Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

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App Name Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk
Size 199M
Latest Version
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Hitwicket Cricket Games
Content Rating Rated for 3+
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Update February 27, 2023 (1 year ago)
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What is Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk is a game that is developed by Hitwicket. The game is a cricket sports game that has become popular in many countries. This game can be played on Android phones and other devices that have the Android operating system.In this game, players will play as the captain of the team and lead the team.Players will also have to train their players for them to be able to become better at their skills.Players can also form their own team and compete against other teams from all over the world.Hitwicket Superstar Mod, as the name suggests, is a mod version of Hitwicket Superstar Apk.

This means that there are some features added or modified in this version compared to Hitwicket Superstar Apk so that it can be used more conveniently by players who want more features but do not want to spend money on purchasing new items every time they need them or want better items than what they already have.Hit Wicket Superstar Mod Apk is the latest version of this game. This application has many new features like Unlimited Money, Unlimited Coins, Free to Play and High Graphics.

This game has been developed by the world's best developers.The user interface of this application is very attractive and easy to use.The main goal of this game is to play cricket with your friends or other players. You can also get your name on the leaderboard by playing this game.In this application, you will not face any problem while playing the game because it has a very simple user interface which helps you to play easily without any difficulty or trouble. There are many new features in this version that you can enjoy while playing this game. You can also get a lot of rewards from this application if you play it regularly and properly. It also offers many features that allow you to win every match easily without any difficulty or trouble so that you can enjoy your time playing these games without any problem at all!

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About Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk:

Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk is a very nice game to play. It is a very famous game that has millions of players around the world. It is available in both Android and IOS platforms. The main thing about this game is that it has an option to play with friends and family members. This makes it more enjoyable than other games which do not have this feature.Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk allows you to play the game without any bugs or errors so that you can enjoy it more than ever before. The sound effects of this game are really awesome and it makes you feel like watching a real cricket match on TV.

You can also customize your player according to his skills and abilities by spending some money from the bank because all players have different skills and abilities so better use them wisely while choosing them for playing at any position they fit well according to their batting skill or bowling skill etc.The gameplay of Hitwicket Superstar Mod is similar to other games in this genre. You start by picking one of the teams that are available, and then you have to play against another team.

The matches can be played either online or offline, depending on what you prefer.The gameplay of Hitwicket Superstar Apk is very simple, but if you want to win matches, then you have to have some skills. The game requires a lot of skill and strategy from players to win matches against 

The matches can be played either online or offline, depending on what you prefer.The gameplay of Hitwicket Superstar Apk is very simple, but if you want to win matches, then you have to have some skills. The game requires a lot of skill and strategy from players to win matches against other teams. You need to choose a good team and make sure that all players have good batting, bowling and fielding skills so that they can easily beat other teams during matches.


Features Of Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk:

New Players: You will get new players after winning matches or completing missions.

Faster Runs: This feature helps you to increase run rate as soon as possible so that you can win matches easily without losing any important match points.

Stamina Boost: This feature increases stamina level of all players in your team automatically with every ball bowled so that they do not get tired easily even if they play for long hours without any rest

High Definition Graphics: The first thing that attracts people towards an app is its graphics and animations. The developers have made sure that they provide high-definition graphics in order to make their game more attractive for all age groups. As a result, you will be able to see some amazing animations while playing the game which will keep you entertained throughout!

Amazing Animations: Another important thing about this app is its animations. The developers have made sure that they provide amazing animations while playing the game so that you can enjoy every moment of it!

Unlimited Stamina: This feature allows players to use unlimited stamina while playing the game so that they don’t have to worry about how many times

Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk Features:

Unlimited Money: In this app, you will get some in-app purchase options which are very expensive and you cannot afford them because of your low budget. But we have made this app for you so that you can enjoy all these features without spending anything from your pocket. You will get unlimited money in this app so that you can purchase any item from the store without having any problem with money at all.

Unlimited Stars: In this app, there are some stars which are used as currency and they are used to buy different types of items from the store. But if you do not have enough stars then it becomes really difficult for you to purchase anything from the store because everything requires some amount of stars as payment.

Single Player Mode: In this mode you don’t need to play with any other player; you will play against the computer. There are different difficulty levels which you can choose from in this mode. You can also customize your team in this mode as well as create your own team according to your choice and taste.

Multiplayer Mode: In this mode, there are many players who are playing together against each other and trying to win the game by making more runs or taking more wickets than others. You can play this mode with real people or against bots that have been programmed by developers of the game. The number of players allowed in one match is limited to 8 players per team, but if you want then you can increase it up to 12 players per team as well by changing some settings in your device’s operating system (OS).

The Tournament of Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

The Tournament of Hitwicket Superstar Mod is the most interesting part of this game. Players can play one-on-one matches with other players from around the world. The tournament will be held in two phases and each phase has its own rules. In the first phase of the tournament, you will have to select your team and then play against other teams to win more points. Here, you must maintain your wickets and get rid of all other teams. You will also get bonuses for winning matches and for saving wickets.

The players have to select their team from different countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa etc. Each country has its own unique players with different skills and techniques that can be used during the match against other countries' teams too. You can also use your own strategy to win each match against other players as well as against computer-generated teams too!


Free to play: The game is completely free to play, no matter if you win or lose any match, there are no charges involved in this game at all.

Realistic graphics: The graphics used in this game are very realistic, especially when it comes to player animations and movement on the field.

Diamonds: Get diamonds for hitting a milestone. Use these to buy limited edition items from the Diamond Shop.

Experience Points:  Get XP for every match you win! Use these to level up your player and make them stronger.

Great Sound Effects: There are lots of sound effects available in Hitwicket Superstar Apk which makes it more interesting and addictive than any other

How to install:

Step 1:  Download and install the Hitwicket Superstar Mod

Step 2: Download and install the Hitwicket Superstar Apk of your choice

Step 3:  Choose a server to download the Hitwicket Superstar  (try to choose a fast server)

Step 4:  Wait until you get a green light, and then click on “Open” to start downloading Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

Step 5:  Select the folder where you want to save Hitwicket Superstar Mod  on your device and click Open, then select OK when prompted to overwrite existing files

Step 6:  When the process is complete, run Hitwicket Superstar Apk and enjoy playing!

Prize distribution ceremony of Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk

Hitwicket Superstar Mod is the most popular game of cricket in the world. The game has been developed by a team of professionals and sports enthusiasts. This game is available on Android and iOS platforms. The players have to play against each other and win the match. They can earn points by hitting the ball and scoring runs.

1st place:  Rs 10 lakh cash prize + trophy

2nd place: Rs 5 lakh cash prize + trophy

3rd place: Rs 3 lakh cash prize + trophy


Q. Q: Is it safe to download and use Hitwicket Superstar Mod Apk?

A: Yes! This app is 100% safe to download. There is no malware or virus in this application. It is completely safe for your device and you can use it without any worries about your device getting damaged or infected with viruses or malware.

Q. Q: Is there any need to root my device?

A: No, this app is completely safe and works perfectly on non-root devices.

Q. Q: Can I play this game offline?

A: Yes, you can play this game offline. However, if you want to enjoy the full features of this game, then connect it with the internet and download Hitwicket Superstar Apk.

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