IMVU Mod APK Unlimited Credits

IMVU mod APK unlimited credits

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App Name IMVU mod APK unlimited credits
Size 43MB
Latest Version
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer IMVU, Inc.
Content Rating Rated for 17+
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Respected users! Are you really fond of avatars? Do you love to do avatar customisation? Do you like to live in your own world of imagination? We are going to introduce an explicit application through which you can even draw your imagination and make an avatar for you. It is totally true that many of us live in their own world of imagination. They continue to customize things in their own thoughts and those types of people are really creative. What if we give you a chance to show your creativity level by telling you a solution through which you can even customize your imagination or thoughts and hence you will be able to see those customized thoughts and show your expertise level. So, dear users! This time is to tell you the name of that stunning, versatile and creative app, the “IMVU MOD APK”.

Let me tell you the full form of IMVU, the IMVU stands for “In MY Virtual Universe”. The purpose of this app is cleared from its name IMVU. The IMVU MOD APK is specially designed for those users who love to make avatars, who love to do customisation. This is indeed the stunning app for those who really love to make unique and multifaceted avatars using the best tools in this application. 

Respected users! Do you have a proper understanding with the terms avatars and customisation? If yes, then it’s really appreciable. And if not so well, then it is completely ok, because we are here to provide you ease and to resolve your issues in a very simple way. So, respected users! The term avatar means to “personify something and give that thing all the human qualities”, if you do so then it means you have created an avatar. And if we talk about what customisation actually is? So the simple answer to this question is, “customisation means to make or create something in your own style”.

The advantage of having the IMVU on your devices is you can explore your thinking, you can explore your imagination and you can even discover your style and sense of decorating something. In short, this remarkable application gives you a chance to explore yourself as a human being.

The IMVU MOD APK will enter you in the 3D virtual world. In that virtual world, only you, your imagination and your style will be there. There will be no restrictions on you. You are totally free while using this 3D virtual game application. The IMVU is actually an online 3D reziversary game. In this game app, the life of your avatar is actually your life. That is why, a complete authority will be given to you while using this game app. You have to create your avatar exactly in that style in which you want to see yourself. You will have a lot of fun while using this game app. Because this game app entirely depends on your style and routine. This is actually a very captivating point about this game app. 

In the virtual world of this game, you can even make friends of your own preference. You can even communicate with them. You can even have lunch or dinner with your virtual friends. From this perspective this is unquestionably a very interesting and entertaining game app. And if we think more broadly, through this game you can also groom yourself and your confidence as well, because this game is giving you a chance to live your life according to your own preferences. 

In the IMVU app, there is also a virtual group, in which there are so many people from all over the world. You can also chat with them and hence you can also give you a chance to groom your thinking and enhance your knowledge. You can enhance or furnish your knowledge by asking many questions to them, like; about their country, about their customs and traditions and about their specialty etc. So, this is also fun in this game app. I must say this is undoubtedly the most amazing game app.

Above all, this stunning game also gives you an option to do free shopping from the store. You can purchase anything from the store without any limit. You can shop exactly in the same way as you shop for yourself, because in the game you are shopping for your avatar, which is you in real life.

This amazing game app will entertain you the most. You should download this app once in order to have some advantage from its extraordinary features.


Features of IMVU MOD APK:

Let’s discuss the astounding features of this remarkable application, so that you may have stronger understanding with this super app:


  • Create your own Avatar:


This high class application gives you a chance to make an avatar of you. In other words, you can say that through this stunning application you will have a chance to customize yourself in the same way that you think to decorate yourself. You can customize yourself in the mode version, in doll version or even in any style. 


  • 3D Virtual world:


The imaginary world of this stunning game app is really very fantastic and realistic. This is the same world of your dreams. You will be very fascinated when you play this game. 


  • People Community:


A best chance in this game to have your own people community. The community in this game app is from all over the world. You will have a chance to communicate with people from all over the world. There is a well established group or community in the game app, which provides you a chance to talk and communicate with all of them.


  • Make new friends:


In its virtual world, you can make new friends as much as you want. You can completely enjoy your life at its peak. There will be no one to restrain you. In this game you are in your virtual world so you can do things of your preference. Having the IMVU app gives you a chance to interact socially with a lot of peeps, and make them your friends. And hence you can much improve your communication skills as well.


  • IMVU MOD APK Free shopping:


A wide range of everything is present in this game app’s store. You can even do free purchasing from the store. You can buy all the items like dresses, jewelry, shoes, glasses, sun glasses and lots of other things, even without spending a penny.  A diversity of things you will find in this game app’s store. A list of avatar customisation is given below:

  • Hair
  • Shoes
  • Dresses
  • Sun glasses
  • Glasses
  • Googles
  • Jewelry
  • Skin color
  • Style
  • Backgrounds
  • Eyes
  • Head 

You will have a diversity of everything in its online free shopping mode. 


  • Socially interactive:


As this game app is providing you a chance to interact with multiple people in its virtual world, it is enhancing your social circle by making you socially active. So you can lessen your hesitation by having the IMVU MOD APK game app and become social with its virtual peeps.  


  • Graphics:


The graphics of IMVU MOD APK are just Waoo. You will be astonished, when you see its graphics. Its graphics will directly co-relate to your dreams and imagination. 


  • No advertisement:


The most peaceful feature of this app is that this staggering game application has blocked all its advertisements. This is undoubtedly the most calm and satisfactory trait. Because, most of the time users hate to watch ads, and get annoyed. But the plus point of this splendid game app is, there is no ad system in this app.


  • Everything Unlocked:


When you visit this app’s store, you will be amazed to see its collection and you will definitely want to unlock all its advanced things. So respected users! The good news is here for you that you can unlock all of its advanced traits, every new avatar, every new accessory and in short you can unlock every updated thing, only by spending some virtual money. You can get its virtual money by spending some real currency and as a result there will be very astonishing things always accessible for you in your wallet.


  • Improves your Spoken English skill:


Obviously, when you interact with people from all over the world and when you have a very big social circle, it will directly affect your spoken English or communication skills. You will learn a lot from every person in the game and hence furnishing your skills. 


  • Customisation:


This app is giving you full and complete authority. You can customize your avatars in your own style. There will be no interruption while customizing your avatars. Hence, you can create your own virtual avatar from the ease of this remarkable game app. 


  • Offline Mode:


Indeed, the best trait about any game app, that you can have this IMVU MOD APK even when you don’t have a stable internet connection. Yes, users! You can customize your avatars even when you are offline. But there is a limited variety available for you in offline mode. But that’s completely ok, because it's all customisation variety is really very commendable.

IMVU MOD APK Unlimited Credits 2022:

In this stunning app, there are so many updated things for you. There are so many creative and advanced avatars for you. In this app, there is a variety of customization available for you. This app has all its advanced features unlocked. If we talk about the IMVU credits, credits mean you have to spend real currency in order to buy virtual currency that is used in this game. Yes, dear users! If you spend some real currency on the purchase of its virtual currency then after spending you will have accessibility to all of its advanced features. You will have this game app’s diamonds, golds, and all the advanced avatars customisation. This attribute is really very outclassed and fascinating. Because it is giving you all the things of your preference.


If we talk about its availability on iOS devices. So yes, respected users! The IMVU(In My Virtual Universe) MOD APK is also available for iOS devices. You can download IMVU app on your iOS devices by following the below mentioned steps:

  • First of all, it is mandatory for iOS users to have iOS 8,9,10,11 and above. Because this app only works on these given devices. But its version v5.11.0 is not supported for these iOS forms. 
  • This app is also available for iPad users. Even iPad older version users can also enjoy this game app on their devices. 
  • Now, you need to go to our given link, the website’s download link is available at the end of this article.
  • In the search menu you need to type, IMVU MOD APK download.
  • Then let the app download.
  • Then simply install this virtual world app on your iOS devices ( same procedure as for Androids).

IMVU MOD APK Unlimited Money:

This is indeed a very fruitful feature of the IMVU MOD APK app. A very advanced trait recently introduced in this remarkable application. Through this mod, you are able to earn a lot of money. With the help of this unlimited money, you can unlock everything available in the IMVU app’s store. Obviously, if you have a lot of money then you will never hesitate while shopping and hence you can buy whatever you want to purchase.

IMVU MOD APK Latest Version:

The latest version of IMVU MOD APK was recently modernized on 09-07-2022. The name of its latest version is IMVU v7.6.1.70601005. The IMVU, Inc updated this app’s latest version. This updated file acquires only 58 MB of space. This modern version has Unlimited Money Mod Info. This file is compatible with Androids 6.0 and up. If we talk about this app’s class, then this app’s class is Social, because this stunning app makes you socially strong and active.

IMVU Login:

The log in to IMVU MOD APK is very simple. For this purpose, you just need to:

  • Dear users! You just need to create your account first. Because if you have an account then you will be able to log in that account. The account making procedure is given below in this article, kindly go through that carefully.
  • After that, when you need to log in to your account then simply put your email address.
  • Then put your username.
  • After that, insert your password.
  • Then finally click on the login button.

IMVU Download PC:

You can easily download this adorable IMVU MOD APK game application on your PCs. For this, you just need to do is:

    • Make sure that your PC has an empty space of at least 530 MB RAM.  Because this game application requires 512 MB of space to download on PC.
    • Then it is mandatory that your PC window should be windows 7 or later.
    • The HDD should be a 2 GB Free Disk.
    • The Intel GMA should be of 950 video cards or up.
    • After that, simply download and install an APK file on your PC.


  • Then you need to download the Bluestacks file.
  • Then you have to enter your Emulator key.


  • Then open up your PC’s Microsoft Store.
  • In the search menu just write, download the IMVU MOD APK.
  • Then download this virtual game application.
  • After that, install this game app (same procedure as for Androids and iPhones). 
  • After some time, it will be added to your Desktop.

Open and enjoy the most entertaining and customizing game application.

IMVU Room History Viewer:

A comprehensive history will be shown to you when you open its website. You can also see its history. Most people see the IMVU history after every 4 hours.

IMVU Account:

In order to make an account on IMVU app, just follow our mentioned steps:

  • Go to our given link to create your account.
  • After that, choose your gender.
  • After that for your specification, customize an avatar for you.
  • Customize your avatar by selecting skin tone, hair color, eyes color, background, shoes and dress etc. 
  • You can choose any dress which you like the most.
  • Then select the best and most unique name for your avatar.
  • After that put your active email address.
  • Then put your password (remember you must use special characters, and select a very strong password).
  • After that confirm your password.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Enter your age.
  • You can anytime change your display name. 
  • Finally, click on the create account button.
  • Now, just simply fill a captcha in order to confirm that you are not a robot.

IMVU Background:

The backgrounds in the IMVU app are just lit. The backgrounds used in this app are just beyond your thinking. Amazing, versatile and very fascinating backgrounds are waiting for you to customize them in your avatars. So, dear users! Just go to our link and download the IMVU app to enjoy its amazing backgrounds. 

Beside this, the most advanced backgrounds are also present in the store. You can also unlock them by spending your unlimited money on them.

IMVU MOD APK Download:

Let’s have some discussion on the downloading process of this app. In order to download this app on your mobile phone devices, you just need to follow these below mentioned steps:

  • Make sure that your Androids devices have 6.0 and above versions for this app to run smoothly or flawlessly. This is really a high class app. 
  • There must be an empty space of 55 MB only in your Mobile phone’s devices. Because, this file requires 49.69 MB space for itself to download. 
  • After that, you need to go to our mentioned link at the end of this article. 
  • In the search menu just type, download the IMVU MOD APK.
  • If you do not have an APK file, then don't worry simply download and install an APK file in your Androids Devices.
  • Then let's download this virtual game application. 
  • After that, you just need to install the IMVU MOD APK game application.

Installation commands:

In order to install this game app, you just need to do:

  • You need to go to your Android Mobile Phone’s settings.
  • Allow all the unknown resources there to install this virtual game application.
  • Then press the Install App key.
  • After that let the app install.
  • In just a few seconds this application will be added to your mobile phone’s home screen. 
  • Open and enjoy the best entertaining and virtual game application.

IMVU Disabled Account:

Disabling an account means you will no longer receive any kind of notifications from that account. So, always disable any account very carefully. To disable the account of IMVU, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Delete Account Page.
  • After that enter your password which you were inserted at the time of creating your account.
  •  Now, wait and let it proceed.
  • It will demand some authentication from you.
  • After that an email is sent to your given email address.
  • After that, your account will be disabled. And you may no longer receive any type of notification from IMVU MOD APK.

IMVU Icon:

The icon is made of white and black color. Let’s have a look on IMVU MOD APK icon:

IMVU Logo:

The logo of IMVU MOD APK is very interesting having a girl with a nose piercing. On the logo, the abbreviation form is written as i m v u. Let’s have a look on its astounding logo:

IMVU Release Date:

This splendid and upper class application was released on 21 OCT 2014.



To sum up the top, I must say that through this magnificent application you can turn virtuality into reality, and you will have a lot of fun and entertainment by having this staggering game app. So must download this splendid game app through our given link.


Q. Is IMVU a paid app?

No, not at all. This app will let you access all of its attributes totally free from any cost.

Q. Is this ad free app?

Yes, this stunning game app has an advertisement blocked system.

Q. What is the most capturing feature of IMVU?

The most fascinating and commendable feature of IMVU MOD APK is its Unlimited Money MOD.

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