Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK Unlimited Money

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 120 MB
Latest Version 1.487
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Codename Entertainment Inc.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Collect epic heroes and position them in intense wars to ace the global ranking. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms game presents the heroes of the Force Grey, which is a famous series and has gained fame from its ardent fans. The game presents champions with magical abilities, and the players have to learn their abilities, and positions in the battlegrounds to conquer the mighty evil forces.

You will get many champions here that will help you in battles to eradicate the monsters that are continuously affecting you. You must upgrade the characters and explore the location to attain the resources for your survival and battles. Enjoy the adventurous life and partake in thrilling events to score more points. After unlocking epic heroes, you have to complete the plotting. Implement all strategies to defeat the monsters who are giants. Start adventures in the modified update of the game. 

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK


Follow the simple storyline, which requires the champions and their positions to win the wars. The main task of this game is to unlock more champions and learn their correct position in the battlegrounds. After that, you have to map out the things to prepare for the battles. You may join the war when you have prepared your army for any type of battle. 

Try every possible way and tactic to win the battle, as these battles will unlock heroic champions for your character. Each champion possesses a special ability that will help you to defeat your enemies. You should arm your game character with the necessary equipment and use the special ability to attack the confronted enemies. Join the adventurous events to achieve the bonuses. Maybe you like this similar game GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK.


If you want this thrilling game on your android phone, you have to follow the simple procedure herein below. 

> Click the above-mentioned link, which is completely safe for your device, and start the download process of the APK. 

> Open the device security option and enable it. If you have already enabled it, go ahead. 

> Go to File Manager and open Downloads. 

> Search the game file and press it to start installing the app. 

> Wait for the completion of this instant process and launch it after installation. 

> Grant necessary permissions to this game and start playing.


Unlock Epic Champions

The game has the important task of unlocking the new and rare champions with all special abilities. The champions will fight for the player to defeat the enemies. The gamer must learn all champions' positions in the battlegrounds because the correct position or location of the characters will help in fighting wars. Unlocking the rare champions and learning the positions will increase the chances of your victory. If you fulfill these two requirements in the early stages of the game, no one can halt you from becoming the perfect gamer. 

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK

Learn Position & Strength of Champions

Position and strength are all that matter to achieve success in this game. So the player must be passionate enough to get expertise in locating or placing the champions in different lines. You have to place the champions in the front or last rows considering their strengths and abilities. Unlock all magical abilities of the champions and purchase their upgrades to improve their strength. Start battling and show your tactics to other gamers from around the world. 

Explore All Dimensions of the Kingdom

Explore the map and search locations that no one can access. If you search all the hidden dimensions of the beautiful kingdom, you will be the titleholder. The hidden dimensions have unique champions and rare materials that help you in unlocking the suspicious mysteries. If you make the perfect combination of the position and the hidden secret, you will surely get the title of winning the highest number of battles. 

Intense Fights

The fights that you experience in this game are thill packed and exciting. The gamers enjoy this exciting journey of battles in which your characters are only surety of your victory. Each level and event comes up with something interesting and high difficulty. As the players go up, he needs to learn more expertise than before. The fights need more practice and skills to pass the different levels of fights. 

Multiple Events

This game has multiple events to engage gamers and remove their boredom. The events that the game offers have different missions and tasks. The player has to complete all missions to accomplish each event. These events may be time-based. If you are playing a time-based event, you will have to complete it within the given time. Each event remains active for a specific period and gets expired when the time gets ended. Try to accomplish this within the required time. The accomplishment of these events gives the players rewards and bonuses. Plus, the events unlock champions with their abilities. 

Formation Strategy

Formation strategy is crucial and a key to unlocking your next adventure. If you want to be a pro player in this game, your formation strategy must be effective. This formation strategy is the ability to arrange the army on the battlefield depending upon their special powers. If you efficiently set the army soldiers in lines, you can easily defeat the opponent team. The enemies that are coming in waves need the soldiers perfectly arranged so these soldiers can tackle the waves without facing trouble. 

Offline Progress

If you don’t have internet access and want to complete missions, you can still do that by playing the offline game. Are you getting worried about your game progress? No worries. The game still counts your progress even if you have no internet connection and playing offline. Just keep playing and battling to kill the mighty forces to emerge as a sparkling star of the game. 


The weapons are in variety ad have different specifications. You can use these weapons for your defense and assault your opponents. The enemies that confront you are giant monsters that will finish you within seconds. So you have to attack and demolish these monsters before them. You always find a store of the latest weapons, but all weapons are not available when you start this game. You have to purchase these weapons with your achievements. You can use guns, rifles, pistols, grenades, and others. 

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK

Unlimited Gems

The gems are the currency of this game, and the players earn these gems when they accomplish the challenges and events. The gamers can exchange these gems for gold and silver chests that may have contracts, equipment, potions, and gold. You can use these boxes to achieve different equipment cards for the champions. 

Different Chests

> Silver Chests: 

Each silver chest has three common cards, and these cards are available for rare rarity equipment. The silver chest has all rare equipment tokens, and it doesn’t have any epic tokens. 

> Gold Chests: 

These chest boxes have equipment cards for Epic Rarity. These cards are uncommon, and you always find one Rare card in this box and other epic cards.  

> Promo & Event Chests:

These chests will have the same functioning as Gold and Silver chests perform. But these chests will give equipment cards to certain champions. These chest boxes will not offer the equipment for all heroes.

Unique Cards

> Shiny Cards:

You will attain these equipment cards when you purchase some items for real currency. These cards will be your purchasing rewards. Nevertheless, you can access these Shiny Cards without purchasing money, but it happens very rarely. These tokens can be present in Gold Chests & Silver Chests. The game offers these chests for free. 

> Golden Epic Cards:  

These golden epic cards to get equipment are not free in any version of the game. The players always need real money transactions for these cards. But some golden epic tokens will be available with achievements.

Mod Menu

> Premium Features

> God Mode

> Mega Menu

> Unlimited Money

> Removed Ads


Check your system before you think of installing the game on your phone, as the game shows smooth gameplay on compatible devices. Only android devices with 5.5 OS (Operating System) or above are compatible with this game.

Idle Champions Of The Forgotten Realms Mod APK


Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Mod has provided all premium features for all gamers to make it convenient to win the winning title. Without this mod, you need great effort to be to top conquerer. If you love playing such thrilling and suspenseful games, you can have Survivor Kingdoms which has many kingdoms offering a huge map and fierce battles. You should experience it yourself by installing it on your device, as the game is felt secure after testing procedures.


Q. Can I install this game on my PC or Windows?

Yes. But, you need an emulator for your PC which will function as an android and helps in the installation of games on your PC.

Q. Do the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Mod game show advertisements?

No. The gamers will not face any interrupting advertisements during the battles if they are using the mod update. The link is available above to download the recent mod update.

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