Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

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App Name Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk
Size 59m
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MOD Features Everything Unlocked Latest Version
Developer Racing Games Android Sec 49 Gurgaon
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Update October 26, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Have you ever got a chance to drive a train as a train driver? Have you ever taken the responsibility on your shoulders to dive a train? Have you ever realized how it feels to control the mechanical operations of a train and to drop all the passengers on time? How it feels to be a shrewd and active person as a train driver to take all the decisions correctly regarding ever increasing and changing patterns of a train? I know it is all a risky task but at the same time fascinating and attractive too. Being a person in real life, a person can either live his passion or earn through his profession. There is a rare opportunity that a person can live all of his passions in a single and only lifetime period. Only a person just long for them in his/her dreams. For instance, if a person wants to be an engineer, army men, an infantry squad man, or a pilot or all of them in order to live a life full of colors and diversity and to enjoy a life full of diversity. Of course, this is not possible for a man to be everything. So, to fulfil this dream of enjoying every color of life, gaming world and its super genius developers and publishers have brought different super exciting games in which a person or a gamer can be a pilot in one game, an army man in another, a truck, car or train driver in another at the same time.

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Train series simulator series

Train Simulator series is very famous in the app store with its various versions and ever new features. For instance, Euro train Simulator, Egypt train simulator, sea train simulator, or light train simulator. These are all amazing in their own terms but the best game in the app store you can easily found with the name “Indian Train Simulator mod apk” with all the exciting and amazing features, exceptionally good graphics, super amazing sound effects and most important is the portrayal of real life stations settings of Indian trains and stations. Also the depiction of passengers and passer-by people of India with special Indian dress codes is all amazing. These all features have captured the attention of gamers all around the globe with millions of downloads. So, get an access to the Indian train Simulator mod apk with all the features unlocked. Given below is the detail, lets commence;

General information about Indian Train Simulator Mod apk;

Fantabulous features of Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk;

All of the features of Indian train Simulator mod apk are unique from all different gaming versions of Train Simulators. The features are displayed below. Let’s have a look on them;

SUPER 3D Graphics

3D exceptionally superb graphics with all the realistic portrayal of Indian train

Stations which are too real like the original look.

Virtual Reality+ XR

Virtual reality and XR (Extended Reality) effects that are shaping the modern gaming world. All the famous 3D games are also confluence with XR. These are shaped in the best quality formation in Indian Train Simulator mod apk.

Realistic routes+ Challenging tracks and signals of Indian Train Simulator mod apk.

Indian Train simulator mod apk has featured an access to all the realistic and challenging routes of India`s different cities. In these routes, task of a train driver is to pick and deliver passengers on time at the same time keeping in view of the complexities of the tracks which are ever changing. So, driver needs to be shrewd and smart enough to take the right decisions and right tracks at the same time.

Amazing and Natural sound effects of train stations of India.

Sound effects which the “highbrow interactive” tried to display in the game are quite natural and realistic. Indian train simulator mod apk brought the sound effects of every possible activity happening in the railway stations. For instance, the sound effects of horn of Indian trains, sound effects of advertisements, sound effects of announcements of boarding and sound effects of natives moving here and there talking and buying items from nearby tuck shops, all portray the naturalistic setting of train stations of India.

Rich culture of India is portrayed in Indian Train Simulator mod apk

There is an attempt made by “Highbrow Interactive” to display the rich culture of India through displaying various track routes and beautiful sceneries of various cities of India while driving through the tracks. A driver while driving in the game experience all the cultural variations of India. For instance, various cities of India with different settings and specialties and natives depicting culture of India wearing cultural attires.

Camera with multiple angle views is beyond amazing!!

Different camera angles are displayed in the game in order to be aware of every possible direction to move the train smoothly. For instance, cabin view, driver view, outside view, narrow and wide view, and passengers view mode.

Train expresses all unlocked;

Round about 12 super-stunning train expresses are added in the Indian Train Simulator mod apk which includes Rajdhani, Tejas Express, Mahamana, Double-decker, doronto, Shatabdi etc.

All stations unlocked;

For instance, Howrah, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Ahmedabad, Mathura etc.

Custom routes locomotives and couches all unlocked through hacks and cheats;

These custom couches and routes demand thousands of coins. They can be unlocked through Indian Train simulator mod apk cheats and hacks. For instance; in super exciting routes, locomotives like WAP-4, WAP-5, WAP-P5, WDM-3A, WAG-5, WAP-P7 and couches like, LHB Rajdhani, LHB Shatabdi, LHB ghatiman, Gondola/coal, Fuel/Tanker and Hamsafar etc.

How to download Indian Train Simulator mod apk; (To Get all the 32 stations and 18 locomotives without spending a single penny)

  1. Indian Train simulator can be downloaded through
  2. It can be downloaded through
  • It can be downloaded through


  • Choose any of the downloaded link given above
  • Start the downloading process from the options by pressing OK
  • After the process completion, Install the file of APK mod
  • After the completion of installation, open the Indian Train Simulator mod apk game and enjoy driving.

Also, ZArchiver from play store can be downloaded. From this you can delete the original version of Indian Train simulator and can intall the hacked version through simple guidelines.


Q. How Indian Train Simulator mod Apk unlocked?

Indian Train simulator mod apk can be unlocked with the above given links and through ZArchiver. Through unlocked features, you can enjoy all the unlocked engines, trains and locomotives all for free without spending thousands of coins to unlock each feature.

Q. How to download Indian Train simulator mod apk?

Indian train Simulator mod apk can be downloaded through plenty of websites and links. Most common and effective is and They can download in fastest and easiest way.

Q. What is Indian Train Simulator mod apk 2019?

Indian Train simulator mod aok 2019 is the modified version with realistic features, more options, more train cabins and engines which are more refined. Camera directions are also modified. So, it is all a fun package.

So, go and grab the fantastic Indian Train simulator mod apk.

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