Human Fall Flat Apk Obb Download

Human Fall Flat Apk Obb Download

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App Name Human Fall Flat Apk Obb Download
Size 1.4G
Latest Version 1.9
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer 505 Games Srl
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update February 27, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Human Fall Flat Apk

Human Fall Flat is an amazing puzzle game which is totally based on Physics rules and this game has no boundaries. This game shows us that puzzles can be very interesting sometimes. This game has realistic puzzles to solve in order to escape the dreams or the trap you are trapped in by using physics rules and your brain. Human Fall Flat has a very unique framework and it is obviously very relaxing . As you solve a puzzle you feel utterly relaxed.  We think Puzzles are no fun but Human Fall Flat has proved our this thought wrong by its realistic and awesome gameplay. People are actually more than interested in this game and are playing with so much challenge in them. The players have to use real life physics to escape their weird dream.

You just have to escape this dream by applying physics techniques and solving various puzzles. There will be many uncanny characters to deal with. The players are stuck in a weird dream and they will find themselves in a wobbly dummy figure. In order to escape, just examine the strange and super weird world around you and solve the puzzles that come in your way . Use your creative mind to think of the best solutions to solve each problem and complete the challenge. The players of Human Fall Flat will pass through many levels and the puzzles will get more and more thrilling and mind-twisting but you have to solve them in order to escape the weird dream.

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 Why should you play Human Fall Flat?

Human Fall Flat is a platform that provides its users puzzle games that are available on more than one device. That means that the players can play it on various devices they are comfortable to play on like

  • Mobile phones
  • PC
  • Laptops
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mac
  • And more

Worried about the looks of the game? No need because this game is far away from the normal boring 2d puzzles games that make a player bored because it provides the player with a new 3D model that has a cartoon-like look.In this way, you will be able to have fun with a new type of puzzle. This way of structure and looks make it different from the other 2D old style puzzles.

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Human Fall Flat Apk

“Human Fall Flat APK is co-op type of game which heavily 

suggests a team of people working to negotiate or solve the

 unending series of brain twisting puzzles”

Thus, the game focuses on team work of four players who work as a team in order to escape by solving the hard puzzles and mind-twisting challenges. In the strat they will learn things like how to interact with elements in the game in order to find many essential things. The people playing will enjoy the time while getting experience in this game and will eventually become pro of this game and that will advantage them in the upcoming levels that are obviously more hard. And the players who have already played the whole game can update the game for new adventures and things .

Human Fall Flat Amazing Features

Human Fall Flat has so many features that every player would love to try and know about. These features are given below

Game for all age people:

Human Fall Flat is famous for its amazing puzzles that make a player think about the puzzle's creativity. Human Fall Flat needs a player to play this game while using simple physics techniques. And this can be done by people of any age and puzzles are easy to be solved by people of any age. There is no age restriction to play this game because people of different ages have different interests and this game will be very fun for anyone to play. 

But talking about its amazing structure , the objects present in the game, the characters who play are very easy to recognize because of the 3D graphics and they look kind of funny when they start moving and that is attractive for people of all ages. So, the graphics attract almost all ages of audience but mostly children . However, the puzzles are hard to play and require techniques and that is possible for grown-ups or adults to do. All members of a family can play this game and have an exciting journey while playing this game. 

Hilarious control that require realistic physics:

You can enjoy the game by getting to know these controls. In the start of the game, it will be a bit difficult for you because the controls are kinda difficult to deal with but they are extremely fun to play with as well. The movements of the wobbly dummy figure cartoon is very attractive and his movements are literally hilarious for the players. The puzzles are usually very simple and easy to deal with but in this game the puzzles are more interesting because of the controls.

You have to be prepared and make yourself more experienced in order to master the art of Wobbly Dummy Parkour. These are simple movements, you just need to remind them and use them a lot. 

  • Swing side to side or up to down to   “run”
  • Carrying the things like you are going to throw them at someone
  • Hitting yourself
  • Jumping around while grabbing your team or friends feeling like a stalker 
  • And more
  • Real-life Physics Techniques:

This feature is the most important as it makes the game easy and hard at the time. Players in the beginning will think that the game is boring and the movement of the Wobbly dummy is very clumsy but they are totally wrong because once they know how to play the game using real-time physics they will be amazed. The player just needs to understand the real-time physics techniques in order to play the game with full experience.

Everything the player does is directly related to the speed and the momentum and they are the basis of the physics that means that you must calculate everything carefully before you make or make your character move or try to solve puzzles. It must seem frustrating to understand as it contains a lot of Physics but whenever the Blocky character “falls flat” on the ground it surely puts a smile on your face and you become happy to solve the mystery. This is why the game is named “Human Fall Flat”.

Mind-twisting Puzzles:

Puzzles in Human Fall Flat are literally mind bending and very much interesting and puzzling that;s why they are known as Puzzles. There are puzzles of different kinds and you will get yourself interested in them more and more as the levels pass by. So, be ready to enjoy and explore the 10 amazing levels of this exciting gameplay and dozens of arcs in the game.

Make sure to solve the puzzles using your creative mind and come up with amazing and unthinkable ideas to solve the problems and challenges. You must choose the right options to approach the game and you will slowly find a way out of the weird dream. And a lot of players think of jumping off the edges in order to escape or get away but keep this in mind that you will literally be landing on the same place from where you jumped. So, the best way is to solve the crazy puzzles and get out. 

Full of Challenges:

This game is full of challenges and you will have fun solving these challenges. In the start a player finds himself in a wobbly dummy and in a world that is completely different and extraordinary and it will have different environmental factors. The players in the game will have to take a look at the place and you have to explore the surroundings and on your way you will get different puzzles to solve and the players are forced to solve these puzzles in order to unlock the place they were going to. Each player needs to find a remote on his way of exploring the world. 

In the current version of the game, the player finds himself in a forest and he has to look around and find puzzles and he will get in a new arc of a level. The player can be controlled by a button on screen that is separated into two parts and  two hands are made on it. You have to control the game with these hands and you can even see your character playing the game in a third person’s POV. 

Thrilling even when you replay:

You have to just control your character and all you have to do is solve the puzzles on the way. It may seem very easy but not every puzzle is the same as the previous. All the puzzles are of unique styles and their own physics to be solved with. The puzzles have a unique feature that if you replay a puzzle it will not be the same. Even if you play the same puzzle for the third time it will be completely different from the previous two times. This is a very amazing feature that never bore the player and is responsible for the fun of the players. 

A player once said,

 The puzzles always feel fresh even
after our third playthrough.”

Interactive Environment:

What does it mean by Interactive Environment? This means that the player can even interact with the environment , like he can use whatever he wants and wherever he wants. There is no single piece of thing that the player can not put a finger on. The players are free to use whatever they want from the environment in order to solve the amazing challenges. 

For Example: If there is a rope in the environment he can use that rope to climb or even stones of the environment to make a huge pile of them and then climb over them to complete the challenge or explore the environment.

This feature even amazes me at this point .


You can play this game with 2, 3 or even 4 players at a time. This increases the team work in a human’s personality and he is able to understand the amazing results of a team work. These other players can even be your family members, your friends that live near you or even far from you . And if you want to play with complete strangers online, this game allows that feature as well. 

The players are able to make new crazy game lover friends on this platform. This game allows people from far away from different countries to play with each other. You will get to meet new people with the same interests and likings as you and there is a great chance that you will become friends. You can even prank each other in this game.

Human Fall Flat Solomatch:

This game even allows the players to play a solo match on their own with no other players because this game even allows such matches that have only one player that can do whatever they want on this platform along with solving puzzles. 

Customize your Character:

Playing online means you all will have a control on your own character and you can even customize your own character in the ways you want. This will help you to look different from the other players present in your team. You have to choose the model and suit it according to your preference. Then select a headwear from a long list. Choose the shirt and pants of the character as your personality or even like some fictional character. Then lastly color your character. These are the options from where you have to select


Convenient in-game Communication:

As it is already said that the game will be online so you will get a chance to talk with the fellow players while solving these puzzles. This can be done in voice chat and you can laugh and chat while enjoying the game.

Human Fall Flat Apk Ios

In order to download the game on your apple devices you just have to follow the steps given below

  • Before downloading, you must have an iOS 11.0 version or even a higher version 
  • The space left in your iOS must be 2.1 Gb for the game to install.
  • Now, go to the iOS app store of your iOS and search the game’s name there.
  • Now the app will appear , just click install. 
  • After installation, the game icon will be seen on your screen and just tap it and start the amazing adventurous game.

Human Fall Flat Levels

Wondering about levels of Human Fall Flat? There are 10 open-ended levels in this game which have dozens of arcs. The open-ended levels means there will be so many puzzles to play in each level that they will never end. And the puzzles will be different from each other every single time.

The players can play whatever level they want and have fun solving the puzzles using real-time physics. In the new level you will be at a new place that is completely different from the previous one and the players have to explore the place in order to find a remote and get out of the weird place in order to come out of the game. The players must do the master of the moves of the wobbly dummy in order to win the game.

Human Fall Flat Online

You can play the game online with new players every time you start the game. This feature allows the players to get new friends from different parts of the world. The players can communicate with each other during the game and the communication will be done with means of voice chat. The players will get to know more people of their type and they can even become friends. 

The players can even enjoy the game with their friends online or even family members. The players can even enjoy the game alone as the game allows and promotes solo matches as well as multi players matches.

Human Fall Flat Two Players

Yes. Human Fall Flat allows the players to play with different amounts of players. They can be two players, they can be 3 players or even 4 players at a time. This helps the players in making a good teamwork and allows the players to talk to each other while playing. The other players can be family members, friends or even strangers from the internet. This game even allows the players to play a solo match.

Human Fall Flat Visual and Sound Quality

Many players must question the graphics of the game , but they will be shocked looking at the graphics because they are not professional at all. Rather they look like they are designed by a kid. There are no advanced options like guns use, Bombs , explosions or anything because this game is simply made of puzzles and challenges. And these puzzles are not ordinary at all and are physics based that never bore the user. 

In addition to amazing graphics the music in this game is also realistic. It feels so surreal and amazing while playing the game. This music helps you to think if you are really present in that world because of the vibe the game is providing.

Human Fall Flat Apk Obb Download

Human Fall Flat Apk Download

This game is very to install you just have to follow the steps given below

  • Before starting the download you must ensure that your android phone is update adt latest version of 5.0 for the program to run properly and so that the software does no make any errors
  • The left space in your storage must be 2GB for the game to install because the game is itself 1.8GB.
  • Now open the settings of your device and then choose security and click on the Unknown Sources options and allow it
  • Now , go to the game download Apk page and then download the file. 
  • After the downloading is finished, you can click the downloaded apk files and install them
  • And after installation , open the game and have fun playing the game. 

Human Fall Flat Apk Download for PC

To download Human Fall Flat on your Pc just follow the steps given below

  • Before downloading , you must check that your desktop version should be on Windows XP or any above it. 
  • This game requires 500Mb space of the storage and at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly or it will cause errors. 
  • Now download the apk file from this page 
  • When the download is completed , find it in the storage of your computer.
  • Now you have to click on the “exe” file for two times and follow the given instructions
  • Now open the game on the desktop icon and solve puzzles and all.


To get an awesome puzzle gaming experience that even gives you a great experience of the speed and momentum of physics download this game now. This game has amazing features of multi-player, customization of your own character, Interactive surrounding, Amazing #d graphics and audio and many more.

Thanks for reading the article and now install the game and be a master of it .


Q. Is the Human Fall Flat Apk free?

Yes, the Human Fall Flat Apk is totally free to download from our website. You can download and install it in your device easily without paying any charges or any hidden fees.

Q. Is there a paid version of this game?

No, there is no paid version of this game.

Q. Is Human Fall Flat Apk safe?

Where can I download Human Fall Flat Apk?

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