Hungry Shark Evolution APK [MOD] Download Latest Version for Android

Games are the most favorite activity of many people now-a-days. If you are looking for the best game to play then the Hungry Shark Evolution apk game will be best for you. This game has got many awards as the best game for smartphones. A lot of people in the world are playing this game these days.

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

Hungry Shark Evolution is an interesting game for everyone. Anyone who wants to enjoy a casual game on their mobile devices, Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK is best for them. It is a strange and addictive game.

Hungry Shark Evolution APK Download

NameHungry Shark Evolution MOD APK
Size94.4 MB
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
License Free
Mode Features Unlimited Gems and Coins


Main theme of Hungry Shark apk Evolution:

The Hungry sharks are preparing their meal for dinner. You have to explore the ocean and control your giant sharks to go around and eat everything on its way. Gather new sharks and evolve them into powerful beasts. In this game you shall control your big sharks when they are travelling the ocean floor. Eat everything that is in your way and try to stay alive as long as possible until his hungry level reaches the top. You have to collect enough food so that your sharks can evolve in new forms and can get new powers. Take your sharks to the beach and share the hell out of the people.

Hungry Shark Apk Evolution Features:

This game shall offer following exciting features:

  • Simple control system:

Hungry Shark Evolution offers a convenient control system to gamers. In this game gamers can easily control their sharks. New gamers would find the game extremely simple to begin with.

  • Interesting missions:

In this game, there will be dozens of different species of sharks available for you to collect. Complete the levels and missions to unlock epic sharks to your collection. And sometimes, you can even get some strange beasts that do not look like sharks at all. In Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK, you have to unlock 11 sharks. Few sharks are already unlocked. While completing missions and tasks, you can also explore the ocean to find what deep ocean looks like.

New discoveries in Hungry Shark Apk Mod Evolution:

Players will have their chances to explore the exciting world in Hungry Shark Evolution. Hungry Shark Evolution features a large world under the world. Sharks shall travel to many different locations for enjoyable foods. To get a bonus you need to discover some sunken bonus objects.

1.Different mysterious Creatures:

In Hungry Shark Evolution there will be hundreds of different mysterious creatures that you may encounter. Some of them can be extremely powerful and dangerous for your sharks. But, on the other hand, you can eat a delicious meal for your sharks if you are lucky.

2.Training of sharks:

You need to train your Sharks while they are still young, So that they shall develop better affections for you. Allow them to be more aggressive and more powerful during fights. You can also enhance your shark’s powers by giving them accessories and gears. You can provide them new weapons like Laser beams or rockets and fire them at enemies. With the help of armor you can protect your sharks from enemies’ attacks

3.Valuable prizes:

Hungry Shark Evolution game introduces gamers to exciting events where they’ll have their chances to collect valuable prizes. You may receive your daily rewards just by being active in the game.

Play Hungry Shark Apk Evolution with or without Internet:

You can play the Hungry Shark Evolution game online and offline as well. When the internet is back your saves will be automatically uploaded to your Google account.

Sound and Visual Quality:

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK has really amazing, high quality eye-catching graphics which make this game more interesting. Enjoy playing your epic sharks and shoot flashy laser beams to your enemies. Enjoy satisfying sound effects and the on-theme music while swimming around.


If you want to install Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK in your android phones or tablets you have to install it manually. If you are facing any problem during installation of Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK, you should follow following steps:

  • You should uninstall any older version of Hungry Shark Evolution, if installed.
  • Then Download the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK
  • Open the download folder and find the file you have just downloaded.
  • Then download and install Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK game
  • After installation, the icon of the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD will begin to appear on your home screen.
  • Just go to the home screen and click on the Hungry Shark Evolution game icon and enjoy playing it.

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