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App Name HUNT ROYALE MOD APK Free shopping
Size 178MB
Latest Version 1.5.4
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer BoomBit Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.1 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (1 year ago)
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If you ever had a fantasy of becoming a hunter and fighting the ferocious monsters and saving the world, this game is for you. This game will take you on an epic ride where you have to fight the monsters and the players and clear each level. In this game you don't have to fight the monsters only but you have to fight the players too in different modes. With its unique gameplay and awesome graphics this game is a must try.



This world is full of dangerous monsters and you have to fight them along with your supporting teammates. For killing the monsters you need special skills as well as unique weapons . All the teammates have some unique capabilities to fight the monsters. And to upgrade your weapons you need some money and clear certain levels to get the amazing weapons in your fight against the monsters.

This game is played in PVP and PVE nature, in PVE nature the teammates play a supporting role and help you with their unique skills in killing the monsters and saving the world. In PVP nature, there will be a competition between players and each player has to take down the rest of the players in order to win the game and get points. The number of points will increase with each player you will defeat.


This game has four modes and in each mode the mission is different.

In the first mode, that is classic mode, you will have to fight the monsters for a certain time and the game will end when you will find the last survivor or when the time ends. With killing each monster you get certain points. So, the bigger the monster the more points will be given to you. But you have to see for your strength before taking down any bigger monster. Because if you try to take down a monster more powerful than you, your player will be killed.

In the second mode, that is co-op mode in which you and the other teammates come together to fight the monsters for the protection of the king. You have limited numbers of players but the monsters are in huge numbers so make sure you fight skillfully in order to win in this mode. 

In the third mode, that is boss hunting game, in this mode there will be a group of four people who will fight the boss bosses for the completion of the hunt. The boss bosses are very powerful and have unique and powerful skills so make sure you always play in the group and never one on one as you might not stand a chance in front of the monster and get killed. Use your skills wisely and keep fighting without getting attacked by them. 

The last mode is bounty hunter mode, that is the most difficult among all the modes and you have to play along with 9 other different players in this mode. So use your abilities in this mode to survive and win.


In this game you will be given many characters and each character is very special in this game. Every character has its own special characteristics and unique abilities to fight the monsters. There are upto 30 different characters in this game. 

Characters and their abilities can be upgraded in this game but you will have to buy some coins for that and as a result your characters will gain different types of abilities.


The gameplay of this game is very exciting and each level has different and difficult monsters to kill. After killing the monsters your level will be upgraded and thus the monsters of the level will also get very powerful. And in each level the location will be changed and you will fight the monsters in different locations every time. So stay active and get ready for the amazing gameplay that will keep you excited all the time and you will never see a boring moment in this game. 

Each monster of the game will be killed with a unique weapon and you have to kill the monsters in the game by using your skills and your character’s special characteristics. This game is very easy in a way that it can be controlled single handedly. The more you kill the monsters the more your experience will be increased that you can see on the experience bar on top of the screen. And when your experience bar is completed you will get some special skills, so keep killing the monsters and keep getting the experience.


The mod apk version of the game can be downloaded from the link given above.

Just press the download button and wait for few seconds till the downloading starts,

Once the app is downloaded, open it in the downloads of your device.  

You can install the app once you allow the external sources by going in your settings.

In this way the app will be installed and you can easily use it on your device.


This mod apk version is the latest version of the hunt royae that provides all the premium features such as unlimited gems and gold and diamond for the users free of cost.


Hunt royale mod apk is an online application that requires an active internet for it to run smoothly. 


There are no specific codes for this application available. 


Hunt royale doesn't have any cheats available but with the mod apk version one does not need cheats anyway as you can get everything free of cost.


Hunt royale has some hacks available on the internet but that can't always be very effective, so just download the mod apk version as it allows the users to have unlimited gold and diamonds and gems free of cost. You won't have to pay a penny for these coins and diamonds and will get your weapons and guns to kill the monsters free of cost.



For anyone who thinks that he can survive the fight against monsters by using his active reflexes, this game is for you. Because in this game you have to kill the monsters and help your character survive and win by being the last one standing. So don't forget to download the mod apk version to double the fun and excitement of this game.


Q. Is this game safe for our devices?

Yes, this game is safe for our devices because until now no bug or malware has been discovered from this game so it's definitely safe.

Q. Is this game available for ios?

Yes, this game is available for ios.

Q. How to download this game in ios?

For downloading this game in ios, the same above procedure will be followed as that of androids.

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