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Developer iGene
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Try out the unique gameplay of hide and seek and recall your childhood.  If you are tired of strategy, fighting, and shooting games, then try Hide.io.APK. It offers a very simple mechanism and a convenient touch control option.  If you are looking for an efficient or casual game, then Hide.io would be the best option for you. It is a perfect role-playing game, in which you can play two different roles.   Explore all the locations and Enjoy the unique gameplay to the fullest.

Hide.io Apk

Free to play

This game is currently free of cost. You can get it from the play store without any subscription fees or in-app purchases. It is completely free of cost. You can use all the features without paying any charges. Feel free to upgrade your charters by applying different skins, it is also free of cost.

Get unlimited money and rewards with its modded version:

If you want to get unlimited rewards, money, and an ad-free interface, then try its modified version. Its modded version offers many convenient and useful features to the players. You can get everything unlimited in this version. All the skins, levels, and maps are already unlocked in its modded version. Moreover, you will get many rewards on daily or weekly bases, unlimited coins, and an ad-free interface. Get its modified version directly from our site. The link is already given above. Go ahead and get it on your portable device.

Graphics and Sound effects

It has fascinating gameplay of 2D graphics and high-quality sound effects. The graphics are very simple with a simple and light-colored interface. Its simplicity and pleasant sound effects make it enjoyable. Its background sound is very stress-relieving and calm which gives you peace of mind. Maybe you like this similar game Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Mod APK.


This is basically a casual game with a hide-and-seek mechanism. You have to be a seeker or a hider. You can freely choose the role you want to play. If you select tagger, then you have to find out all the hidden objects in your surrounding. Hit the most suspicious thing and uncover the hidden object in the room.  Be careful while hitting on the objects, because if you hit the wrong place, you will lose ⅓ of your energy.

On the other hand, if you select the second option, then you have to play as a non-living thing. Hide in the unexpected corners of the room. If someone clicks on the spot where you hide, you will be out of the game.

Hide.io Apk


Straightforward and simple Gameplay:

Enjoy Hide and seek with a straightforward and portable game. Thanks to the developers for programming such a simple and easy interface. You will easily get familiar with all of its options and touch controls. Enjoy the unique and fascinating hide-and-seek game in which you will become a thing/object. You have to hide in different setups. You can move your character here and there in the gameplay. Feel free to use its straightforward touch controls and find yourself completely immersed in the gameplay.

Movements and touch controls:

Its unique mechanism of moving objects and in-depth touch controls make it more simple and easy. With its convenient controls, you can easily move and unlock multiple locations. Explore all the locations and click on the suspicious things to find hidden objects.

You can move freely until you find a suitable spot to hide. Using its in-depth and convenient controls, you can find the best locations for yourself.

Play both as object or seeker:

The players can enjoy this game in two different modes. You can play as a tagger and also as a hidden object.

If you are playing as a tagger, then you have to explore all the hidden objects in your surroundings. Just click on the suspicious thing and figure out the hidden options. Be careful while selecting the hidden object. Because you will lose ⅓ of your energy after every wrong click.  Show your observation skills and awaken your inner detective.

On the other hand, you have to hide in a suitable spot if you want to play as a hidden object. 

Multiple objects and maps:

It offers you a massive collection of maps and varieties of setups. 

You can enjoy the gameplay with hundreds of layouts. Each level has its own graphics and obstacles. You can find suitable and relevant locations that can merge you into the surrounding. Choose a suitable and undetected color for the object and hide it in an unexpected location. In this way, you can defeat the tagger player.

Hide.io Apk

Similarly, If you are playing as a tagger, then you have to observe all the locations carefully. Never miss any unexpected place. Figure out all the hidden objects in the room. Choose carefully because one wrong click can make you weak by decreasing your energy. Find out the maximum object to unlock advanced levels. Each level is connected with the other one. You can not access the next level before finishing the previous one. Unlock all the maps and follow them carefully to explore more locations.

Face the tough Challenges and upgrade your character

You have to face many challenges to reach your goal. You will face more tough and complicated challenges as you move to the next levels. You can upgrade your observation skills and abilities to detect something. If you are playing as a tagger, then you can choose different skins for your charters. It has many upgrade options. In addition, you will become strangers and wiser as you progress in the gameplay. Each level is a bit more complicated than the previous one. Be patient and find out all the hidden objects in the room. Enjoy the hide-and-seek game with lots of enjoyable challenges.

Multiple Skins for your characters:

It also offers many skins and upgrade options for your characters. This feature makes this game more exciting and interesting. You can unlock different skins for your charters. Dive into the portable gameplay of hide and seek to the fullest. Play as a detective policeman, whose duty is to collect every possible evidence against the criminals. You can also change your customize according to the layouts and surroundings. Select the costume of a cowboy, an Amazon Warrior, a medieval Soldier, and many others. Feel free to play as your favorite character. Put the costume on and customize the surrounding/layout of the gameplay according to your wish.

Play with online gamers and your friends:

It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, you can play alone with automatic challenges. Enjoy the Hide-and seek game online with your buddies. Add your friends by logging in with your Insta or Facebook account. Enjoy the gameplay to the fullest with your real-life friends. It also offers you to interact with online gamers via chats or audio calls, or live sessions. You can communicate with your opponent by going to the chat section. Dive into the immersive gameplay and find out all the hidden objects of the opponent. 

Leaderboard Challenge:

Try to make high scores by finding out the maximum number of objects. If you attain a high score become the ranked player on the leaderboard.  Participate in interesting leaderboard challenges and try to score high rank. In this way, you will get many rewards and bumper prizes with lots of reward money.

Steps to download

1:Go to the title page of this site and hit the download icon.

2: wait for a while.

3: Give permission to all the unknown Sources to be installed on your device. 

4:Now, click on the install option that appears on your screen.

5:That's all.

Hide.io Apk


Enjoy the casual gameplay of Hide and seek to relive your childhood. Hide in an unexpected place in the room or become a wise tagger. If you want to play as a tagger, then you have to observe each and everything to figure out hidden objects. 

The latest modified version of this application is given above. Enjoy the unlimited rewards and ad-free interface with its modded version.  Go ahead and download it directly from our site. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box.


Q. Can I download this game on my iPhone?

Yes, you can get it directly from the app store without any availability issues. Because it can be used in all types of operating systems easily.

Q. Is it a Single player game?

Yes, it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. You can participate in leaderboard challenges to play with international gamers.

Q. What is the download size of this application?

It is a heavy-sized app of approximately 106MB. But its size will increase after the installation because of its cache memory.

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