Hill Climbing Racing Mod Apk latest v1.42.0 for Android

Do you like cars? Do you long for going out on long drives? Well, Hill Climb Racing is a great game for all the car lover out there. It is like the unending running games such as Flappy Bird or Subway Surfer. The difference is that in this game, you have to keep driving nonstop on a hill 


This game is discharged by Fingersoft which is a Finnish organization. The game is released for both iOS and Android. Get Hill Climb Racing Mod APK iOS here if you do not have an Android device.  

For Android users, instead of getting the Google Play Store app try Hill Climb Racing mod APK as the mod version comes with a lot of cool features and highlights to improve your gaming experience.  

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Enjoy this hill climbing game with Hill Climb Racing download right now!  

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Version Info

NameHill Climbing Racing APK
Last updatedMay 17, 2019
GenreArcade, Games without cache,MOD
size 65 MB


Hill Climb Racing Mod APK is a racing game as stated earlier. Speed control is the key factor to drive long in this game. You have to drive on hilltops and avoid falling off hence, driving with the correct speed is very crucial.   

The name of the character in the game is ‘Newton Bill’. He will begin driving from Ragnarok to get to the Nuclear Plant. On his ride over hills, he will run over numerous hurdles which make the game exciting to play.  

A definitive target of the game is to drive more, go far and gather however many coins as you can. With the Mod version, you can get as many of them as you like without any purchases or limitations!  

In spite of the fact that the main gameplay is simply driving, it is not so easy with low fuel and overwhelming hilly landscape. Since the game plot is to drive on hilly territories, you need to avoid your vehicle from flipping over because if this happens, your game will be over. 

Get Unlimited Fuel, Gas, Vehicles, Gems, and Coins

The Mod game will let you play with unlimited resources like coins and gems. This implies you can drive on any vehicle you want to without actually gathering enough coins to unlock it.   

Mod APK is facilitated by third-party designers and consequently are viewed as unsafe. However, Hill Climb Racing mod APK is totally legitimate and will not harm your device.  

In contrast to its official adaptation, Hill Climb Racing Mod APK for Android has uncountable: 

  1. Fuel 
  2. Gas 
  3. Vehicles 
  4. Gems 
  5. Coins 

So don’t stress over coming up short on fuel or gas. With unlimited resources, you can update your vehicles and open many new levels. The mod adaptation of the game guarantees you having a great time and soon you will be addicted to it.  


Graphics and visuals are 3D and have been planned delightfully coordinating with the idea of the game. There are more than 30 vehicles, all designed reasonably to drive on hills.  

Shading, structure, visuals, and sound, every single detail together make Hill Climb Racing Mod APK the best driving and racing game.  


Controls are simple, intuitive, smooth, basic and easy to deal with.  

  • Tap on the screen to increase the speed of your car
  • Tap on the left side for brakes to stop the vehicle or hinder the speed
  • Tap on the right side for gas
  • Tap the 2 lines on the upper right corner of the screen to delay the game
  • Interface

The interface of the game is very simple. Everything is effectively noticeable on the screen. You can see how far you have driven, the number coins and games, how much vitality you have left with and such different subtleties directly during the drive.  

You may likewise check ‘RPM’ and Boost of the vehicle. Rest of the alternatives are also readily available.   

Vehicles, Dangerous Tracks, and Exciting Levels in the Game  

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK offers more than 30 vehicles to drive in; these include: 

  1. Jeep 
  2. Motorbikes 
  3. Quad bicycle 
  4. Trucks 
  5. Cars  
  6. Ambulance 
  7. Hippie Van 
  8. One Wheeler 
  9. Tourist bus 
  10. Racecar 
  11. Police car 
  12. Snowmobile 
  13. Super off-road 
  14. SUVs and much more 

Every vehicle has its own features. There are many different and thrilling locations that keep the boredom away. Do not forget to collect power-ups and bonuses to jump on higher levels in the game.  


  1. Vehicles 

Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles including bike, truck, jeep, tank, etc.) 

2. Upgradable Parts 

Upgradeable parts include engine, suspension, tires, and 4WD 

3. Different Settings 

Numerous stages with levels to reach in each (Countryside, Desert, Arctic, and the Moon! +++) 

4. Screenshot 

Share your score with a screenshot with your friends! 

5. Graphics 

Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation 

6. Designing  

Designed to look good on low resolution and high-resolution devices (incl. tablets) 

7. Audio 

Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine! 

8. Compatibility 

Compatible with even low-end Android devices. 

9. Rooting 

Rooting is not needed. 

10. Unlimited Resources 

Endless Coins, Gems, Fuel, and energy. 

11. Different Levels 

More than 28 levels to cross. 

12. Garage Mode 

Separate ‘Garage Mode’ to get customization for your vehicles. 

13. Daily Challenges 

Daily challenges bring a new adventure every day. 


Overall, Hill Climb Racing Mod APK is a game which is very easy to learn and play but difficult to master. There are many skills that you will need to increase over time in order to win this game.  

We cannot deny the fact that this game is very suitable to kill time when free and helps you release your stress after a tough day. So download it and start playing right now!  

–    Happy Driving! 

If you have already played this game then let us know how you liked it and leave a comment below. We look forward to receiving your feedback! 

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